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Post # 1
This is a spell I altered. Id appreciate feedback.

Binding – to bind two people together

•Individual pictures of those being bound
•Two Black Candles
•Black cord or ribbon
•The Temperance Tarot Card
•This spell requires the consent of those being bound.

Set the Temperance card by the candles. As you light the candles, recite

“By their acceptance are they consigned
Unto each other’s fated lines
Forever and eternal bound
In each the others pain resound.”

After reciting the spell take the molten wax from the black candles and glue the pictures together back to back. Then take the black cord or ribbon and wrap them around the newly glued pictures. Place the wrapped picture in a sealed container and bury it in a place where it will remain forever undisturbed. The bound individuals should let a drop of their blood or spit fall on the spot where the container was buried. There is no undoing this spell. It is permanent.
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Re: Binding
By: / Adept
Post # 2
Good job! You've created a pretty solid spell, in my opinion. I have a few questions, though:

I'm confused as to the goal of the spell - is it to happily tie two lovers together? If so, then why the dark elements like the black candle wax, black thread, and the word "pain"? If you were to indeed get the consent of the two participants, wouldn't they like something lighter and more lovey?

If that's the case, don't let the spell category of "binding" throw you off. You can use red or pink candlewax and thread, change the incantation a bit, and have it be a kind of handfasting/commitment spell.

I can imagine certain situations where you'd want to adapt this to be more of a curse, having a couple rot eternal in their eventual hatred for each other, but i'd doubt you'd get their consent.

Some feedback: I always make my spells undo-able except in extreme situations. You never know what life changes may come. Sixteen year-olds who think their love is forever true may indeed change their minds after time.

Also, when i've done similar work using photographs, i like to glue them face-to-face - unless i was separating a couple, and then i wouldn't glue them at all. I also like to incorporate powdered herbs to sandwich between the photos. If it were more of a sweetening spell, i would use honey instead of glue. Just some ideas, take 'em or leave 'em.

All in all, a good effort!
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Re: Binding
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
I agree with Lady Grey. Good setup, but the color black and word "pain" may want to be changed to make it more upbeat.

I also think that it should be reversable if say, you dig it up and burn the pictures. But it should only be something the caster can do, not just someone random who finds them.

One more possible addition. Some people may feel uneasy with being "eternally bound", but have an easier time accepting "until death". So it might be nice to make an alternate line for those who want to grow old together, but if widowed young, may be free to find companionship elsewhere.
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Re: Binding
Post # 4
Well depending on how you view it, black in some cultures can represent great fierce passion. I question the pain resound part though. The only thing I can think of, is that you want them to feel each others pain (or other sensations in life). In that case, this spell would work wonders. I do agree with LdyGry, gluing the photos together with the picture side touching would help a bit. If you are going for sweeter or more romantic love, I would change it to suit that. It appears to me you were attempting something I have heard called a "merge" where you bind the two peoples energies. There are other ways of doing it, but this would work well if given enough focus and energy :)
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Re: Binding
Post # 5
Thank you for your suggestions. They are very helpful. I especially like the idea of incorporating herbs to sandwich between the photos.

This spell is not intended specifically for two people in love, although it can be used for that. I am working on a love spell that is a variation on this one which I will also post.Its meant to be a pact between two individuals that for whatever reason want their fates tied together. Often having common goals/enemies can make two people want to come together.

I chose the black colors for the candles and ribbon to represent the permanence and also gravity of the spell, as forever binding yourself to someone can be potentially regretful.

I also chose to wax and wrap the pictures back to back because I wanted to convey the feeling of needing to have each others' backs, since they will be forever tied to one another after this.

I used the word pain instead of something more positive because I felt a heavy price should be payed when asking for so much.

I like the idea you had of adapting it to a curse in which case the individuals' consent would not be required. However, I am weary of practicing darker magics such as curses.

I also generally agree with creating spells that are undo able, however, for this particular spell I wanted it to be permanent because sometimes the choices we make in our lives are final and have permanent consequences.

Thanks again. I hope you have suggestions for the love spell I will post later today.
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Re: Binding
Post # 6
I feel it is wonderful for its purpose :)
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Re: Binding
Post # 7
I just had the thought of incorporating a lodestone and a piece of iron to the spell.
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Re: Binding
Post # 8
i think adding a lodestone and iron would be a good addition to this spell. i like the spell and will be trying it thanks again for the great spell...
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