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All Newbies read! :)

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All Newbies read! :)
Post # 1
Two main reasons people come to magick is either:
(1) They want to become a vampire
(2) They want to be a mermaid.

These are quiet impossible and i would like to shed some light on the subject's.

The First Vampire Story was Dracula, although some beliefs stretch before 1897 this was the first published works. Now At this time people believed them as complete myth (Like pokemon and unicorns) But then (for some reason) people started digging up graves and noticed hair and finger nail's had grown, this led them to the belief that people where living after death. (No we know that this was caused by moister leaving the body caused the skin to tighten and give the illusion of hair and nail growth.

Now people got more aggressive, people with darker trates and appearances were locked up and tested on (of coarse these were ancient times and these "Test's were usually some form of torture).

Of coarse the myth was stretched into catholic beliefs and That's where The theories of Holy water and cross's would kill such a being came from.

Vampires were creatures that drunk blood to survive said in a story, not anything to believe in, just an old book and awful common sense, not a thing you can become.

A disorder of the mind called vmhd (Vampirism mental health disorder) is a disorder of the mind (usually a extreme case of paranoia) Where someone either believes:
1) Someone is stealing there blood and they need to drink others to survive.
or 2) Something is living inside drinking there blood and they need somebody else's.
This disorder is quiet uncommon and generally discovered early one, before someone is hurt.

The term vampire is often used to refer to someone who takes something from someone in order to survive, so naturally psy-vampire is a term for someone who takes (often subconsciously) psy-energy from one in order to survive.

Please stop asking to become a vampire, it was a story that got out of hand, ignore people who claim to be a vampire and spells that say that they will make you one, it will not work.

The first known mermaid stories appeared in Assyria, ca. 1000 BC. The goddess Atargatis, mother of Assyrian queen Semiramis, loved a mortal shepherd and unintentionally killed him. Ashamed, she jumped into a lake to take the form of a fish, but the waters would not conceal her divine beauty. Thereafter, she took the form of a mermaid—human above the waist, fish below—though the earliest representations of Atargatis showed her as a fish with a human head and legs, similar to the Babylonian Ea. The Greeks recognized Atargatis under the name Derketo. Prior to 546 BC, the Milesian philosopher Anaximander proposed that mankind had sprung from an aquatic species of animal. He thought that humans, with their extended infancy, could not have survived otherwise.

There have been other stories, my favorite is an old irish one (being irish i would know) It's called the seven stones of Sligo

The story goes: A Prince was struggling to find love before he became a king so he looked out to sea to try find his answer.
One day he saw a beautiful woman on the coast of sligo, singing and brushing her hair. Every day he went back to watch her. One day she sung a song that he could not understand the words of, but it was an alluring song so he decided to go closer to her, he went to her and she was frightened, she tried to run but she looked very unversed with her legs, and could only walk, so he asked her, why she sung everyday, She replied "I sing to the the ocean". A bit of water then hit her legs and she turned into a mermaid, she explained who and what she was and how lonely she was, he then proposed on the spot and she never Touched water until 10 years later. 10 years later the king brought his youngest son (3) to a far away forest, it started pouring rain, and lighting struck a nearby tree and under it was a long scale.
He knew that his wife would have to return to the water so he went to tell her. She said "If i don't return to the ocean i will die, i must go back" So she brought all her 7 children to the shore of Sligo, one by one she kissed them, one by one the each turned to stone, she then returned to the water, and her husband died of a broken heart.

Sorry that's my favorite story ever :D anyway being a mermaid is impossible by mere Nature alone, and anyone who claims to be a mermaid, ignore them, A spell that says it will turn you into a mermaid, ignore it.

(sorry i had more on vampires, there was just more sources :D

Wikipedia and my own collective knowledge :D
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Re: All Newbies read! :)
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Great post TheDarkSun :D it's good that people on this site are starting to say that enough is enough. I agree that it is about time that people are told what magick CAN do. As becoming a vampire certainly isn't one of them.
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Re: All Newbies read! :)
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Are Romanian and Greek old legends and superstitions expecially in the country side in Romania.Strigoi in Romanesc.
More than watching Twilight do your research about Vampires superstitions ask to Romanian Antropology professor about it.
Is it possible to became a smurf :) ?
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Re: All Newbies read! :)
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
i like vamps and mermaids but not the nice fairy tail ones, i dont think i would like to be one of those ;)
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Re: All Newbies read! :)
Post # 5

Mermaids...yes, fantasy.

Vampires: I am currently taking no set opinion, but have reason to believe they exist, just not like you would expect. For all of you skeptics, check out this website:

www.vampireswebsite.net .

Remember that you may have to delete a space from the address.


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Re: All Newbies read! :)
Post # 6
Ahh yes i saw that website before, and well yes we all have hidden opinions, i believe they are real, on the astral, just there is no proof to show us they have manifested on the psychical.
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Re: All Newbies read! :)
Post # 7
I would like to add something to the Mermaid part. Some belive that Mermaids are the Water Elementals. I believe they are and I belive they are the water Spirits. The ones who look over and protect our Oceans,Lakes,and Rivers. I belive that if you gain there trust they may repay by either protecting you why`ll you are in or near the Oceans or Lakes, or they appear to you in whatever form you imagine them as. Which for some will probally be your modern image of a mermaid. They may also grant you both sight of them and protection if you gain enough trust and in some words are there human friend.
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Re: All Newbies read! :)
Post # 8
SonofNature that is an interesting point, i never herd of mermaids as water spirits, but it still relates to my post that you can't become one.
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Re: All Newbies read! :)
Post # 9

That is an interesting point, but Undines are the elementals for water. Now, there is reason to believe that undines might be mermaids.

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Re: All Newbies read! :)
Post # 10
how come maybe mermaids can be real but not vampires doesn't anyone know that there are shadows in this world anything can be possible why most people be so blind.
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