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Urgent Time Travel ASAP

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► Urgent Time Travel ASAP
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Urgent Time Travel ASAP
Post # 1
I know this sounds naive and silly to be asking, but I desperately need somebody to help me get into the past where I was in third grade. Abuse, bullying, failing, lost friendships, heartbreak, suicide, death, it's all happened due to my constant mistakes. Please, I'm asking with all my faith and heart to have somebody take me to the past or help me get to the past tonight. It needs to be done as soon as possible. And I know the frequent response would be to just face life, but just please think of how you could save my soul............
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Re: Urgent Time Travel ASAP
Post # 2
Life doesn't do do-over's. Sorry.

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Re: Urgent Time Travel ASAP
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
It's impossible. The best thing to do is just to realize that and try to fix what you can accept that there are some things you can't fix. If something bad is happening to you you need to tell somebody who can help you and also it would be good to try and see a psychologist about what's going on in your life. I'm really sorry that magic can't help you with this particular thing this time but, if you found someone to talk to about these things that is qualified for it I think that might help you a bit.
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Re: Urgent Time Travel ASAP
Post # 4
Scrupulous is right there are no do overs no matter how powerful you are, how much blood sweat and tears, or heartache the past caused so you'll just have to learn to live with what's been done
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Re: Urgent Time Travel ASAP
Post # 5
About the whole time-traveling thing, I'm not so sure about any of that, so I can't help you there. What I can do is give you advice, and tell you what would happen if time-travel was possible.

There are two factors that a person must pay attention to if any change of result occurs. These two effect the present to the future, just as much as the time-traveled past to the present. Chaos theory and Butterfly Effect. Both of them relatively mean the same thing but shows what they mean in different ways. Chaos theory shows that you can not get the exact same results even if you do the same experiment. Butterfly Effect tells a story about how if the butterfly flaps its wings their would be a storm, but no flap no storm. Both has been and can be proven with science, so if you wish to learn more about each do some research.

Those two are just to tell you that if time-travel is possible, you wouldn't have the same future now. Not by a long shot. But here's the question if time-travel is possible and the world is completely different from the one before then how is that possible?

Well there are two answers to that flow of time: Grandfather Paradox, and Worldlines. Lets take a time-traveling idea, if I went back in time and killed my grandfather before he meet my grandmother, than how do I still exist? Without meeting my grandmother, my dad couldn't be born, which ultimately mean I wouldn't be born, so I couldn't kill my grandfather in the first place.

Grandfather Paradox's answer to that question is that there is only one timeline of events, so when I went back in time to kill my grandfather, I never really killed him, and he still meet my grandmother, which allowed my dad to live. All the events happening in history is already recorded. (I don't really like that idea, because it also says that everything that's going to happen in the future, the universe already knows, so I can't truly control my fate.)

Worldlines is what you want, I believe. Worldlines take the idea that even though I did go back in time and kill my grandfather, that wasn't really "my" grandfather and just someone that had everything the same about my grandfather up to that point in his life time. So the future can safely change without affect this present. How? It's like this. Let's say the timeline where I didn't kill my grandfather was timeline 1, the original timeline. So here I am making a time machine (or using magick, how ever you wish for me to time-travel) so I go back in to kill my grandfather. Well that timeline splits from timeline 1 and becomes timeline 2. Everything about timeline 1 is the same as timeline 2 until I killed my grandfather. In the end timeline 1 doesn't change at all, and timeline 2 has an unknown future. (I personally like this theory more, because that means I have some control of my own future.)

In the end both means that nothing changes for you right now in this timeline. While going back in time can help the "you" back than, it won't help the you right here in this timeline, so the "you" back then might as well be just another stranger. If you still wish to time-travel, I wish you best of luck reaching your goal. Your reasons though I would love to hear.

Allow me to say one more thing, if your worried about people who's suffering, than try doing something in this timeline, instead of fixing another. There are many problems in this timeline.

P.S Don't die. Life is a strange thing. As long as you believe in yourself, you can pull through anything. If you can't believe in yourself, allow me to believe in you. Any problems that you are facing right now you can and will pull through.
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Re: Urgent Time Travel ASAP
Post # 6
We all want something to change, I know what your going threw trust me, but youd never learn from your mistakes. cry if you must, magick doesnt solve everything. Do something drastic now to change, just dont let go of that last shred of love. or youll end up like me whom cant feel pain or heart.
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Re: Urgent Time Travel ASAP
Post # 7
...I wish...
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Re: Urgent Time Travel ASAP
Post # 8
Well thanks everyone. Bye
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Re: Urgent Time Travel ASAP
Post # 9
Not necessarily *impossible* (nothing's completely impossible, but the price is rarely pleasant), but I've never seen a successful attempt. Never heard of one either, though how would you really hear about one? (In other news, the Statue of Liberty was shifted three degrees counter clockwise today because someone went back in time and distracted one of the workers, story at eleven... not happening)

Einstein's theory that you can see the past and future validates time travel, but nobody's figured out how. The biggest problem, as pointed out, is paradox and unintended consequences. You go back in time to save a friend from suicide and succeed, but that friend ends up murdering a dozen people a week later that didn't originally die. Now your friend is probably STILL dead (either from the ensuing shoot out or from the Chair), but now twelve other people are as well. Was it worth it? A man goes back and kills Hitler, stopping the holocaust. Instead WWII would have been started by Joseph Stalin, a man who has 6 million more known deaths to his name, more organizational skills, better warfare tactics in ALL terrains, and troops who are already accustomed to working and fighting in subzero temperatures. Hitler lost because he lost focus. Stalin wouldn't have been so easy to take out. And the Russian language is too guttural for my tastes.

Another problem is the theory that there are built in fail-safes in the universe that would cause you to digress to your original age at that point (who's going to listen to an 8 year old?), completely forget everything you knew from third grade and on, or completely destroy yourself and your past self when you touch your past self (same matter can not occupy the same space)

Bullying happens because of someone ELSE'S insecurities, not because of your mistake. You just happened to be the target.

Failing happens to us all. It's part of life

Heartbreak happens to us all. It's part of life.

Friends fall apart. People change, people hide who they are. Then you find out, and don't like it. It's part of life.

Death, even suicide, happens for a reason. Either it was simply their time to go, no matter HOW they went, or they couldn't take it any more. a single friendly word has been know to STOP a suicide. But a single mean word doesn't cause it, or we'd all be dead. It's a compilation of factors that finally culminates. It's still not your fault.

You want to save your soul? If you really feel your soul is in jeopardy because of past mistakes, take up helping others in your free time, do some good in the world. Don't go trying to tinker with history. You may well come back to the present to find a nuclear winter.
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Re: Urgent Time Travel ASAP
Post # 10
I've personally thought Time Travel is irreverent to real life.. if you travel back in time, that means in the current time stream (Ahead of time from the time your travelling to) that means you already did the time travel. meaning even if you go back, you already did in the future, so you cannot change the events that already happened. Did that make any sense..
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