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How to reward a dragon?

Forums ► Misc Topics ► How to reward a dragon?

How to reward a dragon?
Post # 1
In my magickal workings, I have frequently been visited by a dragon. Not in physical form of course but sometimes I will see him in my fire or in the shape of trees or clouds. We have had conversations and he has told me his name.

Last night we were having a terrible hailstorm and were worried about our cars. I was concentrating as hard as I could to create a protective bubble around them but was starting to feel drained. All of a sudden, completely unbidden, I see him in my minds eye landing between the cars and spreading his wings over them and giving me an "I've got this" look.

I would like to leave an offering for him in thanks for his help but I'm not really sure how to reward a dragon. Any thoughts?
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Re: How to reward a dragon?
Post # 2
To be honest im not very familar with dragon magick so my answer will be quite generalized. From my finding many people end up putting so much thought into a protector that they literally create it on the astral level. Essentially all this protector is, is a condensed form of energy in the shape that would be comforting to whatever it is protecting. For instance, you see dragons, and christians may see angels. Anyway, this being requires no special offering. You still being there for its company should be thanks enough.
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Re: How to reward a dragon?
Post # 3
Thanks for your input but I've never been particularly obsessed with dragons or anything like that so I don't know why my mind would have created one. It just started with me seeing certain shapes more and more often. I do get the sense from him that a reward isn't required, but as with humans that help me, this makes me want to reward him even more.
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Re: How to reward a dragon?
Post # 4
Give it a bone?

I agree with NiteShade,
You do not have to give him any physical reward. I suggest you just praise him once and a while and give him thanks with the many things that he has helped you with.
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Re: How to reward a dragon?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
In dealings with any such entity, civility and courtesy will usually go far enough. If you ask them to perform a task for you, be open to the answer "no." Otherwise there are traditional offerings that might be given - bread, wine, oil, perfumes, incense, etc. Each entity tends to have its own tastes.
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Re: How to reward a dragon?
By: / Novice
Post # 6
I disagree with Nite on the sole principal that they don't need you or your company. They choose to help you. Just as they choose to, they can choose to walk away and never return if that's what pleases them.

You don't have to give an offering. Something as simple as acknowledging the kindness they have shown you is honestly enough for them.
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Re: How to reward a dragon?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
Dragons and magick have gone hand in hand throughout the ages. It's not just for fairy tales. My belief on dragons is that they were the last of the dinosaurs. When people found bones of a dinosaur, it was a dragon. Even today there are still creatures that can be considered small dragons. And we can't forget the crocodile. In no way do we know the intelligence of these creatures of the past because all we have are fossils. We don't even know what their exterior truly looked like because we only have bones.

As someone else here stated in another post, when we have a certain definition of what a creature should look like, we tend to unconsciously see the being this way. Sometimes we are open minded enough to see the true form. Sometimes our minds can't even comprehend the true form. When we see a painting of an apple, our minds say, "that's an apple", but is it truly? No! It is a picture, you cannot eat it. Its paint that "resembles" an apple. So in the same way when we see a being that matches an angel, dragon, demon etc, our brain quickly puts two and two together without giving us the ability to say otherwise.

Do I believe in dragons? Most certainly. I can see their remains in museums around the world. =)

The spirits of these beings are considered to be quite intelligent. If I can communicate with an animal guide, I can't say anything against you communicating with a dragon.

If he has told you his name why don't you ask him if there is anything he wants in return? That's what I would do. Usually such bonds are created before your present life, and there is probably a friendship you do not recall. If you practice astral projection, I'm sure you won't lack a ride! For all you know you've already done more for him than he has ever done for you, and he feels he owes you. There is also a possibilty that all he wants is your friendship or that he is a sort of guide/guardian.
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Re: How to reward a dragon?
By: / Beginner
Post # 8
give him some simple offerings. make a altar that is linked directly to him. i wish i had a companian dragon. he just might be your spirit familar.
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Re: How to reward a drago
Post # 9
A bit off topic, but this is with reference to nite's comment about christians seeing angels...

Puh-lease...angels, winged and the ones without wings, are not just divinities in christianity, judaism and islam.

Angelogy, as we know it today, goes back in time, even before the first monotheist structured religion of the world came into being, albeit under different names.

Were they worshipped as Gods and Goddesses by ancient polytheists and reduced to divinities when monotheism became popular? Or were they always divinities? Theories are a plenty.

But the fact they havent originated from the "pop" religions is confirmed.

Please take a look at the art and architecture of egyptians, persians, medians and other ancient civilizations, for further understanding of what i'm trying to say.
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Re: How to reward a dragon?
Post # 10
You may want to re read what i wrote. I made a reference to christians seeing angels because thats what they identify guardians with. Nowhere did i say they are the only ones who may see them and in no way did i say thats where angel myths originated. I do not appreciate people putting words in my mouth.
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