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February Forecast 2012

Forums ► Fortune Telling ► February Forecast 2012
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February Forecast 2012
Post # 1
February Forecast 2012

Its been a pleasure for me that I've started preparing monthly horoscope forecast at Spellsofmagic ,way back In October 2010 .
I done them by self and its purpose is voluntarily so
Remember like I always say you don't need to agree with me for what I've prepared In these forecasts & these are not 100% true predictions but I just try to provide some help .

Here is the February forecast 2012


your smart enough to deal with many issues,things related to home will be getting done in a peaceful manner
but last month you've faced some set back,this month at work place your gona meet up with some new & exciting assignments I know your a hard worker but you need to pay more attention to your office stuff or at your work place ,don't isolate your self from your social life and about your love life,if you have someone to love or not,chances are,clear nothing will happen if you stay home but something special might happen if you go out
so its much possible that you will meet many new people & can be having a better relationship


you will be able to contribute brilliant new ideas,you may have been working very hard on some projects already
but this month you may get involved in a charity,political cause or community,your social life pick up speed in a very noticeable way.If you are in love, you will focus more quality time with your partner ,some progress in your career can be seen as well .


Valentine's Day could be special for you if your attached you will live sweet moments with your partner or if your single chances are that your gona meet up with some one special during this month.
Many gemini love to write so its possible that you want to finish an important written document or a book and any editor or art director will lead you to your good fortune so its possible your source of income will get some brightness.


You need to see more progress in your career but it seems like you've been frustrated with the events you've seen but it's possible that you may need to travel quite a bit for business as for love and family matters they'll stay sound.


your gona spend alot money on your possible lifestyle change.
after February 15th you'll going to have a better financial position .during the up coming days you will have to schedule some meetings related to work if your single or attached, this month may starts out beautifully but seem like your partner has not been entirely honest with you all these years,as far as your personal life is growing your circle of friends will affect you for many


you may have to be patient as obstacles and delays come up. again, these will give you time to think and to fix any small flaws that you catch in current projects but you may expect progress in your career,love matters will stay sound.
after Feb 15th its possible you may have some chances of short business or traveling trips so stay focus.


since last month you may be experiencing some medical issue take care of your health ,you may feel there's been no relief but stay positive if you need to deal with some surgery try some other months.
if your healthy or keep fit try to involve your self in to any sports activity,its a possibility that you may be attracted to mysticism ,some progress can be seen at work & study places about your love life romantic relationship may get serious after February 20th.



There is no doubt that you've had high expenses, and you may be concerned about keeping them under control.
your love life will be much more better if your married or if your single you 'll have chances to meet some one special soon about your social life but your are reserved, and you tend to avoid parties but you can expect some emotional maturity among new beginnings,you could expect positive out comes in career .


You'll have to deal with some contracts such as make sure you have damage or gas insurance for your home also you'll be working on projects that those assignments will lead you to better things as far as your love life concerns,romance should sparkle brightly.


If you write for a living you may create a stable out come .
you can have a focus at your home you can also place some beautiful furniture to make your home look much better
financial issues involving others monetary resources will be settled down soon also watch out for your health.


This month Aquarius will going to have their birth days so celebrate the birth day dear Aquarius
ou loves to go out and meet new people and often this sign has more friends than they can count.
you'll need to push yourself to stay motivated and on top of these things,especially in regard to financial matters.
short trips may be possible .


Big events are about to happen Neptune which is your ruling planet will enter your sign at February 3rd and remain there for their 14 years so you will going to experience good changes in regard with most artistic and creative side of your nature will going to be reveal by Neptune in up coming future as for financially you'll going to hear that money luck may strike unexpectedly soon after feb 7th.

Monthly Tarot card Picked

what do cards say about this month ?

This month's picked

The World

you are changing good things about you will remain and a stage in your life has come to an end try to get rid of the past
true love will be with you no matter where you go and new period of deep changes is about to begin... time has come for you to find the real meaning of your dreams.

P.s Happy Valentine's day

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Re: February Forecast 2012
Post # 2
Thanks,u are correct!!!
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Re: February Forecast 2012
Post # 3

Hmm... Interesting but insightful. Happy Valentine's day to you and happy birthday to me, only reason I don't like the particular holiday is because everyone is is with their hubby's while I am alone on my birthday LOL :)

Sorry for the mini rant but good job.



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Re: February Forecast 2012
Post # 4
Pretty good :) I am a Gemini, and my very first book just released this month.
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Re: February Forecast 2012
Post # 5
Thank you for your hard work. You are very much appreciated by me.

Blessed be.
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Re: February Forecast 2012
Post # 6
My runes seem to agree...I'm a virgo...thanks
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Re: February Forecast 2012
Post # 7
I'm libra
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Re: February Forecast 2012
Post # 8
very nice information dear
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