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Danger oF Money Spell

Forums ► Site Spells Discussion ► Danger oF Money Spell
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Danger oF Money Spell
Post # 1
One of the most dangerous spell to cast is money spell because of the process, a lot of people simply ask me to cast money spell for them and i would tell them down right they dont know what they are saying, normally when they cast a money spell for you or maybe when you cast a money spell, you have to sacrifice something it is not uncommon for you to witness death in your family or in your extended family, love ones or friends, you just have to lose something associated with blood. so i usually advice people to go for good luck spell which is more rANDOM and unspecific. or better spill job spell,, you apply for any job and take you but when you have a money spell cast for you, you don't have to do anything, you will just have money all around you.
so for those clamouring for money spell you i take it you dont know what you are asking for.

Re: Danger oF Money Spell
Post # 2
What? Since when do you have to sacrifice anything "associated with blood"?

If the spell and intent is in order, there should be no death or freak accident as a result. I've yet to meet a competent caster who didn't have all their ducks in a row when creating a spell (of any kind) to encourage money to come to them by ways other than inheritance or having it drop out of the sky.

The lack of details is what gets people in trouble.

I have done money spells to encourage it to come to my household before (when I've run out of mundane options), and no one has died as a result nor has anything horrible happened.

Re: Danger oF Money Spell
Post # 3
I agree with both of you. I find that success spells are better to cast because it depends more on the will and ambition of the person who casts it but money spells can be dangerous if they are not specific. It can depend heavily on the wording but there is a way for a money spell to remain balances and that's in the intention.

If a person asks for money so they can buy a new house but their old house is perfectly fine and they just want a new house to brag to their family about how successful they are then that would breed bad karma. If a person however, does a money spell because the local homeless shelter needs donations for more beds and the person does the spell for that reason or to help someone then I believe that it balances out.

Re: Danger oF Money Spell
Post # 4
i know tat money spell was danger,but i wish had a spell it cnt hurt anyone.and i if can,maybe can cast some winning spell or some luck spell to gain something,sorry for ask,hope u all dnt mind.and sorry for my language.

safety spells
Post # 5
for safety,
remember to start with a safe foundation.

that all magic cast benefits and uplifts those affected.

those you know and love be safe, happy, live and active.

Re: Danger oF Money Spell
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
I agree with rashnu, I think for the most part we create what we want or the situations we get into. I'm not saying that is always the case some things happen beyond our control but I`ve never heard of anything bad happening in a wealth spell. Bad situations can usually be avoided by study and research.

Re: Danger oF Money Spell
Post # 7
i know what i am saying. i am not an advocate of Karma infact i dont believe in it, when it comes down to spell casting, i always tell people i am casting spell for. But when it comes down to Money spell, and i am not talking about some little lucky money like winning lottery or something i am talking about wealth spell, there are always bad effects. i know this from experience i am a spell caster been practicing for a very long time, and i have friends who have also be practicing for a very long time too and they have the same thing to say about money/wealth spell, they have disturbing effects. something you cannot just ignore will happen in you family, nuclear or extended, something unnatural, something that will give you a bad feeling you caused it.

Re: Danger oF Money Spell
By: / Beginner
Post # 8
wow i was just thinking about this today!
a friend told me about a money spell she did
and after a long talk we ended coming with the comclusing that
the money must come from somewhere right!
she didn't ask for a job or something else she just wanted money
she then told me about the money her grandmother left her after she died!

we were both thinking ok this was where the money came from
ok i don't think she killed her grandmother

but just to think about spells and how they work when we ask for something the universe only see's the words i want need hope and what you asked!(just to give an example)

if you'r question is i want you will get the feeling of wanting money if you say i have money you will have it

but where is it coming from?

this is why i always tell people to really think about what they do and want before casting a spell!

because some people just do it for fun!
and don't think about the consequences!

Re: Danger oF Money Spell
Post # 9
I did once a money spell and it worked, but the point is that I was sick after this. Maybe it is a coincidence but I am not sure.

Re: Danger oF Money Spell
Post # 10
i once did a money spell, a very simple procedure i saw online with minimal materials but it didnt work, and even though i got a rush of cash after 3 months it almost looks like a coincidence. i dont know.

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