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"The one "

Forums ► Misc Topics ► "The one "
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"The one "
Post # 1
Hey i know how people think a girls dream is to find "the one " is there such thing and when do you know its him cause iv seen many of spells saying theyl bring "the one " to you but im not so sure its true. would it be the person that likes you back or what cause i get confused lol appreciate it if you could help :)
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Re: "The one "
Post # 2
the one. doesnt haveto be a man to a gril. my aunt is single, and probly will stay as such, and my mom is her soul mate, aka her "one", while my dad is also her soul mate. It just refures to a person u givs urself to. and i, being a believer in fate, think that when this person shows, wether a man, a friend, a family memeber, or god, u have no way of knowing, they just sorta r. Its someone that u have a special conection with. useing spells to bring ur one, might not literaly bring them to u, fate has ots plan already. u may dream about that special person thow. I dont like the idea of the "one", unless ur talking about a hubby. I think everyone has multiple soul mates. ur family are ur soul mates, and by mates, i dont think of it as the like, mateing term, but mates, like in friends are ur mates. "ello mate" for a brithishy example lol. so when useing a "the one" spell, first ask urslef are u realy ready for that person, listen to ur dreams, and ask urslef if u already have all the ones u need right now. we all have hopes of
eeting "the one", and my belief is that if u dont find them, then u will later on, or u already have all u need. I would say dont worry about doing these spells. U sound young, or mabye thats my psych kicking in, but u have plenty of time. trust me finding ur one just weighs u dont, makes more responsability. when ur with someone ur not ment to be with, it teaches u things, one of wich, is how to love that special person when he does come along. You have so many experiences ahead of u, why try to limit them by speeding up the process. even the sadest life contains mountains of beauty. If everyone got just what they wanted when they wanted it, where wuld the beauty be? so much beauty, learning, and experience would never exist! if u realy want to know who ur soul mate, aka the one, is, try easting a teaspoon of marjoram(a common spice) before bed, telling urslef you will dream of ur soul mate, and continue until i feel satisfied with ur results. i cant say it will for sure work thow.
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Re: "The one "
Post # 3
oh ok thanks this put alot of things into perspective i suppose i never really thought of it like that and yeah lol you were correct i am young :P thanks :)
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