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My version of the LBRP

Forums ► General Info ► My version of the LBRP

My version of the LBRP
Post # 1
I have decided to write an analysis of my version after seeing how most Internet sites do not provide an explanation of the steps and how most versions on SOM are plagarised off of other sites. It helps to know why you do what you do.  

The lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram is a rite highly based off of Kabbistic theory and designed to clear a working space before a major operation. It started off as a general banishing ritual but nowdays, people place a lot more importance on it even saying it is necessary in every major operation. It was never designed to be used in this way but it would certainly help. To properly understand this rite, you must first become familiar with a diagram known as the Kabbalistic tree of life. This seemingly simple diagram is really the key to how the universe functions. Basically, you'll need to know what a sephira is, the placement if each sephirah, and what it represents. You'll also need to understand that the human body us a minature tree with Kether above the head abd Malkuth at the feet. A simple google search will reveal a umber of sites for exploring the tree in detail. 
1.  Face east. Imagine a bright sphere of light shining about a foot above your head(representing Kether). At the same time, touch your forehead and vibrate Ateh(ah-tah) 
2. Visualise a  beam of light shooting down from kether and forming sphere at your feet in the four colors of malkuth. If this is hard for you, just visualise a minature earth the same size as the Kether sphere. Touch your navel and vibrate Malkuth.(Mal-Kooth)

3. Visualise a beam of light shooting out from the pillar of light and forming a red sphere about half a foot away from your right shoulder. At the same time, touch your right shoulder and vibrate Ve Geburah(Veh Geh-Booh-Rah)

4. Do the same with your left shoulder except make it a blue sphere and vibrate Ve Gedulah(Veh Geh Dooh Lah) 
Note- Gedulah is another name for Chesed, the sphephirah that should be there. 

5. Clasp your hands in prayer before you and vibrate Le Olam Amen(Leh Oh Lahm Ah Mehn) 

6. Draw a BLUE banishing pentagram of earth before you. The banishing pentagram if earth is used as a general banishing pentagram so that's why it's used instead of another one.

You may have noticed that the word blue is uppercased. This us impiryand as I'll explain later.

7. Thrust at the middle and vibrate Yod Hay Vahv Hay. 

Draw quarter of a circle over to the south in RED  and draw another blue vanishing pentagram of earth. Thrust at the center and vibrate Adonai(Ah Doh Nai)

8. Do the same for the other directions vibrating Ehieh(Eh heh yeh) and AGLA(Ah gah lah)

Now, this is why the colors I posted work best. Blue is the color of Chesed, Red us the color of Geburah. Together, both forces work together to create harmony. A concept you'll find reiccurs if you study td Etz Chim. 

9. Return to facing the east. Open your arms and say
Before me (vibrate Raphael) 
Behind me (vibrate Gabriel)
At my right hand (vibrate Michael)
At my left  hand (vibrate Uriel) 
(Visualise a bright archangel appearing in the corresponding archangel for each line.) 
For about me flame the pentagrams within my shines the six rayed star. 
Visualise a golden hexagram in your chest. Tipheret is llocated in your chest and the symbol for Tipheret is a golden hexagram.

Then, repeat steps 1through 5.

Sorry if I made any spelling errors which I probably did. I'm typing this from my Ipod.            
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Re: My version of the LBR
Post # 2
I have no idea why all those question marks appeared. There must be a glitch.
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Re: My version of the LBRP
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
It occurs when you copy and paste from a different format, sometimes.

I always enjoy explanations of such ritual.

Would you care to explain the vibration, and the words being intoned?
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Re: My version of the LBRP
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
It doesn't like some fonts. I've had the same problem when using copy and paste on a notebook off my phone. This forum is under BCCode and only has one font option. Any symbol that isn't apart of this forum won't show. I believe the font used is arial or san serif font. Some font symbols coincide with each other, some do not. You'll see either empty spaces of question marks when the codes of this board cannot read the font symbols given. It won't even let me use backslashes. You're not alone.
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Re: My version of the LBRP
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
The cross from forehead, solar plexus and each side means, "(You are) (the kingdom), (the power) and (the glory), (forever). (amen)"
And adonai is a word for the hebrew god.

Not sure of the others....I've only performed the cross and calling to the four angels, and it was a very long time ago, many years. #7-8 I am unfamiliar with. The memory is dusty
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Re: My version of the LBR
Post # 6
Oh. I see now. I was really confused at first. Yeah, the cross comes from the last line of the Lords Prayer. "fir thou art the Kingdom and the power and the glory forever amen". The names are all names of God. Yod Hay Vau Hay is he spelling out of the Tetragrammaton. It's spelled because it's cobsiderred too holy to say. Adonai means Lord, Ehieh means I Am. AGLA is an acronym for Ateh Gibor Le-Olam Adonai meaning Thou art mighty forever my Lord. There is some controversy with the names because they have nothing to do with the directions. The first name YHVH actually represents all four of the elements. In fact, each element has it's own Nane of God ascociated with it which some people use. Shaddai El Chai would be used to charge the eastern pentagram fir example since air and that name are ascociated with that direction. When you vibrate a name, you sing it while drawing it out. Ateh would sound like Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhtaaaaaaahhhhhhh. That's the best way I can explain it.
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Re: My version of the LBRP
Post # 7
I did a similar post a while back on a separate account. I can assure you it was not copied and pasted. My priest taught me how to do it, and I took notes. This is a wonderful post and everyone should learn how to do the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram. Might I add that visualizing each of the angels as you say their name, helps to add more oomph to the ritual :)
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Re: My version of the LBRP
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
Thank you everyone for expanding upon the nature of this practice. I'm rather familiar with the practice and love seeing how other people view it.

There are certainly variations that do not necessarily utilize the name of God and so forth, but versions like this are the most traditional.
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Re: My version of the LBRP
Post # 9
mhmm The utilization of rituals in magic can enhance any practitioners workings. Some do not prefer to use the name of God, and substitute (same with the angels, I have heard). It kind of saddens me that rather utilizing everything at their disposal, they shun or change something wonderful for the sake of "varying beliefs" -.-
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Re: My version of the LBRP
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 10
For some the invocation of God is not desirable more because they do not wish to bring God into the matter.

I was that way for quite some time. It is perhaps a mingling of a lack of desire to depend upon other entities, a bit of jaded bitterness from dealing with organized religions (not only the christian variety) and a lack of understanding of the universal nature of the concept of "god."
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