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Elemental Healing Bath
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Healing Bath invoking the four elements for healing

Calendula herb or other herb of your choice
Floating candles
Scented oil or perfume of your choice

Prepare the bath=water with the calendula herb=earth, floating candles=fire and the scented oil/perfume=air. Draw the hand of hamsa on both your palms with colored sharpies. Soak in the tub gaze at the hamsas on your palms and recite

Fire and water
Seldom are friends
But now you ally
So my body may mend

And though the earth
Opposes the air
Both come together
To rebuild to repair

Sands of time
Winds of change
Springs of hope
Eternal flame
Come together
For a common goal
Take what is broken, and make it whole

Envision the water in the bath slowly transforming into liquid light energy as the four elements inside of it fuse together. Imagine your body absorbing all of the liquid light especially in places you are experiencing discomfort. When you feel you have absorbed all the light energy thank the four elements and the ritual is complete. You may sit in the bath for as long as you like after that.

Can also be performed for another by using a cauldron instead of a bath and a photo or belonging of the person.

Wrote this spell for a friend. I would appreciate feedback.
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