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once i awakened myself.

Forums ► Introduce Yourself ► once i awakened myself.
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once i awakened myself.
Post # 1
hello, to all my name is seth, most of my bio would be on my profile, and bare with me if you decide to read it, for it is very long.
im not quite sure if introduce yourself means, your abilaties, or if means who you are?
so i hope you dont mind, i will share a little about each.

i will begin with who i am and move on to what i know.

i am only yet 20 years old, but in my eye's im still a kid in our life cycle. i believe in just about anything, for when i look at it, if we humans are here, their is bound to be so much more. i have lived alone most of my life, but i believe that has made me stronger. and bare with me for i dont know many emotions, but i am willing to learn. i have felt hollow for a huge amount of my life, but im starting to feel some emotion.
i live with my brother jayz, who isnt my real brother, but has been accepted as a brother.

a lonley shadow that wounders upon the earth, only yet to find the true meaning of life.

that has been my favorite saying, and will more than likley forever be.

im not sure if their is anything else you would like to know about me, so feel free to send me a message if their is anything more you wuld like to know.

im not to skilled with magic, wich i refer to call energy.
i dont believe their is black magic and i dont believe their is wight magic, for we are all human here, and were all filled with sin and the holy spirit. thus meaning, we have both energys inside of us, it's the path you choose that brings what energy you use.
im not the best at casting spells yet, but i am willing to learn. i can do some simple spells, but evein still takes alot of energy to do.
im very fond of herbs and teas. i like to make medicines.
i have a huge conection with spirits, i can see them and if wanted talk to them.
my spirit guid, is hard for me to explain, it's a wolf, but then at times it will change from being a wolf to a human. it interests me though, and am learning more about him everyday.
i can see and feel auras, but not at all times. im still learning how to.
my best abbilaty is asteral projection.

if their is anymore you would like to know, that i may have not entered here, please feel free to leave me a message.

thank you, and blessed be.
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Re: once i awakened myself.
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Welcome to the site, Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. Plenty of people on this site wil be here to help you learn and answer questions that they can. We love people willing to share their experiences and knowledge on to others :)

Blessed Be Raven
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