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Post # 1
ive never meditated before and um i would like to what to do when meditating please reply thanks :)
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Re: Meditating
Post # 2
Before you meditate, you need to learn how to relax properly. This can be achieved by using yogic breathing exercises. Video tuition is available on the internet, on youtube :)
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Re: Meditating
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Welcome.
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Re: Meditating
Post # 4
Hello, if I may humbly suggest;
Are you trying to learn meditation for spell work? If so, one of the ways to do this is a combination of visualization and meditation, and it is an exercise to train your mind to hold a single thought that we want. If you wish, may I humbly suggest how to do this?
The whole purpose of meditation is to train your mind to focus, to control your mind from the "chattering monkey"(your brain with many thoughts) so, you clear your mind then, you can think of just your breathing and hum "AUM" for awhile. This is kind of boring so, as an ALTERNATIVE;
One can choose to train their mind in a variation of meditation, yes, clear your mind but much more in that you can hold only the one thought that you want, which is your desire, your intent, that you can charge up with your emotional energy, your wish, your spell. Then, when you think that you have enough of a "clear focused thought" from fully involving your mind as much as you possibly can(from mental training with visualization/meditation) then, you are ready to hold a thought with much emotional energy then, cast it out into the "universal supply."
What do I mean by a "clear focused thought?"
This means clearing your mind and having the intent or one thought that you want to charge up with your five senses and your emotional energy as well. You totally involve your mind in just one thought. In this exercise you will learn a combination of visualization and meditation to accomplish this state of focused mind control.

This basic exercise is holding "one serene scene" in your mind. For example; a placid lake scene, a waterfall scene, a riverside scene, a poolside scene, a beach scene. You can think of others later on, you seem to be a bright person. From any of these peaceful scenes, involve as many of your five(see, feel, hear, smell, taste) senses as is plausible in your "one serene scene."
Try to think of this one scene only for one minute, then two minutes, then three minutes up to five minutes if you want, and longer if you like. Again, this exercise is to train your mind to control your thoughts for another purpose. Or, just meditation in itself is rewarding enough to relieve stress.
Before you relax to meditate; know that you will always have full clarity of mind, you may be totally relaxed but, you will be fully aware of your environment. If a telephone rang, you would be able to quickly come out of your reverie and answer the phone or any minor circumstance that arises then, return to your meditation session. So, try to do this when you think that you will not be disturbed for about a half hour at the most. Do not become irritable if someone comes and disturbs your meditation session! This tends to change your mind from doing this anymore. So, let it be. Be kind.

Here is an example of one scene. A beach scene;
Sit in a comfortable chair or, lye down on your bed or elsewhere or sit in a lotus position, as in yoga style. Whatever. Just choose a position that relaxes you but, does not puts you to sleep.

Now relax, close your eyes and try to quiet your mind and clear your mind by this manner. So, focus on your breathing only and try to slow it down a little bit. If a thought comes into your mind, gently put it aside and state softly in your mind; "I'll get to you later, give me a break." After a few moments of this, then in a relaxed slow fashion, breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth. After a few moments of this to get used to this different kind of breathing, then;
IMAGINE - VISUALIZE in your mind, that you are at a secluded beach, you are sitting down in a chaise-lounge chair under the shade of palm trees gently swaying from a cooling sea breeze. Feel the sea breeze, smell the salty air, feel your self in total comfort enjoying this peaceful beach scene. Look at the light blue sky with some white cumulus clouds and some sea gulls swaying in the wind, dancing in the air and, swooping down to catch their fish to eat. Hear the sea gulls chattering far away, and you welcome these sounds as part of this peaceful beach scene. Now, look at the waves from the azure blue sea gently rolling in, undulating, coming in and out and wetting the sand. Hear these calming waves synchronize with the sea gull sounds like the sound of a beach orchestra, nature's opus. By your side there is a table and you have a cold drink and you take a sip. Be careful not to get "brain freeze!"
You see how many senses are involved in this one serene scene? And, you were totally safe from harm, with no excitement to get your mind off-track. You fully controlled your mind to only focus on what you wanted, just one thought. And, nothing else mattered momentarily. This is true visualization/meditation. This is when you know you are good at it. You don't need to be a master at meditation, unless you want to be a Tibetan Monk or something like that along those lines. All you want is to control your mind to only have one focused thought with as much involvement of your mind as possible. Later on, try a single thought and inject as much emotional energy as you possibly can and also involve as many of your senses as you possibly can as well. What kind of thought to inject emotional energy? Use your imagination. Your spell-work will need this. OK, something easy, try thinking of a $100.00 bill that you clearly have in your hand, close your eyes and imagine you have a $100.00 bill in your hand and you are able to attract them or, they are coming to you or, imagine a car, etc...,
I hope this helps. Blessed Be.
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