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Banishing an evil spirit

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Banishing an evil spirit
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Banishing an evil spirit
Post # 1
I'm new here and mostly just joined to have a question answered, but I think I will stick around if this is a nice community. This question applies more to my wife, but the issue directly effects both of us. At this point in her life she suffers from chronic severe pain. The kind of pain where she can barely leave the bed/couch and can almost never leave the house. I've always noticed something off about her. Well, not about her as a person, but about something that is constantly around her. I often dream about an evil spirit being around her and following her no matter where she goes. We're both Wiccan and we've spoken about our past experiences before, but there is one thing she never admitted to me or spoke about until last week when I mentioned the feeling of an evil spirit.

When she was young she was a very angry girl (due to events that I won't really talk about) she was also raised irish catholic and resented christianity in her teenage years. She experimented with dark magic when she was younger without ever really thinking about the consequences or knowing about the rule of three. from her early twenties to now she has worked very hard to lead a good life and help others to make up for her past, but it just seems like it does not work... There are two instances that we feel the most damage was done and she feels she is paying for now.

When she was 16 she was on Depakote and would sometimes get blurred vision, unsteadiness, and have seizures. One time in school her principal accused her of being drunk. She was really well behaved, and had never even had a drink of alcohol at the time (and not until she turned 23). She did have a bad reputation because of the way she dressed (80's punk) and because she would dye her hair often. The principal called her mom who grounded her for two months because she made her mom look bad. She was so angry because this was so unfair (she has a lot of issues with fairness) and cast a spell against him channeling all her anger (not just from what he did, but from everything that made her angry). One year later he fell off the roof of his house and was in severe pain and paralyzed for the rest of his life. Could be entirely coincidental, but it is sort of odd. Especially because she has now suffered from excruciating pain and depression. Most doctors can't find anything wrong, and the rest won't listen to her.

The next instance was during the same year. She had been getting ready for a mathlete event and had gone to her first boyfriends school (they went to separate schools. He went to an all boys catholic school). They were late because she didn't know the layout of the school, and had gotten lost and he had to find her. She got to the bus about 10 minutes late and the teacher accused her of fooling around with her boyfriend. The teacher then called her mother and told her that she was late for the event because she was fooling around with her boyfriend. Her mother was so furious that she grounded her from seeing him, talking on the phone, or even writing to him for 5 months (this was in the 80's so no social networking or anything) since he went to a different school they had no communication for this entire time. My wife was enraged by this and cast a spell against that teacher (you separated me from my love, now I will separate you from yours) five years later that teachers husband had a heart attack. He was about 34 at the time and had no prior health problems. She never re-married and from what my wife has heard she has never been the same. In 1997 my wife suffered from a miscarriage. Five years later her best friends baby died while under her care. Finally another five years later her first husband died. Once again, can be a complete coincidence but we both honestly believe that those events are what is causing our problems now. She has tried to banish an evil spirit, but it hasn't worked.

I'm wondering what our course of action should be next. Should we try and banish it together? Is she just doomed to have it follow her for the rest of her life? Even if she tries to do as much good for others are things just never going to get better?

I just want peoples input on what to do. Thanks for reading this whole thing and thank you in advance for anything that we can try to help her out.
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Re: Banishing an evil spirit
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Have you tried talking to the spirit? Trying to make peace? That's what I would recommend doing, if you haven't already.
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Re: Banishing an evil spirit
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
A guilty conscious can be worse than death. It can cause all matters of thoughtforms, attract negativity, and even cause illness--a troubled mind and emotions causes trouble for the body's health, allowing it to be susceptable to diseases and conditions.

You don't need a banishment, you need to find a way to help her come to terms and release her guilt.

Why do we feel such a need to be forgiven? Because guilt can eat you up inside. Guilt and regret are worse than any other emotion, even fear can be comforted, but guilt and regret is a problem with letting go of the past. The past can only haunt you if you let it.

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