Locked Box Meditation

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Locked Box Meditation
By: / Novice
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When Is This Technique Appropriate/Helpful?

Have you ever heard of the saying "I just need to put ____ on the back burner", but didn't find yourself able to put that concept aside? Often ideas or memories float around my head that I need to deal with but don't want to at the moment. Or it's not the right time, and I want to tuck it away from my mind until a later date. This is when I most commonly use this technique (personally).

How It Works

1. Do any meditative prep work you like. Ambience lighting, sound, incense, etc. Find a comfortable seated position in a backed chair or on the floor. To keep energy and blood flow as streamlined as possible, leave your arms and legs uncrossed.

2. Go into your normal meditation. Now visualize your 3rd eye however you prefer. I like to see it as a purple vortex between my eyes. Now that you've not a good grasp on visualizing your 3rd eye, imagine that there is a hallway behind it. Take yourself behind your 3rd eye and into your subconscious. If this is your first time with a 3rd eye hallway method, take time to create a long corridor of your own design. Notice the colour scheme of the walls, perhaps the era that is represented in the design. Are the walls old? Are they freshly painted? Do they have ornate wallpaper? At the end of this hallway you will see a heavy door.

3. If you have any other established meditative corridors such as past life regression atrium, spirit guide meeting room, inner sacred space etc., simply add another door to your main hallway. Usually the more detail you install into this exercise, the more powerful and effective it can be. So let's start with the door. It is best to make it stand out or not match the rest of your "inner hallway". Make it personal. The door should also match the location of your locked box. My Locked Box door is an old fragile ashen willow door with a simple keyhole which shows no sign of a particular use, it's merely decorative. On the door, the words "Jerred's Attic" are etched into the wood.

4. Now open this door, putting some force into it. This door is heavy. Walking through the door, you enter a space. It doesn't have to be limited to a room. Be creative if you'd like. Perhaps your lockable box is in a meadow behind your door. A place of your design. Remember that this room will hold your lockable container primary to this exercise. Take a moment to design this room to your satisfaction. My room is a very old looking dusty attic. I think I chose an attic because my childhood home never had one. Well it did, but only my father went up there, because it was a sealed off hole in the ceiling accessible only by ladder. I suppose I fantasize what it would be like to have one of those attics.

5. Somewhere in the space, you need to now materialize a lockable container. Be as creative as you want. The only criteria is that it has to be decently sized and it has to be lockable. I went boring and with the theme of my space. My container is a big sturdy antique chest.

6. However the locking mechanism works, now is the time to unlock the box and open it. It should be fairly empty. There may be a few odds and ends laying around in it. Now the goal here is stimple: simply take that event and materialize it into something concrete, and set in the box. Lock it up. And leave the space via the door you came in.

7. Make sure to come out of the meditation safely so you don't become disoriented or dizzy!

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