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Forums ► Comments ► Witchcraft

By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 1
There is a great deal,far too much really,on this site, that has little to do with witchcraft; at least,the witchcraft I was trained in!
Modern, so called, witchcraft has now so many different "paths". New Age beliefs;neoPaganism. Demonism. Summoning this that and the other! Aleister Crowley stuff. All of it going under the term "witchcraft".
So many books with conflicting ideas.So much TV, and Hollywood movies, to mislead the young.
Using the word "witchcraft" as an umbrella term for just about every belief in the human psyche.
The witchcraft I was trained in is as old as the Earth itself! The natural order of things. The use of healing herbs and fungi.The "healing" power of the Mind.
Witchcraft has nothing to do with things that disobey the laws of physics.
There is a "spiritual" side of witchcraft, yes!
But,I have been a witch for many years, and I have never seen a demon,angel,dragon, or any other "mystical" being.
I think the word witchcraft should not be used for every belief. Better to say,"This is what I believe"; instead of saying,"This is witchcraft". It very often isn't!
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Re: Witchcraft
Post # 2
difference you were taught-- some have gifts, do you know the difference whats your gifts mine are
i hear the spirits, i saw my dead grandfather one day clear as a bell, i channel, among some of my gifts
also hows your chakra/instead of mind healing
did you ever self dedicate yourself to the god and goddess
are you pagan blessed with wicca blessing water
have you recieved any god or goddess symbols on your body mysteriously/ god marked me on the face with a music note it was like a bruise color and reabsorbed an hour or so later--bet thats a new one to yous/probly apollo
all this makes me different than you and
you come off as a old wise one, rejecting new found knowledge
open you mind man-- learning never stops
i crave knowledge, don't you.........priestess eosjos

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Re: Witchcraft
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
Of course we never stop learning. But what you are writing about are your beliefs. Not necessarily the beliefs of everybody else. That is exactly what I am saying, that not all modern "beliefs" are witchcraft.
And,by the way, my mind is wide open; so are my eyes!
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Re: Witchcraft
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
Further. You claim to be "wicca", a belief less than a hundred years old. Teachings by Gerald Gardner, who was never heard of before the 1950s.
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Re: Witchcraft
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
I agree with you on most parts Brysing.

The terms "demons" "angels" are all just modern terms for beings of destruction or protection/repair. Nothing but nature spirits at their best. Its all been classified and broken down into complicated stuff! These beings who were once nothing flashy are now supposed to be these horned devils and winged beauties.

I make a point to read as far back as I can on these things, to find their origins, their original meanings.

I use the terms because that is now what people expect. It is harder to explain without using what people can identify with.

Modern witchcraft has been made overcomplicated. These things were once just classified by one word "magick".

I use a "k" as Aleister Crowley had for his reasons, to keep it unconfused with stage magic and fairy tale.

The path of magick is a simple one. But since the times have modernized and communication between countries has been simplified, we have a mix of knowledge from every part of the earth and every style of magick that is known to exist. Every mythology and faith. And people tend to mix and match as the wish. Modern occultists have studied and made their own styles known to the public with more and more terminology added. Every single one can be simplified again to basic principles of magick.

Humans have a natural tendency to attempt to break down and decode everything they get their hands on. Just the human skeleton alone has names for every section, crevise and crease. Do we need so many terms? No! I call them bones and it works just fine for me.

And while those who practice magick as a way of life know better than to fall into that trap, those who are just getting into it are overwhelmed by the "science" that magick is being turned into.

Spells are now formulas that produce results without the need for knowledge. Don't you know? You can buy a spell in a box! Its utterly ridiculous but it is what is happening.

The only reason
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Re: Witchcraft
Post # 6
they were burning witches long before wicca
your catholic teachings have effected you i can see
please heal from it spiritually and mentally
burning witches was wrong--
pushing their god and lord on us is wrong
hiding jewish mystism and kabbalah from us is wrong
constantine was wrong
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Re: Witchcraft
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
(Continued--I pressed the add comment button on accident)

The only reason I do not agree 100% is that the way that you were trained is not the same as Africans, Tibetians, Native Americans, or the Chinese.
But magick is nonetheless magick, regardless. Even you yourself have said this.

All these cultures learned from the very same nature and I did. Every one uses magick. Everyone is very different YET has common links that identify it as magick. Languages may be different, beliefs and faiths. But it all comes down to one thing. Its magick. And the art of magick is a craft. And those who practice the art of magick is a witch. Therefore it is all witchcraft. =)
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Re: Witchcraft
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
***Very same nature as you and I did*** typo sorry!
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Re: Witchcraft
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 9
I was not writing about the "witches" of other nations, African, etc. I was writing about the many "modern" paths of neoPaganism; all of them said to be "witchcraft".
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Re: Witchcraft
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 10
I know you were. But my mistake at hitting that little "add" button messed up my post. I like to rearrange my posts when I finish writing and add little things to make sure my stream of thought actually fits together the right way.

Ok. So what I am saying is.

1. You are correct. Neopaganism is warped. I don't like it, and I never will.

2. "Neo" witchcraft is warped because it is an unnatural mixture of cultures from around the world combined with modern technical thinking. Now instead of learning from nature they have an instruction manual that strips the old ways of their foundation. But if you dig deep enough, you will still find the roots/origin of it in magick.

3. Since it is rooted in magick under technicality it can be defined as witchcraft. Although, the differences between a pagan of the old ways and a neo witch is, without a doubt, undeniable.

Now I must admit some of it is totally outlandish and it makes you wonder if the creator was under the influence of a drug at the time. But most of it still has some roots, very very far down in there...somewhere.
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