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invoking ritual"air"

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invoking ritual"air"
Post # 1
elax and perform the fourfold breath perform the qabalistic cross

1. touching the forhead, say Atah
2.touching ur chest say Malkuth.
3.touching right shoulder, say ve-geburag
4. touching the left shoulder, say ve-gedulah
5.clasping the hands upon the chest say, le-olam, Amen.
6.Facing east, use the index finger of the right hand, a dagger, or the end of the outer wand to trace a large lesser invoking pentagram.
7.charge it with light by piercing either the dagger, wand tip or index finger through the center of the pentagram and vibrate "YHVH"
(YODE-HEh-Vav-Heh). keep the arm extended while tracing a line of white light as you turn or move to the south.(keep the right arm extended throughout; never let it drop)
8.Facing South, whith the website end of the wand trace anoth larg lesser invoking pentagram.
9. do the same process as number 6 just kepp facing south.then turn to north(hand still out)
10.facing north, with the black end of the wand trace a larger lesser invoking pentagram.do the same as in number 6 just do it to the north.
11.with the arm extended still face the east.facing to the east extend both arms out in the form of a cross and say"before me Raphael"(Rah-fahy-el).Visualize before you the great archangel of air rising out of the clouds in following yellow and violet robes,carrying a caduceus wand.
12.behind you visualize another figure and say "behind me Gabriel"(Gah-bree-el). See the archangel stepping out of the sea like the goddess venus or aphrodite,dressed in robes of blue and orange, with cup in hand
13.see to your right another figure in flaming red and green robes carrying a sword say"on my right hand micheal"
14. see another great archangel at your left, who rises up from the vegitation of the earth in robes of citirine,ovlive,russet,and black, holding stems of ripened wheat say"on my left hand Ureiel"(UR-ee-el).
15.say "for about me flames the pentagram, and in the column shines the six-rayed star."
16 give the adoration to the lord of the universe
17.give the theoricus sign
18.facing east recite the prayer if the slyphs:"spirit of life,spirit of wisdom!whose breath giveth forth and withdraweth the form of all living things;thou, befor whom the life of beings is but a shadow which changeth, and a vapor wich passeth; thou, who mountest upon the clouds, and who walketh upon the wings of the wind. thou who breathest forth thy breath, and enless space peopled;thou, who drawest in thy breath and all that cometh from thee, returneth unto thee!ceaseless movement, in enternal stability, be thou enternally blessed! we praise thee and we bless thee in changless empire of created light of shades, of refelction, and of images--and we aspire without cessation unto thy ummutable and imperishable brillance. let the ray of thine intelligence and warmth of thy love pentrate even unot us! then that wich is volatile shall be fixed, the shadow shall be a body, the spirit of air shall be soul, the dream shall be thought.and no longer shall we be swept by the tempest,but we shall hold the bridels of winged steeds of dawn. and we shall direct the course of the evening breeze to fly before thee. O spirit of spirits! O enternal soul of souls! O imperishable breath of life! o crative sigh! o mouth wich breathest forth and withdrawest the life of all beings, in the flux and reflux ebb and flow of thine eternal word, which is the divine ocean of movement and of truth! Amen.

hope you guys enjoyed my post.

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Re: invoking ritual"air"
Post # 2
For greater accuracy the way that you trace the pentagram corresponds to different elements.
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Re: invoking ritual"air"
Post # 3
Can you please also put the source :D
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