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Forums ► Misc Topics ► Depression.

Post # 1
One in five of us are suffering from depression at any given time. It is one of the major plagues of our culture. I have suffered myself, and acted it out in various different ways.

Every depression is unique, yet axiomatic at the same time. Perhaps one of the most excruciating parts of it, is the hideous sense of utter isoltion. I do hope that answers to this post will help you realise that, although you feel you are, you are not alone.

Ultimately, I feel that depression is our life's way of saying we are doing something terribly wrong for it's well being, be that from the actions of ourselves or from others. It is a desperate message. I am not against the use of othodox treatments, but I do believe that they serve the purpose of giving us stabalisers, like on a child's bike, while we get to work on ourselves. They are for short term use in the majority of cases.

Of course, as concentration is next to impossible in depression, so is meditation. If you attempt to meditate, you may actually end up feeling worse about yourself, contributing to low self esteem and feelings of failure. So, instead try to do some relaxations practice. If nothing else, these sessions can work as a temporary reprieve from your illness. Depression does have pockets within it of extreme creativity. You may be able to do some of your best work at this time, so make the most of it.

I would suggest you read my series on chakras in the general forums. I wrote them from the point of view of psychological development. When you have a window of energy in your depression, (late at night is often a good time), try to get some thinking done about how you chakras are, and how your chakras are being, reflected in the state you have found yourself in. Ask yourself how you came to be in the place you are in now. A little bit at a time will end up with a solid foundation for regaining your health. Our energy when depressed is moving inefficiently, and some steady work will get it flowing again. Some grounding will also help with the fuzzy feeling.

It is so hard to motivate ourselves when depressed. Try to visualise yourself three months from now, in a positive place. Play make believe! Say out loud the words you wish you could say. There is some real wisdom in the phrase "if you can't make it, fake it".

There is a lovely exercise my sister taught me. You take a child's doll, (not from them while they're screaming lol). Now, you can dress it in such a way as it represents the part of you inside who is your inner child. Now, it is your job to love and cherish this child. Tell him/her how much you love them. Hold them close to your heart. Make them feel loved. Let them know they are unique and special, and that they have a right to be part of this universe.

Much of depression is a sense of disconnetion. When I was very depressed, I lived on the coast in England. The cliffs and rocks were violent and wild, the sea was stormy. I gained much comfort from spending times in these conditions. I possiby felt closer to nature then than I ever have. Choose a place that compliments what you are going through, and surely nature will take your hand.

I know many people here are in the practice of self harming. I have to say to you, that cutting is a coping mechanism. This therefore means that you re coping. That is all that needs to be said.

On a more practical note:

If you are suicidal, go and see a doctor immediately.

If not...herbs that can help: Hypericum, (available from health shops). If there is associated anxiety, you can start with chamomile, and move on to valerian if needed. Valerian can also help with associated sleep problems.

Citrine, Smokey Quartz, Carnelian, Hematite, Rhodonite, and Topaz can be carried about your person for their theraputic effets.

Food that are high in tryptophan (which stimulates serotonin in the brain) are bananas, oats, milk and sugar. So, an oaty cerial with milk, banans and sugar would be a good way to start the day.

It is hard to get motivated, but some exercise will help get your endorphines moving. Try something light like beginners yoga, or some gentle swimming. Pilates helps some people. If you can find a class, all the better, because it will help you to become a bit more sociable yet in a light hearted fashion.

Other things you can do: Create a realistic routine, and stick to it. Try to talk about how you are feeling to someone impartial. Create disciplined sleep. Don't set yourself unrealistic targets. Reward yourself when you achieve something, even if it seems silly. Do something creative, and something new, each day. It doesn't matter how small, it is bigger than it seems, because living with depression is like living with a sack of coal on your back.

When you feel you are moving a bit better, think back on how you got here in the first place. Your life is rebelling about something. Be honest with yourself about what is good and bad for your wellbeing.

Lastly, do make sure you cut out as many anti-life habits as you can, like junk food, alcohol, drugs etc. They don't help in the long term. Remember, you are really not alone and this is going to pass. I wish you the greatest of success, and I hope many people will add to this post and share the wisdom they drew from their own experinces. :)
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Re: Depression.
Post # 2
This is a very insightful post Zebrah =)
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Re: Depression.
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
very true ze
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Re: Depression.
Post # 4
I want those natural things not the drugs. Thanks for this
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Re: Depression.
Post # 5

Wonderful. Thank you for sharing this, Zebby. :)

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Re: Depression.
Post # 6

Fab, great post Zeb hon! Enjoyed reading it; very informatic.

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Re: Depression.
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
thanks zebrah in the nick of time i guess i was using the sugar remedy a bit much as i drink a pot of coffee a day and i always feel better of it and i eat oatmeal as well
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Re: Depression.
Post # 8
For me, tea with milk is a must
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Re: Depression.
By: / Beginner
Post # 9
Its a shame that somepeople cant deal with it aswell as some most.
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Re: Depression.
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 10

Depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the body. Sometimes the actual imbalance is hard to determine. Some people go through many different treatments before they find the right one. This can be very frustrating to get through the many weeks, months, and sometimes years before you have your symptoms of depression under control. The young have a much better chance of depression being a temporary illness. Those who have suffered from bouts of depression several times in their life or are older may have to be treated for depression the rest of their lives.

Many of the things that Zeb listed can help with depression. Keep in mind though that your treatment will be unique to you. Finding the right doctor for you is also a big part of the equation. You will need to talk with your doctor about your depression, any and all herbal supplements you take, as well as the other things you do to keep yourself healthy and your depression under control. Some might need prescription medication depending on the severity of their depression for a limited time, others might need them for the rest of their life. Either way one who suffers from depression needs to do the right thing for them.

I personally have suffered from depression since I was young. I had a chemical imbalance due to hormones when I was 12. I was treated for the hormone imbalance which in turn helped treat my depression. I my late teens I suffered again due to a chemical imbalance from my diet. I was treated and recovered. I have also suffered from postpartum depression, was treated and recovered. Depression is a part of my life but it certainly does not control it.

Things to keep your body chemicals in balance are your diet, exercise, supplements, and sometimes medications. Be sure to eat healthy for you because everyone's dietary needs are different, exercise and stay active as much as you can, take a multi vitamin and add any other supplements that work for you but be sure to talk with your doctor before you start them.

I currently take a Hypericum (Saint John's Wort) supplement along with a fish oil supplement to boost the chemical imbalance I suffer from. I take a multivitamin everyday and I also eat a low fat, low sodium, and low cholesterol diet. I practice Yoga and stay active with different things like bike riding, hiking, and other gross motor skill actives. I am sure to commune with the living things around me and thank them for being there. I also take a supplement that includes passion flower and valerian that works quickly stop feelings of anxiety when I have them.

Other ideas you might want to consider;

  1. Gardening, especially plants that mean a lot to you. (I even have a Saint John's wort mound growing on my property) If you can't plant outside try growing them in pots inside or on a porch
  2. Take on a project that you can do and finish it in a timely manor. Finishing things gives one a sense of accomplishment. Build a model car, do some needlepoint, paint a picture, clean out a closet, etc. Be sure to do fun and not so much fun projects. This way you can get chores that have to be done accomplished.
  3. Volunteer, become active in your community by taking some time to help others.

The most important thing one can do when suffering from depression is to accept what is happening and move forward into a state of living without the symptoms. There is no need to live thinking there is a monkey on your back trying to hold you down. Instead think of the symptoms of depression as a sign to change and improve your life.

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