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Dream Interpetation

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Dream Interpetation
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Dream Interpetation
Post # 1
I have had this one dream which keeps nagging at me, i cant stop thinking about it, every little detail to the feel of the gravel etc, so anyhelp in figuring it out would be great., thanks in advance x

it was in the medevial times i was in a tower place and ran outside to see a little rock tunnel (it waz covered by the ground but you could still get in it) all of a sudden in the distance i see a wolve as big as a bear, its running from a village far in the distance i start to run but dont i just try to get to the rock tunnel i look up and see the wolve it doesnt attack me it just stares i start to freak and i run to the tower i run up stairs in the tower and climb a laddar i look down through the windows and i see the wolve again but this time it walks past the window and trys to get in through the front door i run up the laddar and then my dream ended..

anyhelp would be appreciated thanks x
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Re: Dream Interpetation
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Before you read, keep in mind that interpretations and symbolism are highly personalized. What something means to most people may be different for you. That beings said, there are some general tendencies and I think I understand what's going on here.

You start out in your tower, which can represent security. It represents both the good and bad side of security, safety and imprisonment. You run outside to see a little rock tunnel. The tunnel represents transition, but hidden transition. Going from one place to another, but underground. Suddenly you see a wolf as big as a bear. The wolf represents something you fear. I don't know what it is, but it is represented by the wolf and therefore it is something that people have mixed feelings about. Some people think it is beautiful and noble, worthy of respect. Other people think it is vicious and terrifying. The wolf doesn't attack you, but you run from it. The wolf is also larger than it should be, representing your feeling of larger-than-life terror. Stairs and ladders both represent another type of transition, this one more strenuous. To run away from your fear you are taking many different paths but they don't go anywhere.

Basically, there's something in your life that is approaching you. It has something to do with the people in your life (the wolf came from the village). It scares you because it's bigger than it should be and you feel it might be a danger to you but you also find it interesting or beautiful anyway. You are afraid of it but you can't stop looking back at it. Your fear is trying to get in the front door, that means it is approaching you head-on. This isn't something hiding in the shadows. Your mind is divided on it, leaning toward panic.

Without more details that is as much as I can figure out. If you want, feel free to post or mail me more and I'll tell you what I think. I've done this a few times.
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Re: Dream Interpetation
Post # 3
All i can say is WOW
and thank you heaps, it just all seems to fit with things and stuff at the moment Thank you so much :) you have no idea how much you have helped me
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Re: Dream Interpetation
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
You are most welcome. Feel free to mail me with other questions if you have them.
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