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Candle Magick
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Thought I would post this here as I am leaving here soon, you may also find this in a few covens I have belonged to under different user names before

candle Magick History
The flickering flame of the candle provides us with a link to the sacred flames that have been kindled over thousands of years. Candles were used in Egypt and Crete as early as 3000 BC and were a feature of worship in many pre-Christian societies. Mostly made of beeswax, because bees were regarded as messengers of the Gods and Goddesses, they are still used in Christian churches today. Beeswax candles are currently popular with many people for magical and spiritual development. However, you can perform candle magick with white utility candles and it will be as pure and true as if you had followed the lists of color correspondences, fragrances and herbs that are most often used. These can add ceremony and atmosphere and create a mood of harmony in which conscious barriers dissolve.
There is something mystical about candles. It is said that we have always practiced primitive candle magick from the time that we were children and blew out our first candles on our birthday cake and made a wish.
Some of the earliest candles were actually oil lamps made of pottery, with a reed or a piece of twine used as a wick. The oil was usually animal oil of some sort.
Later they used hardened fat. Still later, in the 1700's and 1800's, the poor mixed fat with a small amount of wax to create foul-smelling candles. The wealthy, who could afford beeswax or bayberry candles, had candles that were smokeless and pleasant to smell. Just as we give our workers benefits if we wish to keep them, the better households also offered benefits to their servants. For instance, all servants got one day out a week. Many also were allowed to take any left-over candle stubs for their own use.

Candle magick has been observed for thousands of years, as noted above. The most significant time was when the Catholic church initially began the tradition of burning candles for the dead, or for favors, because many of their parishioners came from pagan backgrounds and used candles for the same reasons. The Catholic church was notorious from compromise in order to strengthen their numbers.

Practioners of Hoodoo, Voodoo, Wicca, Satanism, New Age, and other faiths also use candles ritualistically. The Jews also use candles in traditional ceremonies but they don't use them in a magickal context. Instead, they use them for symbolism.
In the 1800's, many slaves brought certain traditions and beliefs to America with them. This involved the belief that certain colors were effective when asking the spirits or Gods for certain favors. Black was used either for evil or to repel evil, white for purity or as a substitute for any other color, orange for money or strength of purpose, green for success or healing, brown to win court cases or improve a pet's health, red was used for evil or to create passion or to work healing, pink for romance, blue for fidelity and health, yellow for happiness or attraction, and purple for domination. Figural candles also enhanced the spell. Some figural candles used were and are of cats, people, genitalia, celestial signs, and more. Each one serves a symbolic purpose and not always in the way someone would guess.
Candles can add warmth and atmosphere to a special meal or gently soothe us to sleep. They can invoke moments of quiet reflection, or help us to access the deep wisdom that lies beyond conscious thought. They can be used in ritual as a focus for our most powerful dreams, hopes and desires. Candles are not only light, but living fire. When a candle is spent or snuffed out, the light may be gone from our external vision, but that light is not lost; rather it is transformed into radiant beams that fuel the positive energies of the universe and fall as love and healing on those who gaze into a candle flame in sorrow, pain or fear.
Turn off the lights and spend a few silent minutes by candlelight, connecting with the older, slower and wiser rhythms that are not divided into months, years or even millennia, but flow in cycles and release us from the treadmill of time. As you light your candle, you automatically interact with people around the world who light candles or torches. Each candle is part of an interconnected cosmic web of millions of tiny beams, and as you look through the candle flame you may see on the other side someone smiling back at you through their light--a familiar face, someone you have yet to meet, or a stranger--across time and space, an hour, a day, or perhaps thousands of years away.

Candles and the Moon: Candle ceremonies fall mainly under the auspices of the moon, whose different phases offer us specific energies. Many times you may want to be aware of the zodiac and planetary placement.

Waxing Moon: The moon is in its waxing cycle as it moves from the new moon to the full moon. As the moon grows or increases, it can give power to all rituals for growth and increase--whether in health, love, knowledge or prosperity. The waxing moon is traditionally the ''planting'' period, whether for herbs and vegetables or for conceiving a baby. Usually white or pale-colored candles are best for waxing moon rituals, with silver on the day of the full moon. The day of the full moon is very effective for all rituals concerning power, ambition and success, and for climax of endeavors. Full moon energies span from 3 days before to 3 days after the full moon day.

Waning Moon: The moon wanes as it moves from full moon to new moon again. As the visible moon decreases in size, it is reflected in weakening power in human endeavor. As the traditional time for harvesting herbs, etc. or pruning trees, this period is potent for removing negative influences, shedding redundant guilt or resentment, ending destructive relationships, reducing pain or weight and for giving up addictions and compulsions. The waning moon is also good for Scrying. The dark of the moon--the 3 days when the old moon is invisible and the crescent not yet discernible to the human eye--is said to be best for rituals of protection and for any undertaking that involves secrecy. Use darker candles for this cycle.
Superstitions and Beliefs

Always light a candle with your right hand for good fortune. If the candle should go immediately out, however, bad luck will follow. This belief could easily be adapted to a candle spell for luck!

Never singe the base of a candle to make it fit firmly. This brings misfortune. So, for ritual and spellcraft it might be a better idea to melt wax into the container and then place the candle within so it's secure.

Allow Yule candles to burn out naturally for blessings and luck. Add this idea to your holiday celebrations.

Never light three candles with one match, or have three candles burning together. This brings mishaps. This is one area where magick differs, as three is a sacred number to the Goddess and represents the triune nature of humankind.

Only a woman named Mary should snuff the candles on Christmas day so the blessing isn't lost. This one isn't overly practical, but interesting!

Give the gift of a bayberry candle on New Year's Eve to friends to whom you wish luck, prosperity, and health. Note that this should be burned completely on New Years Eve for the greatest effect.

Money: If you wish to grow rich, never light a candle from a burning fire. Use this as a guideline when working prosperity and money magick.

Protection: If it's storming outside, light a blessed candle for safety. most magickal practitioners would likely use a white candle for this purpose, as white is the color of protection.

Lighting a candle at a child's birth, after a death, and on one's birthday affords extra protection from evil. This is a great idea all the way around. At a birth ceremony, the light honors the spirit of the child coming into this world. At death, it shows the spirit the way out into the next incarnation. And on your birthday, a candle reminds you of your own light, which should always be honored.
Signs and Omens:

A candle that goes out during a ritual indicates the presence of a restless ghost. Actually, I've often found this to be very true. If a spirit shows up at a ritual it will not, however, be ale to enter the sacred circle without permission. Use your own discretion here, being aware that not all spirits are nice, nor do all of them have good intentions.

In ancient Greece if a girl could blow on a candle flame and the re-spark it, she was marked as a vestal virgin and given the task of tending Vesta's sacred fires. Vesta is a fantastic goddess for a candle crafter to call upon for blessings in his or her art.

Candles that burn blue or have wax that forms a winding sheet around the base reveal the presence of spirits. Alternatively some people consider this a death omen. In magick, watching the wax or flame of a candle is a common form of divination, and there are tons of meanings associated with a flame's movements.

If a candle will not light, a storm is coming. This is actually true because of the dampness in the air.

A candle sparking bright portends a letter for the person sitting across from it.

Accidentally knocking a candle over and having it go out indicates a forthcoming marriage in the family.

If a person can revive a sputtering candle it indicates he or she is virtuous and pure of heart.

Seeing a ring in the candle flame indicates and engagement or marriage.

A lump of soot on the wick of a candle reveals that a stranger will soon visit.

The ritual of blowing out birthday candles may have originated with rites for Artemis. The key is blowing out all the candles at once. The smoke that follows carries your wishes to the heavens. This is a great bit of wishcraft that works wonderfully just as it is. Remember, however, that silence is power in this magick. Telling the wish dissipates the energy behind it.
Candle Lore and Superstitions
Using a single taper candle to light 2 other candles will draw bad luck.

Lighting a candle from the hearth destines one to poverty. Thin of it as stealing power from the fire that maintains the home.
3 candles burning in a group signify a wedding or are considered unlucky in theater, especially. This superstition comes from the Christian in which a group of 3 candles were only burnt on the altar.

Difficulty lighting candles means rain is on the way, Once lit, if the flame sputters despite there being no detectable draft in the room, wind is on the way.

A candle that gutters and creates a trail of wax foretells death.

A sparking wick signifies the arrival of a stranger or a letter.

A candle left burning until the very end invite misfortune, except on Christmas Eve when it is traditional to let the candle burning to light the way for the coming infant. In the case of Christmas Eve, the fully burnt candle is said to bring prosperity to the household over the following year.
An extinguished candle that continues to glow is an omen of hardships to come.

Extinguishing a candle by accident foretells a coming marriage.
If a girl walks backward down the steps with a burning candle she will come face to face with her future love.
In America, a candle left to burn in an empty room will cause the death of a relative.

A candle that burns blue, signals the presence of a ghost or of death in some versions.

Always light a candle with the right hand for luck, however, should the candle go out immediately, bad luck will follow.
Bayberry candles given as gifts on New Year?s Eve bring good luck, prosperity and health to the recipient.
Smoke from birthday candles send your wishes up to the Gods.
Candles are lit at births, weddings and funerals to chase away evil spirits.

If a person can revive a sputtering candle they are considered virtuous and pure of heart but the French and the German are more specific, believing a sputtering candle can only be revived by a virgin girl.
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Re: Candle Magick
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Marking a Candle is the first Procedure you should perform in candle magic.

The first step in preparing a candle is marking it. Marking involves inscribing the candle with real or symbolic instructions of its spiritual intention. You might carve the candle with the name of the target you are working on, or inscribe sacred symbols of Spirits, Planetaries or Elementals to boost its power.

Ideally, you will begin working on your candle at your altar. I recommend you have altar candles lit and a spiritual incense burning. Remember, the energy you put into preparing the candle is just as important, if not more so, than when you are burning it. If you are going to do the job- just do it!

A candle can be carved with something as simple as a toothpick, ice pick or knife. However be creative in your work. I know many who carve love or sex candles with a rose thorn. Many use a rusty nail or broken glass to carve candles for crossing or revenge.

It's my belief that in cases where you are working on a specific person, you should carve the name of that person into the candle. Just as in the application of spiritual oils to a candle (see dressing a candle), there are a variety of methods you might choose from. Remember to begin with clean and dried candles.

The rule of thumb we use is to carve the name in the same manner in which we apply our oils.

So, if we are trying to draw someone, we carve the name from the bottom of the candle to the top.

If we are trying to get rid of someone, we carve their name from the top to the bottom.

If we need to control, compel or otherwise manipulate a person, the name is carved in a twisting manner - much like the lines on a barber pole or candy cane. For this type work, the target's name should be carved a number of times which is appropriate .

Male and female image candles, skull candles, pullout candles, jumbo candles, offertory candles, the mummy or witch candle, and praying hands candle are designed for work on an individual. So, one person's name should be on each candle.

If you are working multiple persons, each one should have their own candle. The Lovers and Marriage candles are designed to work on a pair of folks. The man's name should be carved into the male image of the candle and the woman on the woman's image. If you are working the number nine, each name is carved nine times - not nine times all together.

The target's name should be called out loud each time the name is carved and a command should be issued to them - to resonate through the universe.

Many books tell you to carve your own name into a candle when working for yourself - say to draw more money or a new love. This is okay but I really think the Spirits and Energies realize you are working in your own behalf. If you write a petition as the last step of candle preparation, it is sufficient reinforcement of who the work is being done for.

Use sigils or symbols on the candles when you are burning them for yourself. For instance, in a work designed to draw money, you might carve seven (7) dollar signs into the wax. Or, you could carve the amount of money you need seven (7) times. Another option would be to carve the planetary symbol of Jupiter into the candle. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and wealth so its energy would be appropriate for the type work you are doing. If you were performing a job to draw a new love into your life you could use hearts instead of dollar signs - or the symbol for Venus instead of Jupiter.

If you have trouble finding symbols to carve into your candle for a desired purpose, you can carve your name. Just use the same format described above.

Anointing Oils and dressing the candle

To a base of 2 ozs of almond oil add 5 drops Sandalwood Essential Oil, 3 drops Frankincense Essential Oil, and 1 drop of Orange Oil.

~Candle Anointing Oil~

To a base of 2 ozs of almond or apricot kernal oil add 1 teaspoon of powdered Frankincense Resin, and 1 teaspoon of powdered Myrrh Resin. Shake thoroughly and allow to steep for one week prior to use.

Cinnamon Anointing Oil
To a base of 2 ozs of almond oil add 5 drops Cinnamon Essential Oil, and 3 drops of Frankincense Essential Oil.
When you begin to anoint the candle you can chant or rhyme.

As you are anointing the candle meditate upon the purpose for which it will be used. Visualize the outcome you seek happening and how it will be. You are infusing the candle with the proper energies to manifest your intent by doing this.

~How Do I Dress a Candle~

Herbal materials strengthen your work. Learn how to apply oils, minerals, and powders.

After you have properly carved and marked your candle, it is time to apply the herbal materials you are using to strengthen the work. This may consist of one, or multiple oils, powders, minerals and / or dried herbs.

If you are going to use multiple oils on one candle, wash your hands in between applications with a strong alcohol based perfume like Florida Water. Then layer the second oil over the first one you applied to the candle.

By now you should understand what your intentions are for the candle you are using. If you are drawing or removing something, I suggest applying oils using the Up or Down Technique.. Some disagree with this, so I have offered the two most common alternate methods - The Middle and Out and Witches' Triangle techniques.

If you are manipulating a person or institution i.e. - bend over, break up, controlling, come to me, commanding, compelling, court case, marriage, money release you will want to employ the twisting method for applying any oils to the candle.
The Up OR Down Technique

The UP technique is used to DRAW something to you. Taking the oil or perfume on your index finger, you move from the base of the candle to the wick, rotating the candle until it is completely covered in oil.

Logically then, dress the candle DOWNWARD when you want to remove something.

~The Middle and Out Technique~

A lot of Spiritualists believe you should begin dressing a candle in the middle, working UPWARD at first, until the entire top half of the candle is anointed and then go from the middle again DOWNWARD to the base of the light.? In this way your prayer is sent from the ?heart? of the candle into the Universe.

~Witches Triangle Method~

This is one of the old methods we often hear about. You begin by dressing the ?front? of the candle at the base - moving from left to right. Then move up the candle to the top on the right side?visualizing one side of a triangle. This should be done in one stroke. Go back down to the bottom and ?pick up? your line at the base on the left side and move Upwards again? completing the triangle. Now turn the candle over and repeat on the ?back? side.

~Twisting Method~

Twisting Method Apply a fair amount of oil to the palms of your hands and then rub your hands together visualizing the target of the candle. Pick up the candle and begin twisting the oil into it using a motion like that used to wring water out of a towel. Move from the middle outward until the entire candle is covered in oil. You may need to add more oil to your hands to get good solid coverage. During this process, talk to your target and command them to do as you desire.


After you have oiled your candle, you might apply herbs to it. It is good to do so at this point if you decide to. Simply pour your herbs into a plate and then roll the candle in them.


Powders are the last material that should be added to the candle. The traditional African means for distributing powders is to blow them. There are a couple of very good reasons to blow the powder onto the candle.

First, blowing provides a very even coverage and limits wasting expensive material. Secondly, breath has strong spiritual symbolism to it. Blowing on the candle makes it come alive. This is a particularly effective method for candles representing people.

When blowing powder, hold the candle by the end in one hand . Put a pinch of the powder in a spoon. Slowly rotate the candle while blowing the powder onto it until evenly covered.

Once your candle has been dressed in herbal materials, it is time to divide the candle up into sections so that it can be burned over the required number of days.

~Measuring a Candle~
Learn how to divide your candle into sections for burning over a period of days.

Not so long ago, if a Spiritualist was trying to encourage marriage between a couple he/she might burn one marriage figural candle a night for nine nights. But, if the client did not have much money and the work really needed to be done, the Spiritualist would divide the candle up into nine sections for nine days of burning.

Figural candles have always been expensive. Any molded candle is difficult to produce. With today's rising petroleum prices, wax is more expensive, as is the transportation to ship the candles from points around the world. In the above example, a modern-day Spiritualist would pay over seventy dollars ($70) for nine marriage candles. Most cannot afford this. So, the technique of measuring a candle is still relevant to most practitioners.

Measuring a candle is the? traditional term for dividing a candle into a predetermined number of sections by inserting needles or pins into the wax. This is the actual practice that became the legend of ''voodoo dolls'' in New Orleans. Reporters, not comprehending what they were seeing, made the assumption that the needles inserted in a wax figure were for doing harm. In actuality, the figures were being measured for work.

Dividing the candle up into sections is easy. You might measure the length of the candle with a ruler and divide it up by the number of sections you need. But, you are setting yourself up to deal with fractions of inches. It's just too tough of a job. The sections don't have to be exactly even to the centimeter. If they look evenly spaced to the eye when you have finished, it's a fine enough job.

One needle or pin should be inserted right at the point where the wick sprouts out of the wax. If you are doing drawing work, this is the last needle inserted because you insert them from the bottom to the top of the candle. If you are removing, the ''wick needle'' is the first one placed. It's an easy process.

Remember, that it takes an even number of needles / pins to make an odd number of sections. However, we always want to work with an odd number. This is why the needle is inserted at the wick.
Breaking the eye of a needle NEEDLES OR PINS, DOES IT MATTER WHICH I USE?

It doesn't matter if you use needles or sewing pins. Many sewing pins have plastic balls on the tip, so they are easier to push into the wax. When inserting needles, I end up using needle nosed pliers. Needles are rough on the fingertips - something akin to sticking a hundred cloves in a ham!.

For love work I like to pick out all of the red capped pins from a package of multicolored ones. You might use all green for money work or all yellow for success, etc.

Ideally, use needles for works designed to remove bad luck, crossed conditions, hexes, jinxes and witchcraft. They are also used in protection work.

Many folks from the South and Caribbean break the eye on the needle when they are working on or against another spiritual person. The belief being the worker and their actions are spiritually obscured from the enemy. A broken eye makes it more difficult for the target to find out who is causing their problems via a reading or spiritual consultation.

Needles with broken eyes are used for break up, confusion, crossing, revenge and reversing spells. They might also be used for uncrossing or protection when a Spiritualist feels it's better for the client's enemies not to know they have sought out help for their condition.

~Seven Needles~
A Double Cross Pattern is used to dispose of seven candle needles.


When burning a measured candle, allow the first needle at the wick to fall out, and then let the candle burn to a point right above the second needle. It is important that you pray or meditate for the entire time the candle is lit. Each day, burn through one needle - allowing the needle to fall and up to the next needle. Remember, NEVER BLOW OUT A CANDLE you are doing work with. You can pinch the candle out or use a proper candle snuffer.

The needles or pins should be reserved for use at the end of the candle burning ritual - so keep them in a safe place. I like to cover them with herbs or powders and leave them on my altar until I am ready to work with them.
Nine Needles
A Triple Double Cross Pattern is used to dispose of nine candle needles.

In most cases, the needles should be inserted into the name paper or petition that was sitting underneath the candle. For a ''seven needle'' work make two ''X's'' on each side and a ''double cross'' in the center of the paper. The double cross consists of one vertical needle and two horizontal needles (see above illus.). Since this pattern is used for drawing work, you will want to place it with your other ritual remains - the incense ash, bath water, candle wax, etc. Many drawing or love spells instruct you to keep the ritual remains. Some may call for remains to be buried at the front door of your home or even in the backyard. I have been told that in love drawing work, this paper should be placed between the mattress and box springs of the bed. If your spell does not offer instructions on how to dispose of the needles and or name paper - do what feels right to you.

To finish a nine needle candle work, use three needles to form three double crosses. Once again this paper is disposed of with the rest of the ritual remains. One exception I am aware of is when using war water in a spell. If your intention is to cause havoc in a home, and you plan on breaking or leaving ritual remains on an enemy doorstep - add the needles independently to the contents.

Now that you have the basics of working with needles and pins you know how to properly measure a candle

Candle Naming

How Do I ''Name'' a Candle ?

Once you have marked, dressed and measured your candle, it is time to baptize or name your candle. The act of baptizing a figural candle, used to represent a person, brings the candle alive.

If you have not written a petition or name paper, you should do it at this point in the ritual. Some people have their paperwork completed ahead of time, but I prefer to do it within the ritual process. Hopefully, you have altar candles lit and incense burning. Stopping to write your request or reaffirm the name of your target, helps to build a strong connection between the candle and the person it is designed to represent.

It is also at this point, that I insert personal concerns into the bottom of the candle. While it would be easier to do this when carving the candle, doing it now makes it part of a three step naming ritual.

1) Write a name paper or petition and place it under the candle
2) Make a hole in the bottom of the candle and insert any personal concerns
3) Baptize the candle

~Baptizing the Candle~

How you baptize the candle depends on your spiritual beliefs. It is a short and simple process.

If you are Christian / Spiritual, you can state.

I baptize you as [target's name] in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Make three signs of the cross over the candle in Holy Water while stating the words.

If you are Pagan, you can state:

Blessed be, thou creature made by art. By art made, by art changed. Thou art not wax but flesh and blood, I name thee [target's name] . Thou art this person, between the worlds, in all the worlds. Blessed be.

Some people further consecrate the candle with the four elements: Earth, Water, Fire and Air. Here is a simple method for doing this

Sprinkle some dirt or sand on the candle and say, ''By Earth I baptize you as (target's name).
Sprinkle some water on the candle and say, ''By Water I baptize you as (target's name).
Quickly pass the candle through the flame of your altar candle and say, ''By Fire I baptize you as (target's name).
Pass the dressed candle through the incense smoke and say , By Air I baptize you as (target's name).

Remember, this is an optional practice and there are many, more involved ways to perform it. Now you are ready to light your fully marked, dressed, measured and named candle! Remember to state your prayers and or affirmations over the candle and then visualize the effects of your work on the target until the candle burns to the second pin or needle.

Good Luck with candle burning rituals. With faith and patience, you will see the results you desire.
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Re: Candle Magick
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~Colors/Herbs for Healing Candles~

Light blue or green are both used for general healing or health. Remember that these are simply suggestions. If you do not have the color candle indicated use a light blue or green candle, or even a white candle. If you would like to add the additional power of healing herbs to your healing ritual you may want to make some of these healing candles to use. They are quite easy to make and require only the minimum in materials and no previous candle making experience. They should be made on Sunday or on another day in the hour of the sun. They may be colored orange, the sun's color, or blue, the color of healing, or you may wish to choose a color correspondence specifically for the disease you wish to heal. There is a chart below which gives these correspondences. These candles have herbs added to the wax. Choose the herb to put into your candles based upon the nature of the illness or injury you wish to heal in the chart below. Please note, the plants
indicated are not to be taken internally for the disease in question, they are to be put in the candles. They are not necessarily effective as medication only as a correspondence. Also, a healing ritual adds to rather than replaces seeking medical attention for illnesses and injuries. You still need to see a Doctor.
Type of Problem Color of Candle Herb(s)
Sexual Function Red Saw Palmetto for men, Black Cohosh for women
Fertility Problems Green Dock, Hazel, Mustard, Raspberry
Psychological Violet St. Johns Wort, Kava Kava, Hops
Respiratory Tract Yellow Ephedra, Echinacea, Coltsfoot, Mullien
Digestive System Pink Peppermint, Wintergreen, Fennel, Anise
Nervous System Orange Ginko, Hops, Lavendar, Valerian (doesn't smell good)
Bones or Teeth White Boneset, Comfrey, Arnica, Clove
Urinary Tract Blue Saw Palmetto, Uva Ursi, Cubeb
Muscles Purple Comfrey, Lavender, Marjoram, Marshmallow
General Healing and Health Issues Light Blue Lavender, Galangal, Juniper, Nutmeg

More Colors for Healing Candles
Red Anemia, leukemia, liver infections, neuralgia and paralysis
Orange Arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, constipation, coughs, depression, epilepsy and exhaustion
Yellow Diabetes, heartburn, indigestion, menstrual cramps, constipation and skin conditions
Green Boils, cancer, colds, headaches, high blood pressure, kidney ailments, nervousness, and ulcers
Aqua Burns, eye ailments, high blood pressure, hypersensitivity, infections, inflammations, nutritional disorders and skin conditions
Blue Burns, diarrhea, fever, headaches, high blood pressure, insomnia, menstrual pain, rheumatism, skin rashes, sore throat, sunburn, ulcers and minor wounds
Indigo Asthma, deafness, dementia, depression, epilepsy, eye ailments, infections, mental and nervous disorders, parkinson's disease, pneumonia, tuberculosis and upset stomach
Violet Allergies, asthma, baldness, bloodclots, colds, gout, mental disorders, sinus problems, sleep disorders, stress related diseases and tumors
Rose Heart conditions, anxiety, constipation, depression, hearing loss, kidney problems
White Stroke, insufficient breast milk, broken bones, calcium defficiency, ostioporosis, toothache

~Herbs for Healing Candles~
Adders Tongue Stomach ulcers and tumors
Agrimony Jaundice and diseases of the liver
Alder Diarrhea, inflammations and sore throat
All Heal External wounds
Alow Vera Burns and external wounds
Angelica Alcohol and drug abuse, delayed menstrual period, toothache
Anise Asthma and bronchitis
Blessed Thistle Colds
Bloodroot Ringworm
Catnip Anxiety, fever, menstrual cramps
Chamomile Colic, fever, inflammations, menstrual cramps, and nervous conditions
Chickweed Inflammations
Cinnamon Flu
Coltsfoot Asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis, emphasema, chest complaints and coughs
Comfrey Dysentery, external wounds and stomach ulcers
Coriander Fever
Costmary Infections
Crimson Clover Cancer
Daisy Asthma
Dandelion Constipation, gall stones and ailments of the liver, pancreas, spleen or female organs.
Dogwood Fevers and infections
Elderflowers Colds, constipation, fever, hemorrhoids, and impotency
Elecampane Coughs and irregular menstruation
Eyebright Eye ailments
Fennel Anxiety, constipation, and irregular menstruation
Garlic Arthritis, asthma, infections and rheumatism
Ginger Fever, impotency and menstrual cramps
Ginseng Impotency and all sexually related ailments
Goldenrod Bladder infections, inflammation and insomnia
Goldenseal Eczema, eye ailments, internal infections, poison ivy, rectal ulcers and ringworm
Hawthorn Arteriosclerosis, edema, heart ailments and weak muscles
Horehound Coughs, colds and constipation
Horseheal Fever
Horseradish Bronchitis, colds, kidney conditions and rheumatism
Irish Moss Burns and coughs
Jacob's Ladder Fever
Jasmine Impotency
Jimsonweed Poison ivy
Juniper Neuralgia, rheumatism and swellings
Lady's Mantle Fever, headaches, inflammation, insomnia, menopause, menstrual cramps, and toothache
Lavender Depression, fatigue, headache, impotency, neuralgia, rheumatism and sprains
Mallow Tonsilitis
Mandrake Impotency and infertility
Milkweed Warts
Motherwort All female problems
Mugwort Fever and poison ivy
Mullien Asthma
Myrrh Gum irritations, infections and pain
Nettle Asthma, muscle aches, stomach ulcers, diseases of the lungs and intestines
Passionflower Insomnia
Pennyroyal Fever and menstrual cramps
Peppermint Headaches and muscle cramps
Rose Kidney stones
Rosemary Colds, colic, congestion of the liver, depression, fatigue, headaches, high blood pressure, nervous heart conditions, paralysis, rheumatism, stress, weakness of the limbs and vertigo
Saffron Depression and fever
Sage Colds and coughs, depression, fever, flue, insomnia, pleurisy, sprains and varicose veins
Snakeroot Impotency and snakebite
Shepherd's Purse Bruises, skin irritations and rheumatism
Solomon's Seal Bruises, skin irritations and wounds
Strawberry Leaves Gout
Thyme Fever, headaches and whooping cough
Valerian Anxiety, insomnia, rheumatism, stress and swollen joints
Vervain Fever
Violet Infections
Willow Bark Headaches
Witch Hazel Anxiety, eczema, inflammations, swellings and tumors
Wormwood Colds and fever
Yarrow Canker sores, colds, fever, liver diseases and muscle aches
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Re: Candle Magick
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~General Instructions for Candle Rituals~

You need to use new candles for each ritual, they cannot be reused. The candle is charged for a particular magical intent for the ritual and retains this charge which can only be removed by burning the candle completely. It hardly need be said these days since you will not find any candles made from animal fat, but they cannot be used in candle magic. No tallow candles, they should be paraffin or beeswax. The candles should also not be broken, a broken candle will not store and release the energy you place into it correctly. If there are any broken candles in the box save them for candlelit dinners.
In addition to the candles, you will need a number of individual candle holders which can be inexpensive glass or metal holders that each hold a single taper. They need to be able to be moved individually on the altar. Some spells require that the candles touch so try to find small holders that will allow this. The number you will need depends upon the number of candles used for the spell you choose. I recommend getting the smallest, plainest holders you can find inexpensively. If you have a 99 cent store in your area they usually have something appropriate.
There is some small controversy as to whether you should light your candles with a match. Some say that the sulfur in the match is associated with ''negativity'' and will contaminate the candle. This is not true, sulfur is used in protective magic both by ceremonial magicians and by witches. It is used to drive away negativity. A chunk of sulfur may be placed on the altar during protective rituals and some add a small amount to exorcism or protection incenses. It is associated with the sun, and the element fire. If you feel strongly about it despite this, you may use a taper or a punk to light your candles instead, lighting the taper or punk from the altar candles. In case you don't know, a punk stick is a blank incense stick with no scent added. They are used by insulation contractors to look for air leaks in homes and by those who test smoke detectors. If you can't find them in your area you may use a lightly scented incense stick.

After you have chosen a spell from those below or one you have personally chosen, you will need to gather the required number of candles in the appropriate color(s) with holders to go along with them. The spell will state on which day it should be performed. For the strongest planetary influences the spell should be performed at one of the following times on that day: 12 midnight, 7 AM, 2 PM, or 9 PM. These are the hours ruled by the ruler of the day. If one of these times is not convenient simply do the spell on the day noted, regardless of the hour.

After you anoint the candles place them on the altar in their holders in the arrangement indicated in the spell. Place a copy of the words of the spell on the altar so you can read them. You may want to have a photo or other item to represent the person the spell is for if you are performing it for another, or it involves another person.

Try to assure that you will not be interrupted during the time it takes to do the spell, allow about half an hour, let the machine get the phone for example. Once begun it is best to complete the spell in one block if it is a one day spell, don't stop in the middle. Some spells require that they be performed over a series of days, it is generally best to use the same time for the successive days that you used for the first. If necessary to more clearly state your desire the words accompanying the spell may be altered and personalized. Try to fully state what you want as clearly and simply as possible.

As the spell is being performed there may be occasions where one of the candles goes out on it's own, without the wind. If this happens, do not re-light it. One of two things may be assumed to have happened, either the required amount of energy had already been released and the spell is complete for now, or there was something wrong with the way the spell was going and it will need to be redone. Simply complete the ritual for that night and continue it on the next day in the series. If it happens on the last day, simply allow the other candles to burn down as usual and complete the spell at the point where the candle went out.

It is also possible that the candle flame may jump or crackle during a spell. If you are summoning entities, the flame may grow to as much as six inches in height when they manifest, or make a crackling, popping sound. In regular candle spells a crackling, jumping flame generally implies that alot of energy is being generated due to high emotions or the effects of the spell. It is generally a good sign that the magic is working. Note which candle in the altar setup is crackling and go on with the ritual.

A particularly strong flame means that power is being generated toward manifesting your intent. If a candle used to represent a person is particularly strong it can imply their dominance in the situation, their higher energy level, they are winning the situation, or anger and strong emotions on their part. A particularly weak flame shows that there is strong opposition to the manifestation of your intent and the spell may need to be repeated. If a persons candle is weak it may mean that they are in a submissive position in the situation, that they are losing, they have a lower energy level, or that they are in a weaker emotional position.

After the spell is complete, if the spell is to be continued, leave everything in place for the next day. Pinch out or snuff the candles rather than blowing them out. Some feel that blowing out the candle is dismissive of the fire elemental in the flame. If it is a one day spell, or the last day of a multi-day spell you should allow the candles to burn out by themselves. Candles cannot be reused for another spell, and burning them completely releases all of the magical energies stored in them to the cosmos so that it can set the vibrations in motion to accomplish your goal.
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Re: Candle Magick
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~Candle Scrying~

Ceroscopy is form of scrying using wax. The wax was melted into a brass vessel till it became a liquid of uniform consistence. The liquid wax was then poured very slowly into another vessel filled with cold water. The pouring was done in a way that the wax congealed in tiny discs upon the surface of the water. The divinator then interpreted the figures of wax.

Scrying by reading wax images also goes to candle scrying where you read the dripping of a candle that has developed over the side of the candle on the candle stick holder.

From personal experience, I have noted that drippings are influenced by the color of the candle and the energies of the person scrying. I have seen interesting patterns formed, everything from angels to faces and more. They can be regarded messages either from spirit or from the subconscious mind of the scryer.

Fire and Candle Gazing. This type of Scrying is actually fun and does not need the sanctity of your Temple. You can use these methods wherever there is a fire or candle about. I find it enjoyable to Scry when a friend lights a candle; they oftentimes don't realize that I am scrying at all, good fun that. For fire gazing, it is the embers near the end of a fire that you want to focus on. The colors of the embers oftentimes swirl with meaning if you are open to them. Clear and focus your Mind on nothing in particular, just keep it open to the symbols as they pass through the coals. Empty all thoughts and gaze upon the flames and be open to psychic messages that transpire. If you so desire, choose an appropriate color to go along with the subject of the reading as found in tables of Magickal corospondence. The procedure is the same as with all reflecting objects, clear your Mind of all thoughts, listen and see with your innerself. Awaken the receptive power and open this world to the next. Visions will come when you are receptive to them. Let them speak. I also suggest that you get a reputable book on Dreaming. The symbols described therein can be used as a basic guide for the symbols that you see within the flame or embers. This naturally leads us to


Smoke scrying is a technique that can be quite useful and can be added to your Samhain celebrations. Before I discuss this technique, I feel it necessary to describe a scrying mirror or black mirror. This object is a mirror that has had the glass removed and painted black and replaced back into the holder. Often a silver backing is added to the mirror and a round or oval mirror is used; however, I have found that an inexpensive compact mirror with the glass painted black can work just as well. Black mirrors can be traced back over the centuries and were often made of obsidian. You do not want to look directly into the mirror for your scrying, lay it on a table and look from an angle. Spirits can show scenes, images, speak and even touch the scryer with this method. Now, back to smoke scrying. Lower the lights in the room, or better yet light two pillar candles on either side of you. Taking your favorite candle, light and then snuff out allow it to smoke for a few moments. Position the black mirror so that the smoke dances over the surface easily while the mirror lies on a table. Once the candle has smoked for a few moments, close your eyes to relax. When you feel centered, grounded and relaxed look into the black mirror lying on your table from various angles. Watch and interpret the images you see, hear, smell and feel.

As I said, you can use this technique on Samhain to help summon the ancient spirits or ancestors. I use red candles for this purpose. Once Im feeling centered I hold my arms into the air and say something like, O Great Spirit, Great Maiden, Mother, Wise One, you who created all. Bring to us the old ones, the ancient spirits, and the ancestors to celebrate with us, to teach us, to allow us to understand where we came from so we can understand where we are yet to lead the future.

Do fire scrying (staring into the fire or a candle fire) when the moon is either in Aries, Sagittarius or Leo

~How to take care of candles?

Not many people know how to properly burn a candle, and I have seen many, many people thow away mostly unburned pillar candles due to ignorance... but no more!
I compiled this from the labels on candles around my house.

~Tea Lights~

In aluminum cups - recommended for ''closed-type'' holders (eg. Tealight house potpourri burners).
In transparent cups - recommended for glass holders.

~Votive Candles~

Always keep wicks trimmed to 1/4''.
The metal clip is designed to extinguish the flame when the wick has burned out.
Always remove the metal clip from a previous votive before placing a new votive in the holder.
While burning votives, be sure the wick is centered.
Wicks too close to the side of a votive holder may cause breakage.

~Dinner Candles~

Always keep wick trimmed to 1/4''
Do not place near drafts, fans or air conditioners.
If dripping occurs, wait for wax to harden and remove excess.
Burning time: approximately 45 minutes per inch.

~Pillar Candles~

Keep wick centered and trimmed to 1/4''
First lighting: burn for 5 - 10 minutes.
For the next 4 - 5 lightings gradually increase burning times until the belltop is gone.
Once the candle has a flat surface, burn a minimum of 1 hour per inch for each inch of the candle's diameter.
Pillars should always have a flat surface, not a deep well.
Gently hug the soft wax around the well to maintain a flat surface.

~3 Wick Candles~

NEVER trim the wicks.
Burn a minimum of 6 hours at each lighting.
Keep wicks pointed towards centre.
Gently hug the soft wax around the well to maintain a flat surface
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Re: Candle Magick
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Best I ever read on Candles
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