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Icons and Portals

Forums ► Astral Projection ► Icons and Portals
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Icons and Portals
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 1
Icons are generally paintings, sculptures, and various other forms of artworks that are represented as a symbolism for religions. The types of icons may vary in different religions, cultures, and beliefs.

Icons are believed by cultures, religions, and beliefs to be either portals to different worlds or to be used as a means of communication with whoever or whatever the icon symbolizes. These portals are accessed by meditating in front of or near an icon and astrally projecting one's spirit through the icon acting as the gateway-portal to another world. Upon entering through the portal one would search and find the world that represents him or her in which the person may reign over as a deity. To return to the physical body one would have the will to return the the portal with the intent of getting back to their physical body. Others believe that when meditating on the icons one can call upon whom or what the icon symbolizes to represent. By meditating one the icon the actual being symbolized will speak through the icon. This also has been believed to to another portal to visit the place where the being resides. An example of this is to meditate on a statue of Zeus and project through the icon to reach Mount Olympus to communicate to Zeus. Communications are advised to not be of petty matter, but matters of (great) importance.

The stars throughout the galaxy are also believed to be portals to individual galaxies accessed through the gateway portals linked to each star. Each star represents each a different individual galaxy. For examplethe constellation Canis Majoris contains the Sirius stars Sirius A and Sirius B. Star A has a portal and so does star B. The galaxy reached through Serious A is completely different to that of the reached through Sirius B. Just like with the icon portals, the portal corral star is accessed my astrally projecting through the star. And the same goal is applied: find a world to rule over.

Now what you do in your world, once found, is use to you. After all, you are the ruler.
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Re: Icons and Portals
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
These practices are not limited to only what I stated. But other purposes may be reached through the same or similar methods as stated above.
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Re: Icons and Portals
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Interesting. I've heard of traveling through buddhist mandalas (as a meditation visualization), but I've never heard of using icons or that they go anywhere. Do you have sources?

When I was young (about 13), I had an idea to try and meditate on a surreal landscape in my room. In my naive understanding of such things, I thought I went into my screenprint. I laugh about it now, but it demonstrates how a trance can quickly become something like a lucid dream. I used to look at that picture so much during my musings, that a very strong thoughtform ended up being attached to it. I ended up having to destroy the thoughtform because it got out of hand.

Are you certain that these astral travels are not merely trances (not true AP). And that these commnicating icons don't begin to develop the expected personality over time due to the thought and emotion exhibited by the gazer creating a thoughtform?

This is why I do not like icons or statues of people (historical, religious, or fictional) in my house. I find that they end up gaining their own personality. I like my art and altar to not develop it's own intellect!

If gods were meant to be seen, then I would see them. I don't need an image of them to connect. But that is just my personal opinion based off bad past experience.
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Re: Icons and Portals
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
I don't have any specific resource. But I can say that having actually seen some thing like what I described inspired the study which results as you read.

But what you say is very true. They may not necessarily be AP's. And the icons may very well gain personalities of their own. And it was with that in mind that I briefly stated that what is in the main post is not all that it is limited to. There as more to it but I didn't feel like typing it all. Plus I was going based off memory of a year or so of studying on this matter.
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Re: Icons and Portals
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
I did notice that you hinted to it by saying "you are the ruler", implying that it is your creation and not a hidden spiritual land. But I also know that many here will overlook it and run with the idea of jumping into pictures and talking to icons without consideration.

There are proper ways to invoke higher beings into their depictions in order to (in theory) retain a piece of their energy in the item, like a personal line to your close deity. I'm sure that if someone already has a close bond with a particular deity that they would know the difference as to whether they are truly communicating with the being or not.

I also liked that you mentioned that it needs to be a serious reason. Again, something commonly overlooked. The definition of serious is hard to define to younger people. But we can only warn right? They'll learn for themselves eventually...hopefully!

When you do feel like writing more, I would enjoy reading it.
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