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Pagan Daily Devotional

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Pagan Daily Devotional
Post # 1
I am going to jump right in and see where I land. Leaps of faith often free me from the mundane.

I am PaganStar. I have been a pagan for about 15 years. The last 10 have been far more active. I am a solitary 'ecclectic' pagan. It is the closest I can come to describing me and what I do.

Recently I have started work on a Pagan Daily Devotional. For myself as I can't find one, but also with a willingness to share it with others or even get it published. I am wondering if any of you would be interested in a devotional. No I am not selling it, just looking to see if there is interest.
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Re: Pagan Daily Devotional
Post # 2
It sounds interesting. I'd like to know more :)
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Re: Pagan Daily Devotional
Post # 3
I have a few pages that I can post. They are rough and centered on my own beliefs.
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Re: Pagan Daily Devotional
Post # 4
Day 1
The Moon is the representation of the Goddess. Its four phases coincide with the Four Aspects of the Goddess:
Maiden- new moon to first quarter
Mother – first quarter to full
Matriarch – full to second quarter
Crone – second quarter to new moon

Four aspects? Your puzzled expression gives voice to your confusion? “The Goddess only has 3 aspects” you protest as you debate the value of reading further. I beg you to let me explain.

Traditionally the Goddess has a triple aspect, maiden, mother and crone seen in the moon by the first quarter, full and second quarter phases. The new moon is typically attributed to her time of rest (or death). I feel this lacks an adequate structure for me. I am compelled to add the matriarch into the mix. Matriarch aspect comes between the Mother and the Crone. No longer of child bearing age, yet not the old Crone who has seen and done it all. The Matriarch is compassionate and sensual. She is not old and worn from life, looking toward the journey of rebirth. She is still full of life; her experiences are turning her knowledge to wisdom. She is the great teacher. Kind, patient, loving, forgiving and understanding. She is the aspect we call on for inspiration, for that nudge we need to get us out of the rut we are in, the one who can add a bit more oomph to our spell work.
And yet she is more than that as Matriarch. She is resolute, steadfast, and tough as nails when it comes to those who cause her pain. She is the backbone we call on when things are tough. The armor we don when we must fight. She is our strength when we have had a major setback. She understands us all and holds us to our potential. She asks the most of us and when we comply she rewards us the best. She is the crucible of knowledge and experience. She tests our abilities and we know her best when we can admit our own weaknesses and perceive our strengths.
Her journey from maiden to crone is the journey of every woman. We may not all walk through the same phases but we all follow behind her. She is our light on dark nights and our rhythm setter. She has achieved the age in which she is happy with all aspects of herself. Her happiness brings serenity that all women I know long for. Through her we may find it.

Day 2
Words. Powerful things. So much about them is misunderstood. We can’t learn without them. Many of us can’t go a day without using them. They are our main form of communication. Yet we often use them wrong. We use slang or a form of verbal shorthand, we don’t realize until we have a problem how many meanings a word can have to other people.
“The kids played hard today. I think the little one just passed out.”
“Oh my God! Did you take him to the emergency room?”
“You said he passed out! Take him to the emergency room something could be wrong!”
“Oh…no, he didn’t ‘pass out’ he fell asleep really fast.”
“You scared me.”
See? We do it everyday. In most cases the meaning is understood. Sometimes we get the wrong outcome and unless we continue to communicate with the other person one or both of us are left confused or upset.
It happens more and more as social networks expand. It is harder when one takes into account the amount of conversations happening through text messages. Vague statements on Face Book, Twitter, or MySpace can have many repercussions. How many times have you read a text and not had any idea what the other person is saying?
Yet we continue to do it. We know what we mean so we don’t think twice about what we say. The problem is we do the same with our spells and prayers. We get the words just the way we want them. They rhyme and everything. Than we speak them in spell or prayer and things start to happen. We get confused as the spell we cast comes out terribly wrong. We don’t understand what happened.
Later we look back and possibly realize we did something wrong. Most will look back and call it a ‘life lesson the universe felt I needed” and yet not understand the lesson. So they wait for the answer to be revealed. If they were to look closely at the words they used, they may find the lesson quicker. Unfortunately most are only setting themselves up to repeat that lesson again.

Need and want can not be interchanged in spells, nor should they ever be at anytime. Need indicates necessity, ‘I need food to survive’. Want is a desire, ‘I want cheesecake’. Try changing those two words in the sentences. The first one is wrong, the second sounds alright. Now try it with:
‘I need a place to live.’
‘I want a mansion.’
It gives a bit of a different meaning when you change them. No one needs a mansion to live in. That is a structure build solely on desire.

Words can start wars, divorce proceedings, criminal cases and many more forms of trouble. They can also be comfort to a loved one, bring peace, and change a person’s decision. They are powerful and lasting; you can’t take them back once they fly out of your mouth.
For today pay attention to how you use words. If you have the time, read over your spells, especially those you feel didn’t go as you planned. See if you could have a different outcome if you changed just a few words.
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No Subject
Post # 5
Hey man that was good i would like to heir/read the daly devotional. You can mail it or put in the forum
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Re: Pagan Daily Devotional
Post # 6
The Devotional is not finished. I am still writing it.

ps I am a woman. LOL.
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Re: Pagan Daily Devotional
Post # 7
you brought up some really interresting points. i never thought of the moon as four. and words are very powerful.
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No Subject
Post # 8
I am sorry about that i merly made a hasty chouse. However you broung up some thing that few ever think about
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Re: Pagan Daily Devotional
By: / Novice
Post # 9


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Re: Pagan Daily Devotional
By: / Novice
Post # 10


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