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For Entertainmet Purposes

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For Entertainmet Purposes
Post # 1

~For Entertainment Purposes Only~

Hey Folks,

It's me Moondragon but a lot of you may know me by Illy or theillyrium. I wanted to take the time to share my deepest and most honest and sincere feelings and opinion with all of you, whoever is willing to listen.

I have been a member of this site off and on for several years now however I wasn't very active and involved until the last year and half. For the majority of the time I have spent hours each day coming here to be apart of a larger community of fellow brothers and sisters of the pagan and craft community.Although the site has been labeled for entertainment purposes only; it is still one of the most valuable pagan and craft resources and social communities on the internet. Sure, there are others but none that pale in comparison to spellsofmagic.com, no other website I have seen can hold a candle to this one.

For some people, they come here innocently or naively looking for something to do out of boredom, or because they have a creative imagination. I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, as a child and to this day I have had dreams and fantasies that are wild, colorful, and even eccentric. It is natural to fantasize even as you grow older, because you need a release once in a while. You can look at it as a way of coping with life's uncertainties, perhaps you have a difficult life and you deal with challenges everyday that sometimes can be just to much to bare. You may even look at it as having a profound hope for a better life or future.

For others they come here seeking something beyond fantasy and dreams, beyond limitations set form by a vast majority of public and societal manipulation and propaganda. Some people may experiment with magic because they are curious, and may eventually find it to be a fulfilling and fruitful part of their life. There then are some people whose lives have always been entrenched by the mysteries, the forces of change, the power and life that we call magic. For us it surrounds us entirely in every single aspect of our life both from within ourselves to our lives on the outside. It is the most sacred energy and power for us. It isn't just a tool that we take and manipulate to do our biding, it is by all definitions who we are, a part of us.

With that said, It is a shame that some people will not see past the played out, media inflicted versions of what magic may be and what it is and can or cannot do for them. However, I say this strongly as I hold strong to my beliefs, I do not judge those people and I don't wish them any ill will or negativity for it. It is their right and choice as individuals and human beings to freely do as they choose.

But let's talk about judging for a minute because it's something that seems to be really be bothering me right now. For those of the craft and the old ways; we should know our history of being judged. Many people who followed the old ways, and even more sadly those who didn't were in majority innocently persecuted, tortured, and murdered. For what exactly, bigotry, the fear of the unknown, because our beliefs did not agree with or benefit someone elses. Hatred and judgment have been an endless tool to do nothing but cause destruction and chaos between diverse people.

So I then reflect about all the judging that is blindly and ignorantly done here; not just my Moderators, and members who are older or more experienced, even among those who are called fluffy or even looney. Regrettably I too have made judgments, I am not perfect nor do I am to be, however I have come to realize my personal goal is to reflect upon myself, my actions, and beliefs and change them when I have done wrong; to improve and to be enlightened.

Countless times everyday in public chatter people are being judged and ridiculed for being either fluffy or naive and so on. There is always a conversation argument or whatever you'd like to call it where one or more people start talking about a belief in something, then suddenly poof comes someone or people to discredit them and tell them certain things are impossible or not real etc.

But you know what that's a load of bull. Who is any one person to someone else that something either is or isn't, regardless of how much experience you have or how smart you think you are, even if it's is a commonly accepted fact or theory and so on. No one person here or anyone else knows everything that is and isn't. You also cannot definitively judge someone else;what they say or claim; for certain and without reasonable doubt. You aren't them and didn't experience what they experienced, even if that experience was a fictional daydream or fantasy. When people say they believe in mermaids, vampires, and werewolves and whatever else you can think of, I am not going to tell them "No, there no such thing, quite role playing." Why because I don't know whether they are real or not, I have never met one or seen one, but that is not an absolute or acceptable way of deciding from truth or fiction. Many things in history were believed to be false and in time society grew to either accept their existence or became tolerant.

Just because I don't believe in them, just because society has to be manipulative and controlling and says that this or that does or doesn't exist doesn't mean I have to conform or agree with everything that I see, hear, read etc.

Knowledge isn't just facts versus fiction, it's about learning and understanding. I love to read, but I never just read a line from a book and take it as that, final and absolute regardless of whether it is considered fact or not. Then there is wisdom, which is not only having an understanding of knowledge but being able to apply that knowledge in real life in a tactful and practical manner.

Now all of this leads me to one of my thoughts about the diversity among pagan and craft practitioners. We are all unique and individualistic regardless if we adhere to a set system of beliefs and practices. There is more diversity and challenge within our community then any other in my experience. We argue and debate all the time over who is right and who is wrong about almost every detail and aspect of the craft, the old ways, the beliefs, the practices and even the history. I honestly believe that's one of the biggest problems, at least when it leads to a cycle of more and more judgment, ridicule, and messing with peoples lives. Why can't we just accept and be happy that we all have our own beliefs, and hold true to them, and have faith. Instead of telling someone else their belief is false, inaccurate, or the spreading of misinformation.

After todays and all the events and what not that occurred, I have had one popsicle of a day, and that's kind of what prompted this, but these feelings and thoughts have been stored away for a while now. I have so much more I would like to even say but my day is ending and well... Some of you may think that I am just whining or complaining, and perhaps a wee smidge of a bit I might agree a little. But really I just want to make a difference, that's all I have ever wanted even if it is small. I have faith, and I believe in something better, something more than this.


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Re: For Entertainmet Purposes
Post # 2

On some levels I agree with you. Seeing such intolerance and arguing on a site of "occultists" seems a bit too much. After all, the occult itself is meant to be the study of the "paranormal". I do believe people should be somewhat logical though. However as a practitioner I can say that to disregard the belief in the paranormal makes oneself the opposed to occultism. The definition of occultism is...

1. The study of the supernatural.
2. A belief in occult powers and the possibility of bringing them under human control. Thanks once again dictionary ^^
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Re: For Entertainmet Purposes
Post # 3
This is something i have fought for awhile and am called a monkey because of it. But yet i still fight on because i remember being that low and wanting to escape. We must understand why people think this way and why they want to become a vampire or whatever. In current society kids and teens are always put down and forced to conform. They feel sad and depressed for being themselves. So they want to become something else to be happy. This is very destructive thinking and making fun of them for it will only make it worse. Enough with the high and mighty attitudes on here. We all suffered in our lives and its time we remember it and apply it.
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Re: For Entertainmet Purposes
Post # 4
Firstlty Moondragon what a beautiful name :-)

I read evey line of your post with deep understnding and appreciation. Whining and Complaing?? Nope, Standing up and Making that Difference Yesss! I refer to ones such as yourself as "a feeder of souls". Thank you so much for this powerful post.

Blessed Be :-)
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Re: For Entertainmet Purposes
Post # 5
That was a great post! I love it, you made some extremely valid points. But at BlackSunn, I agree that making fun of them will do nothing and make it worst for them, but some people come on here just to 'troll' and make fun of everyone by wasting our time and messing with your emotions. Other than that, we need to drop the egos and become equals. No need to act better than another person, only to get schooled instantly and made a fool out of by someone with a life time of magickal experience more than you.
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Re: For Entertainmet Purposes
Post # 6
Thats the thing about trolls if you start harassing them it only fuels them. Either gag or ignore it's that simple. Stop throwing fuel on the fire then complain when the fire gets to big.
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Re: For Entertainmet Purposes
Post # 7
I agree, but sometimes, there are some 'good' trolls out there and its hard to differentiate between a nub and a troll.
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Re: For Entertainmet Purposes
Post # 8
It's tough to figure out why there doing what there doing and for what purpose. However treating all of them like a nub and harassing them is just over the top.
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Re: For Entertainmet Purposes
Post # 9
Yep, I agree.
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Re: For Entertainmet Purposes
Post # 10

I've actually noticed it's more effective if the "nubs" are simply ignored. They will usually either shut up and leave or carry on but so insignificantly no one even notices.

Something else I've noticed is that with certain trolls if you just ask them nicely to stop without the smart retorts they some times, actually, stop. But that's a wild chance at times...

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