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I am a revisiting Eclectic Witch. I love the history of the Craft, Philosophy of the Craft and the Truth that the Craft posses. I studied Night Magick since I was 12, now I am 27, and other spiritual paths. I am not an expert but, I am not a beginner I am getting back into the devotions and I am looking for support and Friends in-Love with the Craft. I live somewhere where People like us are frowned upon, and where my views are heathenish and blasphemous. I have a really pretty good understanding Magick. Air is my birth element. I learned how to manipulate the world around me, and learned the consequence of doing so. (The fall hurt 3x's worst than the rise) and I have pretty good sight. I know this is weird but I can hear auras better than I can see them (vibrations). And many times I use music (sound) to cast spells for some reason it works for me. I am a musician in theory. I am also trying to learn more about my powers and learn other things as well. I'm from that crack in the sky! "Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind." Albert Einstein