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March Forecast 2011
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March Forecast 2011


you don't need to agree with me for the forecast i give I always try to provide help for readers !
about half month of march will be spent smooth for almost every one but there are some highlights


This month will be an average month for you
there is possibility of some investment but think before you invest some where
family or friends support you do listen to them
much isolation would lead you to anger and hatred feelings beware of negative thinking take some time off to travel away from the busy schedule you may find that some close friends will be around you .


You might will go on trip as i wrote in my previous February forecast that your work will grow more after the 15th February 2011 so yes it is a good month for career and business dealings don't accept advices and suggestions from strangers but look forward to your close friends and family members this month again you might will go on short trip


just another good month for you Gemini !
most twins will get a job opportunity this month your also having a very stable relationship with love ones


you have been working hard on your career Some changes are expected in career this month you may be away from your lover often & your partner may not understand why all this work is crucial but you will get what your seeking at your work place or at your career later on you will be getting time for socializing too


your health matters have already been improved so far you will be feeling very affectionate. Are you thinking to get a loan from a bank ?
yep you can get it so easy but I would suggest do not do so because your finance matters will settle down immediately but when you have to repay the loan to bank you will find your self in debit


you are trying to juggle so many things & you may not be able to settle everything down admit this no one can guarantee!.
you do have your focus at money matters might you will get some extra financial aid, too, family matters will remain still in commitment
During this month you will emphasis on negotiations with compromise and conciliation


Stay clam this month will provide you too much opportunities focus your self on work
March will be super busy month for you Keep eating right and do your best to get enough sleep or your health will not be in good shape .there would be some special one will seek for your advice try to help him/her if needed some also there are adventures just around the corner so let your self enjoy


some clear and good changes are expected in your career or work stay focus and you will meet with several opportunities love and family matters will stay sound


good month for career rise but your love life will be effected this month little bit negatively but don't worry from march 20th to march 26th things will seem to have work out


be creative and share your ideas at work place & with your friends
your planning to go on some distance long trip its possible that your plan will be delayed but still you got a chance that your plans will work on time .short trips can also possible this month .career changes can be expected after march 25th


you will be getting special attention from your surroundings and peoples around you
pay the taxes & full fill your financial obligations also take care about your expenses
if you would like to go on short trip march could be good month for you


like I said in my previous February forecast that if you would like to start some thing new such as any new project you can take a chance after February 22
so This could be an exciting month for you with few opportunities but don't try to sign a contract in early March as far as friends and family matters concerns favor surrounding you.
This month Pisces will going to have their birth days so celebrate the birth day dear Pisces with joy

Monthly Tarot card Picked

what do cards say about this month ?

The Sun

Try to communicate with your conscious
make friends and share happy moments with them you are successful don't forget to work on your spiritual growth you could meet with your inner self & light
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Re: March Forecast 2011
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Thank you, nicely done :)

Mine fits pretty well.
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Re: March Forecast 2011
By: / Beginner
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im going on a trip, and im a taurus!! :D

right on :)

and thanks for the card of the month, i didnt know whether to make my talisman on saturday or sunday and now i know...sunday :)
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Re: March Forecast 2011
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thank you I'm glad to provide help
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