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Breaking addictions

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► Breaking addictions
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Breaking addictions
Post # 1
I was wondering if anyone knew of a spell/ritual that is good for breaking addictions? I am serious about this so please do not comment on the whole cold turkey method etc.
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Re: Breaking addictions
Post # 2
I haven't read it so I can't comment from personal experience but 'Celtic Queen Maeve and Addiction' by Sylvia Brinton Perera may be of some use.
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Re: Breaking addictions
Post # 3
Any other suggestions? Not only can I not afford to buy a book at this point, but the reviews suggest it is not what I am looking for. I want to break some physical addictions, and a few psychological/behavioral ones that have nothing to do with substances. Thanks for the help though :)
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Re: Breaking addictions
By: / Adept
Post # 4
Research Cut and Clear and/or Cast off Evil spellwork. You can google both terms, look at the ingredients, products, and spellwork within these families, and maybe something will ressonate with you.
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Re: Breaking addictions
Post # 5
Thank you Lady Grey for the suggestions. Off to google it is :D
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Re: Breaking addictions
By: / Novice
Post # 6
i think there are some to help, but i've never needed one, so i don't know any, sorry. some sort of healing spell might help out.
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Re: Breaking addictions
By: / Adept
Post # 7
If you have no money for a book, i'm assuming you have little money for spell supplies. The suggestions i offered earlier may be too product-heavy. Nevertheless they may offer some ideas; perhaps you can modify them.

I am a big fan of spiritual baths to reinforce any type of spellwork and/or personal growth work. If you go on my profile and click on the link by Website, it will take you to my blog where there is a whole section on spiritual bathing with recipes.

When removing an influence you wash downward. Psalm 51 is a good one to recite as you do the washing - "Cleanse me with Hyssop and i shall be clean..." Any herbs that are used for Uncrossing can be used for spiritual cleansing. Think of breaking an addiction as a deep cleansing. Some botanicals that come to mind are Eucalyptus, Salt, and Lemon. Even a saltwater bath if you have little money is of great help.

You may also want to do baths that support your spirit as it goes through the adjustment. I love baths of milk and honey - they are sweet and soothing, and i have spent many a night weeping luxuriously in them. There's a product called Cascadilla, which is powdered eggshells, that i like to add to milk and honey baths if you can find it.

When i quit smoking, i set a date to quit and on the day before, i lit the black part of a black and white double-action candle. I have an article on my blog about using them - you can substitute one black candle and one white candle for a double-action candle. As the black part burned, which took most of the day, i smoked cigarettes around it, did spellwork, and as the very end of the black part burned down, i smoked my last one. Once it got to the white half of the candle, i took a cleansing bath and did more prayers and spellwork. Every morning for nine days i took another cleansing bath. In the evening when i was having a hard time i would take a milk and honey bath to quiet my spirit. It served me well; perhaps something similar can be incorporated into your work. Best of luck.
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Re: Breaking addictions
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
Congratulations! Wanting to change and discard bad habits and problems is the first step to doing so.

I have done this for myself and instructed others on a guided imagery (during meditation) that helps one to let go of the past, past people, worries, behaviors, etc.

If you have trouble with the imagery, try to find a track of nature sounds that fit this description or similar. It should help to stimulate your imagination.

I start off by sitting on a beach. It's warm and sunny. The waves are rolling in. The gulls are crying. Once you can feel the warmth of the sun, with the cool breeze from the water, hear the sound of the wind, waves, and sea gulls, smell the ocean breeze, and maybe even taste a little of the salty water in your mind, it's time to focus on the ground.

Of course, the ground is sand. So feel the warmth of this sand and feel how your body sinks into it a bit. Press your hands into it, let it run through your fingers. Really know that this sand is real. (Don't think "this is all in my head") You are really there. Believe it!

Now where you go from here depends on what exactly you want to get rid of. For instance if you feel held back by something, you could see chains attached to you and a huge anchor (be sure to break the chains). If it's a part of you or if it is another person, you could see a small tv screen displaying the behavior of yourself or them (taken from memories). Really put all of your emotions, thoughts, and memories toward whatever you choose to depict this "addiction", worry, person, problem, behavior, whatever you want gone. Cause it to be as complete as possible, as if drawing it out of you, removing it from your body/life, your mind, your heart, and setting it out on this sandy beach. Now you're face to face with what was once inside of you. It is now outside of you, sitting on this beach. Know this, feel this, believe this.

Since it's fully there, probably discusting you at the moment, you want to see it SLOWLY begin to sink into the sand, as though it is quicksand. The slower the better, as it sinks feel it leaving your presence, leaving your life. When it is gone from sight, that doesn't mean it is gone! Keep focusing on it below the ground, constantly moving farther from the surface and watch as it disintegrates or erodes away (as if naturally decomposing from nature). Let this be a slow process, and as it is occurring, feel and know that it is being destroyed. Believe it! Feel the release as it finally disintegrates into particles and is consumed by the sand, becoming dust, no longer capable of being seen or sensed.

Once it is entirely destroyed. Lay down in the sand and close your eyes. Once again become completely aware of your senses in this place. Let yourself be at peace. Once you find that sense of serenity, open your eyes when you're ready and come back to the awareness of your physical body (slowly!). Don't get up quickly. Depending on how far in you were, you could be disorientated. Take a moment to collect yourself. Do not dwell on what happened. Know it truly happened and try to busy yourself or sleep. The less you focus on it, the better.

Never let go of more than one thing at a time. And never do the guided imagery more than once a day. If you feel like you need to do it again, always use a different symbolism for it. Never hit it from the same angle, because you've already destroyed the previous aspects of it. Evaluate exactly what it is about the addiction or problem that is still clinging onto you, and pinpoint that in your next representation and really push that part into the symbolism. I usually find that people don't know the root of their problems until they begin this process of elimination. Once they eliminate the root/core, they have no difficulty moving on. If you nail the root first, then you'll need no process of elimination.

As I guide someone through this, if the problem is not relieved, I will sometimes change things up a bit. This is my standard guided imagery. If you need any assistance in it, feel free to pm me.
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Re: Breaking addictions
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 9
When you watch it under the sand, make sure not to follow it, consistently feel that space between it and you getting wider. Remember that you are on the beach, on the sand, and it is below, sinking deeper. Watch it as if you can see through the sand. The distancing is important.
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Re: Breaking addictions
Post # 10
This thread has been moved to Other Spells Discussion from Site Spells Discussion.
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