Basic Chakras: Part Five.

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Basic Chakras: Part Five.
Post # 1
Here we arrive at chakra number five. The throat. It is easy to spot a person with a throat chakra problem, as it will manifest in their speech. Someone who mumbles, and clears their throat compulsively, or has any difficulty in speaking is likely to have an underactive chakra. Opposingly, the one who speaks non-stop at high volume, with agressive tones and a sense of pressure, is the one likely to have an overactive chakra. Some people swing from one to the other.

Developmentally, this chakra corresponds with late adolescence. If you are underactive, take a look at these years. Perhaps you lost someone, or an oppurtunity, that you now need to acknowledge. Maybe there was a part of you that never had a chance to be experessed, a creative talent perhaps, or your views. It is never too late. If it is overactive, then it is possible that you didn't feel heard, and that now you are compensating. Either way, the work can be done now. Contemplation will reveal the key.

Throat chakra is about communication, and truth. Lying will hold you back. Underactive people literally need to find their voice, instead of repressing their truth inside. It can be that such people avoid change. Overactive people can appear domineering and self righteous, these are people who can be evangelical. The apparent confidence can be hiding a painful shyness. Both require a look at the relationship with the self, and the need to feel heard. (Nothing wrong with that).

So, really we are looking at expressing ourselves. At this developmental age it is time to take charge of our own lives, and responding to our 'calling'. To move on in life it is vital that we can communicate and express ourselves, in order that we are true participants. Even in the Bible it says "In the beginning was the Word".

How the throat chakra grows, is dependant on how we responded to our choices in late adolescence. Whether we were honest with ourselves, and asserted our truth, or were led by those who claimed they knew better, supressing our true natures. Or, a balance of both.

Meditative questions - "How do I communicate with the world? How does the world communicate with me?"

I am a big fan of singing, talking and chanting for this chakra. Come to truly love the sound of your own voice! Speak like you mean it! If you are nervous, take some privacy. I would really recommend chanting (as described in my post "Lotus Sutra"). Under or over active, the therapy is the same. That is, find your voice, find your truth :)

Lavender quietens, patchouli stimulates. Gemstones, - Lapis lazuli, turqoise, sapphire.

~ Zebrah
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