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Sabat advice?

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Sabat advice?
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Sabat advice?
Post # 1
In my last post I asked for help on Imbolc, and I know what I want to do, bit what I want to do and what I can do are two different things. My parents are Catholics, although they know they don't understand. Our agreement right now is that I can practice it, just keep it to myself. It's fine on a day-to-day basis, maybe some little things I do are 'Pagan', but it gets hard on Sabats, you see my family is going through some money problems and I can't buy things that I'd want to make. I found a few resipes for traditional food surved on Imbolc, they seem like they would be good and easy to accomplish, I'm just having issues with how I am going to ask if I can. I know the ritual I am going to do, I just feel like, because these holidays fall on days where we eat just whatever's in the house, and I feel bad, like I'm not really getting my holiday. On Christian holidays we'll have a huge meal, and stuff our faces, I want to do that on Sabats, maybe not do something as extravagant but make a more traditional meal, and bless it with a traditional prayer.
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Re: Sabat advice?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Why don't you speak with a friend? Perhaps one of yours may be willing to get a bit of culture and have some fun cooking a small feast for the two of you?

I had the best holiday experiences in the kitchen, laughing and preparing the food together. Imbolc is about enjoying yourself and taking the time to do things that you may be too busy to do otherwise. Sabbats are about merriment! Imbolc says "Spring is near!" And everyone enjoys warmer weather.

It is a good time for divination, so if you're friend doesn't mind, pull out some dice or playing cards, make rune cards if you don't have a set of staves, do tea leaf reading (always fun), use 3 coins for the I-Ching--the possibilities are endless!

Then later you can have your own personal ritual alone. Consider this day a vacation from the chores of life. Have fun with those around you, sit down with friends or family with your favorite movie and some popcorn. Live in the moment. The specialness in the day is in your control based off of your perspective. People feed off of emotion. With some a smile, some playfulness, and optimism, I'm sure you're parents will catch on. They may think you've gone crazy, but hey, it's your day to shine.

And Imbolc is celebrated February 1-2. So if you plan for something at such short notice, you have an extra day. Some celebrate the 1st, some celebrate the 2nd, and some celebrate both! Both days are meaningful in a variety of cultures. The Celts used to begin celebrating Imbolc tonight, on January 31st. Others celebrate the exact calculations between winter and spring solstices which is the 4th-5th.

Since you're cutting it short on time, I thought I would let you know, the date isn't as important as the celebration itself.
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Re: Sabat advice?
Post # 3
Sabbats DONT HAVE to be big and elaborate,in the Burning Times, withes, didnt, couldnt host huge and elaborate sabbat celebrations, with decor and what not. they went into the forest in the dark of night and held a small modest celebration, in which to Honor the Gods and Goddess', they couldnt draw attention to themselves. Just something to think about. Now-a-days we can host be and elaborate rituals and ceremonies, beacuse people are becoming more comfortable to our practises.

agian, just something to think about.

Blessed Be! and Blessed Sabbat!

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