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Deflect evil/ need advice

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Deflect evil/ need advice
Post # 1
Greetings Your Majesties

May all things right and loving be your path, warmth, and happiness...

I'm hoping your forum can handle this item..
If not, please accept my apologies for posting here...

I have some extreme concerns that I haven't solved yet.. and seems I can't.. I wonders if you knows what I should know..?

I sense the occasional hate-spell being directed against my Being, by pretend witches and such, and various mindless crazies who happen to have a bit of a handle on telepathy, but no minds.. The infidel's spells don't seem to harm me, but do irritate me.. Just the fact that they are trying to kill me with their petty evils and directed hates, angers me a little.. I sense it incoming, and deflect it back..

They don't seem to understand that all I'm trying to do is prevent their Species extinction, and wake their Species up to saving some viable planet for their, our, children's children.. Future humanity would like a nice alive place to live in and on.. We have no right to damage this planet as we do...

I am a little into the sorcery of love.. Merlin placed a ruby on my chest, on my solarplex, when I was three months old.. Do you know what Merlin's ruby is..? I suspect it's my access to all the rest of Life.. It does give me night vision...

When being bullied, by 'hell-spawn", I send the bully's hates back to them with a tangential suggestion of how they will process the hate and evils upon themselves which they are sending to me.. They are essentially only hurting themselves by attacking an innocent.. But when their evils hit them they complain to the authorities that I'm the bully, and the authorities attack my life with gusto, as the insane protects the insane.. Seems the bullies don't have a single clue that the evils their are messing with is dead wrong, and that the evils hitting them are their own...

I don't know what to do to push them away permanently without hurting anything in Life.. I am not permitted, by cosmic law, to harm any life, even if life is harming me, given my position and authority in the cosmos.. though I do so harm remote viewer's points, with my sword & pets.. I don't consider cosmic bullies to be "Life", though their cosmic points are what accesses the proverbial "heaven & afterlife"... All attacking remote viewers, I brand with a mark that guarantees they can't ever enter the afterlife.. I've warned them, and still they attack persistently... I mark all attacking remoters with a symbol that is hell-compatible only.. Thus, the moment they attempt to pass through heaven's defense shields, they stick to a part of hell that matches their kind, like how viruses stick to defective tissue, to a slot that fits the demon..

How do I shield myself from their incessant petty attacks?..

The contents of these two links should make things clearer to you..



In the third page in the "cosmicbrat" Google search, you'll notice a "diaper sales" website.. That's partly what I mean by "attacks".. It seems that person, or "demon", is essentially "bullying me" by that marketing project done with my respectable handle... It feels a little like "it's vampire or swamp-leach riding-on my back, and feeding-upon my flesh and blood"... I complained to the various Internet systems, but to no avail... All I have left of my project is to just up and quit trying to help humanity out of its hell.. Seems they like the hell they are in and falling into.. They defend heir hell and evils violently...

Should I just stop trying to help humanity, and simply just try to forget them and their plight..? But they are "the family of man, my Species...
What would you do if those you were trying to help were trying to kill you for trying to help them..?

Maybe I'm approaching it all wrong..? But this is the only way I know to communicate with mindless neanderthals.. I try to communicate to them how they communicate with each other.. It doesn't work.. It only makes them psychotic and hateful.. How does one communicate rationality with insane psychotic hell-bound humans and demons, in their global asylum, without getting bit and stung, and murdered..?

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