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Teach, don't bite

Forums ► Comments ► Teach, don't bite
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Teach, don't bite
By: / Novice
Post # 1
I would just like to state (this has probably been said before) that most people come here to learn, even those who are presumed "fluffy". Most of the time we bark at people for asking "can I become a vampire?" and we yell at them and assume they are ignorant fluffs for asking a simple question, and when a simple "no" would suffice. They won't learn that they can't transform, open a portal, etc., until we tell them that, and nothing makes you feel more stupid than someone yelling at you for asking a "stupid" question. We shouldn't assume that they are ignorant and fluffy until they refuse to learn that they can't transform etc. When most people see this site, and the phrase "real magic spells" a whole new world opens up, and most do the common thing, want to learn the impossible. There is nothing wrong with this, unless (like I said earlier) they refuse to learn. By scolding people for asking a fluffy question, we may be scaring away new amazing magick practitioners. So next time you see a question like, "can I become a werewolf", just say "sorry, but I have to say no".

So in a nutshell: teach, don't bite.

Re: Teach, don't bite
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Sorry about some grammatical errors, I'm pretty tired and I don't want to rewrite my post :P

Re: Teach, don't bite
Post # 3
Seeing the bigger picture than others. I like you already...

I agree with you. They're not going to learn if we don't teach them. Some people on here seem to forget that very important fact. Teach not... "bite"! I'm rather liking that saying. While the people on here say that you cannot shapeshift, or transform into an undead bat or whatever the current trend is, and move on to the next question. I am the one who mail's them and tell them that it is impossible and direct's them to the right way towards their path of magick.

Re: Teach, don't bite
Post # 4
Many people answer those same questions many times in a day so forgive them if they get a bit short. As for "biting", I havent noticed this much if at all in the public chatter, maybe it is more common in the forums. The issue stems from when the new person tries to tell the teachers of the site that they are wrong and when the new people refuse to see logic. Its hard to teach one that refuses to learn, and at that point they have become little more than fluff.

Re: Teach, don't bite
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Aqua summed it all up in a nut shell... But you do have a very valid point Spirit.

Unfortunately, we are but human. And I know at least my very human patience gets frayed rather quickly both by people who refuse... well, refuse to learn.

As was suggested these questions arise over, and over, and over... And I usually try to be polite about it every time. Try, but don't always succeed. After initial civility however, if there is need to reiterate the point, I am usually just so exhausted by the various unsupported arguments that I get snippy.

Thank you for calling my attention to this, and reminding me to seek humility in working with others.

Re: Teach, don't bite
Post # 6
I bite often enough, and I feel justified when I do. Here's why. Someone asks the "stupid" question (vamp, werewolf, wings, etc) and several of us tell them "no, you can't". Unfortunately, they go on and on about why they know they can and how we're being "mean".

I agree that a simple NO would suffice, if the "fluffy" asking the "stupid" question would/could accept that answer.

It's a two way street.

Re: Teach, don't bite
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
I have to agree with Stoney here. It's rarely as simple as "Oh, ok thank you for letting me know I can't do that". Most of the time, there is internet crying about it, anger that we had the nerve to say it wasn't real, they get silent and come back about an hour later to ask a whole new group of people in hopes to get a different answer, or the fail safe "Anything is possible".

I don't change my tone for anyone but myself and I don't plan to alter that any time soon. Those who are serious in wanting to learn tend to give signs and glimpses of hope to the rest of us, and they are received in a much kinder manner.

I highly doubt that a person who was potentially a "new amazing magick practitioner" will shy away all because someone got snippy with them.

Some people are meant for a path that includes magick, some people are not.

Re: Teach, don't bite
Post # 8
There is also a difficult obstacle to overcome. Who on this website is arrogant enough to think that they know everything about magic? I agree that, to my knowledge, turning into a werewolf or a vampire is not possible, but I am not as arrogant as some to say flat out that I know it is not possible. Just because those of us who have been practicing for years don't know how to do something doesn't mean it can't be done. How are we to learn more about magic without trying what is thought to be impossible to learn a way that it can be possible? What is the purpose of being a practitioner of the craft if we stick to the same old spells and rituals and never try to expand into the realm of the unknown?
I can't shapeshift, turn into a mythical creature, make fireballs or lightning, fly, stop time, or teleport. To my knowledge, none of that is possible. Then again, that is to my knowledge. If someone could do that, I doubt very highly they would be on this website, because why would someone who has that much control over magic even bother with the close-minded and fantasy role-playing people so abudant on this site?

I agree with the original post of this thread, but I feel that it should be expanded to inform those who are "knowledgable" that they need to watch their words unless they intend to stop anyone from ever trying something new and thus put a stop to expanding magic.

Re: Teach, don't bite
Post # 9
Well said Wolftrest :) Most of the older more experienced population on this site are too stuck in their ways!! Not looking on the possibility of trying newer ways of doing things, we are evolving and so is magic, personally I don't think I can shapeshift turn into a mythical creature etc.. one man's reality is not that of another's and there are some huge ego's on here who think they know it all!! Welcome back Wolftrest :) been gone to long my friend !!

Re: Teach, don't bite
By: / Beginner
Post # 10
It's very easy to say it's not possible or even probable, wolf. Do people honestly think they are the first to ever come up with the idea to transform into something else? Clearly not since Hollywood has had that coined for decades. In all that time, how many mermaids do you see drying themselves on the beach and walking away? How many werewolves do you see slaughtering people during full moons and waking up naked in the woods the next day? A whole lot of none. Gee....I wonder why.

It's not a matter of sticking to "the same old spells and rituals". You'd be surprised to learn that a good many people do not use spells or rituals all that regularly. Magick, to a vast majority of us isn't about seeking out cool new techniques to show our friends at slumber parties. It's about growing spiritually, strengthening our connection with what ever divine source, learning what we can about ourselves-our roots-our purpose.

As I've said in another post, it tends to be the much younger generation who hold onto these fantasy based ideas, which they tend to get from movies and shows.

If people want to waste their time and effort attempting to grow a fire ball in their hand and throw it, turn into this that or the other thing, Have fun! When you accomplish it, post it for the world to see because I will gladly eat crow and admit I am wrong about the possibility of it. Until that day, I stand firm in saying "Not possible".

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