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Creation of a space

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Creation of a space
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Creation of a space
Post # 1
Step One - State of mind

Begin normal meditation methods in whatever position you prefer and relax your body and mind. Release all the tension slowly and calmly. Keep the mind quiet. Make sure you can stay here for a long time, I was doing this for around 50 minutes the first time.

Step two - Boundry
Imagine your in a spot within the universe, This spot is so small and unoticable that no one else can get into it. Its also surrounded by a great big invincible barrier, some people like to do a giant sea shell others a castle wall Its entirely up to you. Once this is done, Imagine that you are inside your space and that all the problems of real life are unable to follow you there. Your completely safe, the normal world isn't there anymore. Only this one.

Step three - Landscaping your world

This part will take a fairly long time. AT LEAST twenty minutes
I spent the best part of an hour doing this the first time and it was worth it.
First of all make a mental map of your world. At first just give a general idea of much of the terrain, but make a few area's ready so you can add things easily in later on sessions There are a few things to keep in mind while doing this

-Privacy: This is somewhere no one else can come, Tell no one the details of this world and don't draw or write it down.
-People: You can populate your world with fakes or thought forms
but I recommend against putting real people here as it may...no actually WILL affect them in real life.
I have a friend who put his girlfriend into his world and him into hers. The results were...unusual...
This represents aspects of YOU not other people.

First of all begin by choosing a area on your map that hasn't been properly filled out.
Begin by imagining it coming to life, The first place to do could be somewhere as a solice or fortress perhaps.
Maybe a temple of some sort, Woods? Its up to you!
When this is done, move on to another area of the map, and gradually fill that up too.
Don't use all your space the first time though. You can add detail each time you go there.

Let the imagination fill details in itself. Nothing will look exactly as it would in the real world, Grass will
most likely look sightly different in a way you can't explain, etc.

I began building an old one of mine by imagining I was in a big island.
In the center was a great big castle, and a keep.
Thought form guards who served me stood loyally on the walls and watched me enter the castle, saluting as I walked past.
As I passed them I built buildings and allowed my imagination to build them for me, I didn't concentrate on them
I just let them appear.

I reached the center where there was a massive keep and made another squad of thought form guards there to patrol it.
I didn't expend energy in making them, I just liked the idea of having guards around.

Then I decided I needed a temple area. So I walked across a grassy plainland, with a large hill
and a few wild flowers scattered here and there. The wind was blowing around me as I made a small moat around a little circle
of grass. In the center of the circle was a temple that looked similiar to an ancient greek one with stone and pillars etc.

Walking inside I imagined a big statue of my patron god facing the doorway.
in the west of my temple I had a small running fountain and in the East was a incense cone that never ran out.
To the North I had a Giant Ankh on the walls and to the south, was two burning braziers.
I also had an Altar in the upper floor of the temple.
I had all four elements and an altar in my temple and then I walked outside again.

Outside in the river I imagined now that there was colored gravel at the bottom of the river, like a goldfish tub.
Just because I felt like it. Then I imagined there was a small bridge running across it.

Next was a small house, and as I imagined traveling to my house I added a few details to the grassy plain, such as a sandy path
and other things like that.

The list is endless and so are the possibilities.
But in the end I had

- A castle for safety
- A temple for any rituals conducted in my mind
- A small home for me to relax in if need be
- A small beach, the limit of my world was all cliffs except here. It faced west
- A pit of Lava It faced south
- A grove of tree's in a ring around a stone circle (I've always liked the image of rituals in a place like that) facing north
- A giant hill top Facing east.
- The plains.

That was just my world though, you could make it however you want and without the element representations of it.
at first your world may be still, don't forget its not just about sight, imagine the water flowing and the wind whistling etc
Everything should have a texture, a feel etc all five senses should be used here as much as possible.

Step Four - The body
Its important to have a body for this too. Just imagine a body appearing out of nowhere, Imagine its looks etc.
You are that body! and so once its done, imagine yourself from its point of view.
You don't have to be human, at least not fully human. But Eyes, Ears, Mouth, Arms and hands are needed for ritual etc
Once you have your body, you should try and move every limb. It should feel as if your actually moving in a way It did for me.
There are also methods for scrying in this, but I'm way to lazy to write them down.

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Re: Creation of a space
Post # 2

This is a wonderful exercise in both astral projection, and visualization. Nice post ^_^

L.L.B xox


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Re: Creation of a space
Post # 3
Thanks :D
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