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what not to ask

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what not to ask
By: / Novice
Post # 1

This is a list of things NOT to ask. Do NOT attempt any of this and do NOT take it to heart. this is just simply showing what not to ask. IF you DO ask, Kara will more than likely say something like these:

material 1: how to be a vampire!

buy some fake teeth! put them in! make your friend play dead! put fake punture wounds! put fake blood on the teeth! there you go your guide to instant fluff! BE SURE TO TAKE A PICTURE!

material 2 : how to make a fireball!

wad up a piece of paper, light it on fire, and throw it at someone! make sure to take video to become instant fluff!

material 3 : how to fly!

Jump off your roof! flap your arms! land on the concrete ground below you! the neighbors hear the splat and your acheivment of flying for 5 seconds is now known! (dont try this, it could REALLY hurt)

material 4 : how to be a mermaid!

take the tail off of a shark and make it hollow, put it over your legs and hop into water! then your a mermaid! (do not attempt, you may not be able to swim that way)

material 5:how to make someone fall in love with you!

take yourself, and apply gallons of make-up, run 50 laps around a football field to loose weight, brush your teeth, and actually brush your hair! then go talk to the guy instead of being here! (YOU ARENT REALLY UGLY, THIS ONE IS NOT MENT TO BE OFFENDING)

material 6 : how to be a demon!

buy horns on holloween, buy tail, put them on, paint yourself red, and there you go

material 7 : how to be a werewolf!

buy wiggs nonstop, glue them all over your body, get colored contacts, congradulations your a werewolf

material 8 : how to be harry potter!

buy glasses, paint a scar, get a tree branch, wave it around and say ''im a fluff!' '

material 9 : how to move an object with your mind!

tie a string around it, sit across the room, and pull the string, then say "look mom no hands!"

material 10 : how to be a faerie!

buy wings or cut them out of card board, atach them to you back, climb on something and jump off, screaming "im a reall flufffff!" then the neighbors come over and congradulations they discovered a fairy (i bet you look cuuuute)

material 11 :how to be a witch in 5 days

day1:buy a broom day2: paint yourself green day3: wear all black day4:eat an apple day5:admit your a fluff

material 12 : how to create a familiar

needle, thread, furry fabric, sew it into a shape of and animal and glue googly eyes on, bam you have a familiar

material 13 : how to hypnotize yourself

hold a pocket watch over your eyes til your soooo tired you fall asleep

material 14 : how to get your chores down with a wave of your hand

pick up everything in one hand, and throw it, bam its all on the other side of the room

material 15 : how to read minds

ask the person next to you what they are thinking, then tell someone else what they said

material 16: how to become invisiable!

throw a dark blanket over you, turn off all the lights, wait til dark, bam where did you go

material 17 : how to levitate:

hold on to a tree branch that makes you a few inches off the ground, wee your


material 18 :how to time travel!

draw a watch on your wrist, then look at it hours later

material 19 :how to summon fairy:

put wings on, draw a circle in dirt, dance around the circle, then go look in

the mirror and youll see a fairy!

material 20 : how to summon a troll,

chant ''i am the fluff, please show me a troll'' over and over then look in a


material 21 : how to be a dinosaur

wear barneys coustume, walk around town

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