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Starting out

Forums ► Astral Projection ► Starting out
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Starting out
Post # 1
Alright for astral travel, it is a rather simple but complex process. There are a few things that I want to address before actually going on into the article.

Before we can astral project, we must first be wanting to go to the astral. What I mean with this is actually having a desire to go and being without fear of going. There are so many that run into the problem that when they want to astral project, they have a fear of something happening there. It could be a less prominent fear and the person many not really even realize that they have it until it is directly encountered.

Back to the desire thing, astral projection is something that you want to happen and it will do what you want it to do. Lets say that you are doing it just to be doing it. That would in turn be far harder to reach the astral rather than from someone who passionate about reaching the astral level for spiritual purposes.

Now, to reach the astral, we must be completely relaxed and I have a method that I use and you can try as well to reach it.

The method:
1.) 10-30 deep even breaths
2.) As you breath in feel yourself take in positive energy and as you breath out exhale the negative.
3.) Start with your toes and work your way through you entire body telling yourself to relax (Do not skip a body part no matter how awkward it may be.)

The method is just as simple as that. It is rather interesting to see that the more simple that it is, the better that it works. You can also try it with not only astral work but also with your meditations and such.

I know I didn't tell you how to actually enter the astral here but more of how to relax and prepare for the astral. But that is indeed where we must all start from. Consider it the baby steps of learning how to play an instrument.
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Re: Starting out
Post # 2
This is the same method my councellor taught me for self hypnosis. It is very informative. Might I add that it sometimes helps to invision a peacefull light ( I preffer blue ) travelling up your body as you relax it. Sometimes this helps people to relax there muscles better.
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Re: Starting out
Post # 3
Your guide on astral projection is very good it makes it easy for beginners to understand :)
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Re: Starting out
Post # 4
I do the Astral Projection and ; I used the breathing technique and it took months to get it right and when I did my first conscious Astral Projection I was ecstatic.
When I started out, I just fell asleep and didn't even get an OBE then and I kept trying and then I got visions but no Astral Projection. Then one day, expecting to get visions, I left my body and went right to my favorite place in the house, my computer. I could see it, I could hear things, but I couldn't touch it, I couldn't move the mouse or strike a key. Then I remembered that I was on the other side of the house in my easy chair in the American Couch Potato position. Then in a rush, I was back in the living room and I opened my eyes and my first experience in the Astral was born. Things got easier since then.
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