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Forums ► Misc Topics ► Palmistry
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Post # 1
True palmistry is not really divination. It is the study of the appearance, texture, temperature, color and lines in your hands. However some Psychics can gain insight to your future by the act of touching your hand during a palmistry reading.

A palm reading can tell you about different health and psychological issues. It can tell you how many kids you will most likely have (more accurate if female). It can tell you how many times you will be married etc. All of this is based on the chemical/energy makeup of your body and how it changes your hands. This can change moment by moment due to the fact that your body is always changing. For example, If you get a palmistry reading while on a poor diet and then get one a month later after eating healthy it will be reflected in the overall appearance of your hands. The color, temperature, some of the lines, and the texture may change.

The only thing that does not change is your fingerprints. They can be altered if you have an injury but other the that they stay the same.

Starting off: First of all you need to look at both hands.The left hand symbolizes your fated life. The right symbolizes your life as it has been made by your actions. Some say this changes based on which hand you use but it is false to my knowledge. You should look and and take note of the differences between both hands. One small difference not caused by injury would mean that there was a change in that part of your body it relates to.

The main lines to note:

Line of Fate~ runs down the center of your palm.Usually starting
under the middle finger
Headline~ runs horizontally from in between your pointer
finger/thumb to the opposite side of your hand.
Heart Line~ runs horizontally from just under your pinky
finger towards the other side.
Intuition Line~ not all people have this line. It runs downward
pinky finger towards your wrist.
Bracelets~ these are lines running across your wrist just under
your hand. Not all people have these.
Lifeline~ runs from in between your pointer finger/thumb and runs
vertically towards your wrist

A thick or deep line represents strength in that area. A thin or shallow one represents weakness. For example a thin/shallow life line could signify health issues or not living your life to the fullest. A thick/deep heart line could signify a strong heart or loving nature. A deep/thick head line could signify an intellectual individual or good mental health.

Color changes to note:
When your palm changes color it can reflect different issues with your health. Red signifies circulatory issues and/or major diet changes. White or pail signifies Anemia and circulation. Yellow signifies Jaundice caused by liver or spleen issues and/or possible toxicity. Purple signifies too much sugar or fruit in your diet.

This is just a taste of the information you can gain from palmistry. I will add more to it in the near future when I have time. Hope you enjoy ^_^
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Re: Palmistry
Post # 2
How interesting to read and look for myself the many lines of my hands! My left hand has a very thick Line of Fate, thicker a bit than my right hand. My hands' Life Lines lead long and shallow until they split apart, one leading thicker and slightly longer than the other split line, yet it too also ends shallow, small. I wonder if this has any reason behind it?

Blessed Be
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Re: Palmistry
Post # 3
Well the thicker fate line would most likely suggest that you path in life is well formed. A split in the lifeline near the bottom could come from a dual nature ( leading two lifestyles ) However in palmistry you must look at the whole picture. No one line can tell you everything. Think of your hands as a well written story of your life and the paths you are on :)
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Re: Palmistry
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
Be careful of anybody claiming that palmistry can tell the future; especially if they want paying! In the UK at least, it is a criminal offence to get payment for foretelling the future.
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Re: Palmistry
Post # 5
my life line on my right hand is very broken unlike my left hand.
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Re: Palmistry
Post # 6
a broken life line on one hand but not the other signifies an imbalance. I would suggest you take a good look at your current diet and lifestyle. It could possibly be a sign of health issues but not definitely. You have to look at everything
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Re: Palmistry
Post # 7
ya, i think i would agree with that haha. but it's probably half the issue.
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