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Western Astrology Zodiac

Forums ► Fortune Telling ► Western Astrology Zodiac
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Western Astrology Zodiac
Post # 1
Have you ever looked out at the sky at night, and wondered how it could be influencing your life? I know I have.That is why I decided to write a post on the zodiacs. I hope you find it to be as startling as I did xD.

First off, astrology is the study of the position and aspects of the celestial bodies (stars, planets, comets etc.) and the belief that they effect both earthly happenings and human lives. For now, lets stick to the human aspect. I personalty do believe that they can influence your behavioral tendencies, personality, and how well you relate to others. However, astrology is not the deciding factor. You should also take into account a persons raising, life experiences, everything that is put into there body, even the things that happened to them while they were in their mothers womb (proven by science that certain sounds and chemicals can effect us at that stage). All that being said, lets take a peek at the different signs (zodiac) in western astrology.

The 12 Zodiac Signs:

Below is a list of each of the twelve zodiac signs in western astrology, in their proper order. Your zodiac sign is also referred to as your sun sign. These are based on month and day you were born. Here is a short blurb about the aspects of each of them.
Quick explanation of terminology:
Duality/masculine: means they are direct and energetic
Duality/feminine: means they are receptive and magnetic
Ruling body part: area they are stronger with, and or have more health problems in.
Birthstones: these are for the western zodiac, not your traditional birthstone :)

Aries (March 19th-April 19th):

Element of fire

They have a masculine duality

They are said to have excitable, impulsive, optimistic, personalities, are open to change and love new experiences.

Aries are ruled by the planet mars and the ancient god of war. This can make them more aggressive. It is not always a bad thing though. They will do what is needed to get what they desire or need in life. They have a tendency to go far to help their loved ones as well.

Their symbol is the ram. The ram is seen as being assertive, sexual, and can rise high above any challenge.

Aries ruling body part is their head. They are said to be prone to headaches and injuries of the head and face. They are also great thinkers, and will often be the ones you see studying others opinions, rather than judging or dismissing them.

Their birthstone is the Diamond, which should be worn on the left side of their body, to increase their luck in life.

The trait most find they like in an Aries is their courage. They will meet everything head on and ready to go. The least desired traits they tend to possess are anger and vanity.

Taurus (April 20th-May 20th):

Element of earth


They are often stubborn in their ways, resistant to change, stable, patient, quiet and affectionate. They will often work hard to gain the financial security and luxury they desire. Taurus people like to collect and sometimes hard wealth and treasures. They are physically and emotionally responsive to colors, and should take care picking out the colors and patterns in their homes. Regardless of their desire for luxury, they have a loving and gentle side towards those they care for. They will help to support them in all ways that they can.

Taurus is ruled by Venus. This influences them in their love and desire for luxury.

Their symbol is the strong, stubborn yet gentle bull.

Body part they are ruled by is the neck and throat. They often have strong and somewhat beautiful voices, but are often plagued with colds, thyroid problems and throat ailments.

Taurus birthstone is the emerald. It helps to protect against infidelity and deceit (on their part). It also helps to improve memory.

Their most desirable trait is their dependability. The most common worst trait is their tendency to demean others without thinking about how it effects the person.

Gemini (May 21st-June20th):

Element Air


Geminis are know to be intellectual people. They are very energetic, and versatile. They are adaptable to new situations. They also are ruled more by their heads then their changing moods. They love a good chat with most people they meet. They are also said to be born with the gift of persuasion and can easily convince others.

They are ruled by the planet mercury. This has a tendency to cause them to have a nervous and quick to change temperment.

Their symbol is the twins, it shows their duality, good communication and their ability to sympathize.

Ruling part of the body for Gemini is the hands, arms, shoulders and lungs. They are prone to respiratory ailments. They have a tendency towards hand/arm/shoulder injuries and strains. Often times, they possess good upper body strength when they take enough care not to injure the area.

Birthstone for them is Agate. It helps protect them from lies and trickery, as they have a tendency to believe people. It also helps them in matters of love.

Their most desirable attribute is their responsiveness to others. They are not ones to dismiss people easily. their least desirable trait is their duality. While the good aspects of it are always welcomed, they have a tendency towards self conflict, which can anger other signs easily.

Cancer (June 21st-July 22nd):

Element water


Cancer people are often receptive, creative, sypathetic and kind. They can be overly emotional at the wrong times. The possess intuitive minds that are constantly thinking or daydreaming. They make wonderful artists and musicians, their emotional states lending to the passion in their works.

They are ruled by the Moon. This lends them their intuitive nature, but can cause problems with their emotional sides. They should take special care during the full moon because it has been said to influence them more then others.

Their symbol is the crab. Just like the crab, they put on a fascade of a hard defense, but will flee if they sense danger. They understand that they have a soft side underneath :)

Ruling body part, breasts and stomach. Oftentimes they love to overindulge in food, but do not see the consequences till later in life. They have a tendency towards digestive ailments both due to poor eating habits (unless taught better at a young age) and emotional stress.

Their birthstone is the pearl. It draws good influential people into their life. It also helps to keep them out of bad situations, or to make those situations better.

Most desirable trait for them is their loyalty. Regardless of their emotional "swings", if they care for someone, they will be there for them. Least desirable trait is there tendency to turn even the smallest issues into the "why me" scenario.

Leo (July 23rd-August 22nd):

Element fire


Leos are very powerful, generous, and enthusiastic people. Once they get an opinion on something, it is hard to get them to change their views. This can make them seem stubborn at times.
They are not quick to anger, but watch out for their strength of will if you get on their bad side. They are also very protective of their family and loved ones.

Their symbol is the lion. This is because they are proud, brave and dominating people.

Ruling body part is the back, spine and heart. They have a tendency to take on too much burden for those that they love, and often hurt their back doing so.

Birthstone for Leo is the ruby. For them it helps to protect against injuries, and insures faithfulness. It can also help to bring peace of mind.

Most desirable trait for Leo is their Exuberance. They are oven very joyous and enthusiastic about life and those they care for. Their least desired trait is their tendency to provoke others without realizing they are doing so. They often speak their mind without thinking first, due to their excited natures :)

Virgo (August 23rd-September 22nd):

Element earth


Virgos are first and foremost analytical. They like to understand everything, and therefore pick it apart in their head. They are practical, and somewhat modest. They are reserved as well. People like to ask Virgos for advice before carrying out their plans. They love to gather information and pass it along to all that are willing to listen to their wisdom.

They are ruled by the planet mercury. This gifts them with intelligence and reason, but can also make them high strung in temperment.

Their symbol is the virgin. This is because of their modesty, purity of mind, and willingness to help their fellow workers.

Ruling body part is the nervous system and intestines. They are often plagued with nerve and digestive issues due to nervousness and stress.

Their birthstone is Sapphire. It helps to balance their minds and protects them during their travels.

Most desirable trait in a Virgo is their Conscientiousness. They take things into consideration, pick it apart, and decide if it is factual and relevant. Their least desirable trait is their desire to interfere with others problems. Because they can be so critical, it can cause fights/arguments over little things.

Libra (September 23rd-October22nd):

Element air


Libras are usually fun loving, easy going folks. They are peaceable, active, and diplomatic. Because of these traits, they find themselves often surrounded when in crowds. They draw people to them because of their ability to get along with many easily, and their fun loving nature.

Libras are ruled by Venus. This inclines them towards self-indulgence, love and luxury.

Their symbol is the scales. It shows their balance, and tendency to weigh both sides before handing out justice.

Ruling body part is the lower back, buttocks, and kidneys. They have a tendency to have ailments in this region and should take great care.

Birthstone Opal. It helps to bring them financial success, tempers their greed and jealousy, and improves their intuition.

Their most desirable trait is their charm. Because of their easy going, loving natures, they have no need to draw people to them, it just happens. Their least desired trait is their tendency to be fickle and faithless in romance.

Scorpio (October 23rd-November21st):

Element water


Scorpios have wonderful imaginations, and often excel as writers. They are emotional and persistent, yet not in a direct manner. They tend to do things in a roundabout manner.
Their ruling planet is Pluto. This gives them a boost in healing, for Pluto has strong regenerative properties.

Their symbol is the scorpion. This is due to the fact that they are hard to anger, and often do not show it till it is too late to be fixed.

Ruling body part is the genitals. They must take care to avoid urinary infections and diseases.

Their birthstone is Topaz. It helps to prevent injury and illness. It helps to open their minds to the world around them.

Their most desirable trait is idealism. They are free thinkers and seem less likely to dismiss others fanstasies as falshoods. Their least desirable trait is their tendency to keep things to themselves and become jealous of others easily.

Sagittarious (November22nd-December 21st):

Element fire


Sagittarous are said to always be up for a challenge. They are explorative, generous and love to be out on their own doing their own thing.

Their ruling planet is Jupiter. It is said to give them their optimism, and ambition.

Their symbol is the archer. It shows that they aim high in life, enjoy the hunt, and love being in nature.

Ruling body part(s) is the liver, hips and thighs. They have a tendency to overuse alcohol and should avoid it due to probable liver issues. They need lots of outdoor time to keep healthy.

Birthstone Turquoise. It is said to help them in divination and future sight, protect against the dangers of the hunt, and attracts the right love for them.

Most desirable trait is their optimism. No matter what life throws their way, they stand firm and proud. Least desirable trait is their desire to be able to do what they want, and be where they want to be. Lovers often become jealous and fear their Sagittarious partner is not loyal.

Capricorn (December 22nd-January 19th):

Element earth


They are quick to jump at any opportunity they see. They are patient and will use intelligence and cunning rather then force, to get what they want. They are often well disciplined people.

Ruling planet is Saturn. This is where they gain their natural discipline in life.

Symbol for them is the goat. This is because they take careful steps to reach their goals.

Ruling body part(s) is their bones, joints, and knees. They often have beautiful structure, but suffer from issues dealing with those areas (such as osteoarthritis, and osteoperosis)

Birthstone Garnet. This helps them gain popularity, requited love, and a good self esteem.

A Capricorn's most desirable trait is their steadiness. They are one that sticks to their plans and keeps moving forward. Their least desirable trait is their coldness and reserve. Often times people will hold grudges against them for this, and they should try not to keep big secrets, because their past will have a tendency to come back on them.

Aquarius (January 20th-february 18th):

Element air


Aquarious people often have a strong view or opinion of the world. They are very assertive and progressive. If they do not like something, they will often make sure you know it. They like to disagree/debate, just for the sake of healthy mental exercise. They are however, said to be among the most considerate and kind people you will meet. They come up with wonderful and well thought out plans for just about everything.

They are ruled by the planet Uranus. This is where they get there ideals and inventiveness.

Their symbol is the waterbearer. It is the symbol of life and its creation.

Ruling body parts(s) circulatory system, shins, and ankles. They are prone to sprains and breaks of the ankles. Also arterial problems.

Birthstone is amethyst. It helps with intuition and brings faithfulness in relationships.

Most desirable trait is their friendliness/kindness. Their least desirable trait is their argumentativeness for the sake of provocation of mind.

Pisces (February 19th-March 20th):

Element water


Pisces are often ruled by their emotions. They are romantic, mysterious, and very adaptable. They make good artists because they are creative and imaginative. However they have a tendency to leave their projects half finished. They can be gullible at times and take people at face value.

They are ruled by Neptune. This gives them their air of mystery and their adaptability.

Their symbol is two fishes tied to one another, swimming in opposite directions. This shows their changing emotions and temperment, but also their depth of character.
Ruling body part is the feet. They are prone to aches and injuries of this area.

Birthstone Aquamarine. This helps to amplify magical energies. It also calms a Pisces overactive mind. It can help to protect them while traveling overseas which they will often be driven to do.

Most desirable trait in a Pisces is their compassion. They are loving, open and willing to help most. Their least desirable trait is their tendency to let their emotions rule their behaviors. They often get drawn into bad circumstances in their desire to help others.

That completes the twelve zodiac signs in western astrology. Once again, remember that other things can play a part in our personalities and body. Just as a side note. I have heard many say that they do not like someone because they are this or that sign. This is often due to something called compatability. if you make an even wheel starting with Aires and ending with Pisces (they should touch) you can see which signs are polar opposites. Your polar opposite would be the sign that is six away from yours. Polar opposites have a tendency to have conflicts, but can make for passionate relationships (opposites attract). There are many other things that go into deciding compatability, but I will leave that for another day..
Enjoy. Love, light and blessings :)
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Re: Western Astrology Zodiac
Post # 2
Great post angie it would be great to add some key words ro each of the zodiac signs to help when interpreting tarot as I have done in my tarot journal
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Re: Western Astrology Zodiac
Post # 3
lol I just realized I forgot to cite my source. The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need by Joanna Martine Woolfolk

And of course, a few tid bits from personal experience with many people from a few of the zodiac signs :)
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Re: Western Astrology Zodiac
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
I have always understood the Zodiac, the position of planets and stars at various times of the year. But I have never understood Astrology! It would seem that it has to do mainly with the birthdate. I was born in November and so I am supposed to be Scorpio. But this cannot be the same for everybody born in October/November! A pregnancy can be as varied as thirty weeks to forty weeks; babies can be born at various stages of development. So, if we take it that life begins at conception, then babies can be almost any Zodiac sign! A premature baby born in late November should really have been born in December! It has never made much sense to me.
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Re: Western Astrology Zodiac
Post # 5
Here is where it gets fun Brysing. First of all, sun signs (birth date astrology) has its inaccuracies like everything in life. I have found that people born before they are due, still have attributes of the sign they were supposed to be born under. Then again, everyone has a few aspects of each. I just find the whole idea to be interesting.
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Re: Western Astrology Zodiac
Post # 6
I am Pisces, born in March, but was meant to be a Taurus, born in February. I would go into moon signs, but that would be a bit much. Most Pisces are not known for finishing anything, or for being bullheaded, but I most certainly am :)
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Re: Western Astrology Zodiac
Post # 7

Thanks for posting this, Angie. I always love to read about the various zodiacs.

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