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Forums ► General Info ► Scanning
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By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Scanning is the method of finding out something about a person through his/her sura/ energy signature, everyone and everything in the world has a unique energy signature which can be used to identify the/thing it belongs to.
To scan a person you have to form a link with them, to do this, relax and feel the energy surrounding you, move it around a bit and get comfortable, then when you are feeling comfortable enough, send out your energy to the aura of the person who you want to scan and visualize it forming a rope of energy, when you do it right you will get a feeling, i cant explain the feeling, to me its like a pulling sensation all over my body. Once you have formed the link, just look for the information you want to know about the person, it will take some time at first but after a while you will be able to scan people in just a few minutes.
Scanning can be done only when the person you are scanning allows it or if the person doesnt sense the link, it is easy for a person to remove the link if he/she senses it. Scanning can be used to learn about the spiritual energy of a person, also if the person has a energy block or some illness, it can also be used to find out something the person has suppressed or forgotten or even a dream they had.
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Re: Scanning
Post # 2

That's right, everyone reads and senses energy in a different so it's difficult to find information explaining what different things look and feel like. When scanning you'll probably see colors, and accented characteristics of the person's body that you're scanning.

People use scanning for different things. I've scanned over a few of my members to help them pinpoint places or chakras they need to work on with their practice and meditation. You can also use scanning to help with readings for tarot and oracle cards.

Creating links with energy is usually a simple process. Just start out by locating the person you're scanning, a quick projection can be good for this. Use that path you "cleared" as a simple way to get your energy through. You can imagine a thread or rope of glowing energy, could be white to symbolize neutrality because you want to scan them with an open mind. Let it ease in there because you want to aditate the person you're scanning as little as possible. Any kind of energy can affect a person so be gentle. Once you have that link in there nice and solid relax and explore their energy. You can chose to go through the aura, or any of the chakras, etc... Scanning is easy once you're used to relaxing but staying focused.

Great post, Darkdream, I don't think I've seen one on scanning in the public forums yet. ^_^

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Re: Scanning
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Thank you. I liked your dream protection spell, it helped me a lot.
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Re: Scanning
Post # 4

That was very imformative and I appriciated it. It's a rather unknown topic.

When you link with someone it can be a wonderful experience and you can gain a better understanding of said person through it. And like you said, it can be used to help the other person rather than just intrude upon them.

Thanks for writing about it.

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