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I'm in love with an angel

Forums ► Misc Topics ► I'm in love with an angel

I'm in love with an angel
Post # 1
I have a guardian angel who's helped my my whole life. I googled her and found out that she's a powerful archangel. which makes sense, because she's been able to interfere with my life in ways normal angels could not. she has helped me when I needed it the most, she saved me from the brink of death, and she comforts me when I need it. I've always been grateful of her, but now I think I've fallen in love with her. I want to ask her to be my wife, but I'm not an archangel like her would love a human. I really need some advice on what to do.
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Re: I'm in love with an angel
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
First of all, if this has any credibility, such things shouldn't be discussed on the internet.

Secondly, humoring the idea, you cannot marry a spirit. They are spiritual and you are physical. End of story.

Why are you "falling in love" with a spirit? How can you even.

And I'm sure this "angel' does NOT have mutual feelings. Guardians look after us like we are children. They have no romantic feelings for us because when you die, you're likely to be nothing like you are spiritually. Our physical dna, plus nature vs nurture, is what shapes our personalities. So my advice is to move on, let this "angel" do their work, and find a nice physical girl to fall in love with.
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Re: I'm in love with an angel
Post # 3
This made me rofl. But yes, white raven pretty much covered it.
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Re: I'm in love with an angel
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Hmm. Psyhologist.
I mean.
The dude for crazy people.
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Re: I'm in love with an angel
Post # 5
ok first of all, i dont mean to be rude but it aint gonna happen. your angel is only your gardian and the only feelings she has for you are motherly feelings. she cares for you and keeps you safe just as a mother would to her child. so in that sense falling in love with her is pretty much a spiritual version of inbreeding. your, in theory, in love with your own mother which is just not right. also just like real inbreeding, it is against pretty much all ethics an morals. you will end up with a handful of problems. also, you technically cant get legally engaged to a spirit as in a liberal sense, spirits dont exhst in society. therefore if you were able to marry a spirit, than you can marry a bannana for goodness sake. also say that you do marry your gardian angel but then you finally come to your senes and find a real girl to marry. your gardian angel will get jealouse bc of you cheating on her and she will file a divorce. once thats happened, she has no care for you and she just stops protecting you. without her you are in danger of your life!!!

so all in all, snap out of this puppy love because its never gonna happen!!!
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Re: I'm in love with an angel
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6
John Smith, you do seem to have a lot of faith in your "guru".
Are you and babaa-who-is-it the same person?
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Re: I'm in love with an angel
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
I know after i say this I am going to get gutted but here we go!

It is common to fall in Love with any spiritual being, and it is widely common for them to be in love with you, for they cover whom ever they love. This kind of love has a name, and it is called "WORSHIP". True Worship is the giving you whole self to another. If you truly desire to give your whole self to such a spirit; this type of devotion is most honorable. and because you have grown together to that you learn each other, respect and then enjoy each other it worth to be married to. who want to marry a stranger? you both will have lifetimes together. It is only odd to those who has never truly worshiped before, and those who don't know that love unite spirits.

I want to remind you, though currently you both are in two different planes of existence, yes, you are a spiritual being but you in this human body for a human experience, so maybe after you fulfilled your purpose here you can be with her after this life. It depends on what your spiritual faith is, and the process it takes to get the realm where she resides. If she loves you she will provide you with the path to go, and if you love her you will follow with wisdom.

I don't know how you communicate with her but i assume through meditation when she is not interfering with your life. through astral projection you may be able to commune with her and experience astral life times together at the moment.

If this is a relationship that is real, don't let anyone tell you different live your life in the respect of her, consult with her. there is no such thing as spiritual incest as spiritual beings we are all equal just different experiences.

I have yet to find a spiritual being besides my own spiritual self worth my full worship and devotion such as you have with that angel. with that said, I bestow Eternal Blessings toward you, and the Blessings of a Magical Life.
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Re: I'm in love with an angel
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
Touche! Well played, Forte.

I can't argue. The greek myths are full of such stories. It's not a "wild idea".

But! This is not common, nor do we know if the guardian has similar feelings. Most guides/guardians are very professional. So let's not give the guy too much hope.
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Re: I'm in love with an angel
Post # 9
Hmm... sounds like me, I have feelings of love from my spirit guides/friends as well, and I know, 100% that they have the same feelings for me (haha, constant communication with them through meditation or when I have nothing to do is important at times like this).

Let me tell you this though... Soul, Spirit, etc, all of it has emotions, it's impossible that an Ethereal Being would have no emotions, for that is what makes us a person in the first place...

My theory is, the Neurotransmitters in our brain that are... let's say responsible for emotions, are running because of the soul... the source of emotions, that's my theory.

Now regarding it, I also know for sure that, like humans, if you are nice to them, they are nice to you, if you love them (in whatever kind of way) they love you too the same way, for me, it's ok to have a relationship with a spiritual being, besides, they should never be classified as mindless/emotionless guardians
, they have to be treated like a human body guard, that has emotions and a mind and doesn't just do his/her duty and then to hell with it after you die.

So... don't lose hope, actually, I have to urge you to read Robert Bruce's Astral Dynamics book (or download it if you have to), then after learning Astral Projection, become adept at it, then go into the Astral Plane, meet your Guardian Angel there, and proclaim your feelings to her (though I know that she might already know it).

It actually doesn't matter if she is an archangel or not, true love can transcend: blood relations, religion, social status and other walks of life, kind of like how a King can fall in love with a peasant etc etc.

Now regarding "marrying" her, I dunno if that kind of custom is done in the Astral Plane, in the Physical Plane yes, marriage is just a concept created by the ancient, old fart people, nothing more, and I highly believe that if such concept exist on the Astral/Spiritual level/plane, it would play absolutely minimum to no value at all, marriage is just a way of legalizing both couple to have a legitimate child in this Physical Plane we live in, but in the Astral Plane, where the concept of polygamy, over-population and sexually transmitted diseases is all but ignored and doesn't even exists... go figure.

In the end, these Physical Vessels we have are just part of the Biogenetic Experiment program by the Sumerian gods, in other words, a TOOL, but a special and sentient tool at that (tool for our souls), what matters the most is you love someone both in physical level (if available) and at soul level, for the soul is our original form, the real us.

For the mean time, while studying Astral Projection... well... I really don't like to talk about this here but... love is Chemistry and Sex is Physics am I right? Lust and Love are just the different sides of the same coin... and that being said, if you want to, go and read Donald Tyson's Sexual Alchemy Magical Intercourse with Spirits.

But... I for one wouldn't resort to such half-hearted act, so yeah, become adept at Astral Projection and do whatever you want to do.

Now for the other one, regarding "falling in love with your mother", like I've said, this is purely Astral, the love you're experiencing to her is at Astral Level, not in the Physical level, where one's love is bounded by morals and laws created only by ancient people, and that is for example, falling in love with your own mother, yes, that is nothing but a concept and law in this Physical Plane, and that concept doesn't even exists in the Astral Plane, so you're still safe.

Ever heard of deities marrying and having a child with their own parents?

Now regarding the Jealousy of your Angel... well that is the most silly thing I ever heard, why take one when you can take them all?

Besides, like I've said, the concept of Polygamy doesn't exist in the Astral Plane, and your guardian angel has no sense of that concept.

So.. there, no offence but I really, really, really disagree with most of Cjjohns' sentences, unless it's for humor's sake, otherwise, no offence, just ignore what he said and just study and question (the right people) regarding the differences of this Physical Plane we live in, into the Astral Plane, where our guardian spirits/friends resides while having no Physical Vessel.

Bottom line:

Despite what other people say here, I fully support your love with her, this concept of "wife" "husband" etc are just the concepts created by humans, nothing more, I, for one thing that this kind of concept doesn't exists in the Astral Plane and is fully ignored there, so if you love your guardian angel, then that is absolutely ok, but I like to remind you that don't commit a silly celibacy just because she has no physical vessel, go find a girl that has a vessel that you like as well, so that your physical vessel will have a partner here in your journey at the Physical Plane, besides, polygamy in the Astral Plane and beyond are all but ignored and doesn't even exists.

So... yes, in that case, my ideas with WhiteRav3n really clashed, and I have to disagree with most of his sentences, though I accept and acknowledge his opinions, besides, this is internet, all of our opinions are considered null and void, and it's all up to the reader on how he/she will take and use the information.


Well then, to user named acsessdenied, since I'm here, may I know the name of this Guardian Angel you mentioned?


Nicely said as well, I completely agree. XD
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Re: I'm in love with an angel
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 10

Yes, it is true that a soul/spirit has emotions, actually deeper emotions than physical people.

Yes, it is true that the astral has no rules or laws like we do on the physical plane.

HOWEVER, unless you are 100% in touch with your entire spiritual existence, which is AGAINST the whole concept of being incarnate (in a physical body), then you are not capable of conceiving what you will be like when you die. You could very well be an entirely different person spiritually. Spiritual beings know this, which is why no spirit to physical relationship is ever whole heartedly embraced, even friendship. This life has an expiration date (your death) and when you die, your spirit will move on. It MAY take with it many bonds you have made in this life, but there is no guaranty.

What if you have already have a love that is incarnated as well? Or worse yet, one that is awaiting your return to the spiritual? Physical love isn't highly regarded spiritually because we have a carnal instinct to mate. Spiritual loves tend to incarnate together, so that they can be a special part of each other's lives. Spiritual loves that stay behind tend to stay away from their physical partner because they do not want to interfere with their chance to learn and better themselves. When you overstep the boundaries of spirit to physical laws, by attempting to create a romantic relationship with a spiritual being, you can be setting yourself up for a very bad situation when you pass over the veil (die).
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