Fish Dream

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Fish Dream
Post # 1

Hello everyone, i wanted to make this post on a dream i had the other night. I will post the main info on about the dream. There is more too the dream but will not discuss all of it. Because its so long.

So basically this dream was about me and a friend/scientist that i worked with. The setting took place on an island. The setting was also a warm sunset skies where orangy yellow. I was workinging in a lab. I was was walking along side the shore on the beach. And in the distance i found this ancient looking red fish. It was big and it sort of resembled a beta fish only bigger. Not tiny. It was about the size of a red snapper. It was weak and its fins where bearly moving i took the fish the lab i was working at. And inside i took the fish in placed in a tub of clear water. It sat their for a while and not moved or swam. I then took my hands and started to rub against the fishes body/scales. While i was rubbing he started to move more and regained health. His fins started to move more freely and i he started to swim around in the tub. He looked me in the eyes and i looked into his.

I was wondering if anyone could maybe interpret the dream. I am still learning about dream interpretation myself. I am planing to write all of this dream that i know in my dream journal once i get one. Because i can still remember it. I really have a strong connection with this dream then i have had any other dream. I still think about it even now, ever since i had it. It felt real serenity like.

Blessed Be

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Re: Fish Dream
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Is it a re-occurring dream?
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Re: Fish Dream
Post # 3
I am not sure, i know i just see it randomly fron time to time like day dreaming. But dont think i have had it again last night.
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Re: Fish Dream
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

I will give a try to interpete this dream .Fish is always related with our emotional aspect in same way as water .There is something in your subconscious you probably berried deeply but it has come to the surface ,and you will have to face it you can not ignore it anymore .So by taking the fish and taking care of it it seems like you will come to terms with that issue and you will kinda heal .I somehow connect red color with life death and passion so i think that issue has to do with this kind of matters .It was either loss of life or loss of passion or too much passion for wrong thing .The fish tank may means that till now you have isolated that emotional issue and ignored it but now you have come close to it and you are about to come to terms wih it ,because you looked straight in its eyes which is the heart of the matter and it looked back .By aknowledging it you have come to heal yourself and that is from where you feel serenity .Hope that helps .Please write it down it is important to keep dream journal ,it reflects the condition of our inned world and through our dreams we come in touch with our emotions .

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Re: Fish Dream
By: / Novice
Post # 5
i agree with what Artemisia, that's probably it.
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