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Wrong with Humans?

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Wrong with Humans?

Wrong with Humans?
Post # 1
What is the problem with humans? I'm not trying to be mean, don't get me wrong. But it just get's me mad that humans do stupid things like violence and crime. And we like to destroy nature, yet are driven by it and have a mind adapated to it. We kill for pleasure. We think that we are the smartest species on earth, and in doing so we even condemn members of our own species, labelling them as inferior by calling them dumb and stupid. We fear change. And we even make more food to feed the hungry then end up eating it all ourselves and become fat. Don't you think that humans need to change? I know that humans are a very young race, but we are smart enough to not do this stuff. I mean, I think it would pretty much be common sense. What are your opinions on the matter?
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Re: Wrong with Humans?
Post # 2
Why do you think I wanna be something else -_- I agree with you
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Re: Wrong with Humans?
Post # 3
Heani, I totally agree with you. People are cruel and are becoming crueler every day...It's sad though.

But what can be done? Little people share your point of view and thats the problem, I think that it is written in our DNA to be destructive and act like animals driven only by their instinct to survive-one way or another...

If people like the world to be a better place-they (we) need to change-fast! If not...we will end like in those pissed out nature movies where there are floods, earthquakes, erupting volcano, grand erosions...Hey wait! Isn't this started happening already?
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Re: Wrong with Humans?
Post # 4
I completely agree with you. I wish I was a tree becuase trees are the highest forms of life. Tree's don't need to kill to eat and survive.
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Re: Wrong with Humans?
Post # 5
I agree with you heani. But as you said humans are a young race. They will adapt eventually and learn from their mistakes. It may be too late by the time that they realize what they've done to the land.

But as we've seen in the past once a species becomes too overly powerful it is controlled. Nature keeps things in check. Many people think that Nature is actually doing that as we speak.

And there are people that can be stupid. Animals also can be stupid as well. Animals can get caught in something simple to get out of, eat something that can kill them etc.
Humans can be just as dumb. They as you pointed out are selfish creatures. (Most are some are not) You yourself are attacking people when you yourself has said it's pointless to call people stupid etc.

But isn't that what you have done by creating this post? Calling humans out for being flawed?

I'm not disagreeing with you on this post I'm just simply pointing out the pot calling the kettle black concept if you will.
You seem to be attacking what you are trying to prove against.

I'm not claiming to be any different from anyone but what makes you say that you are above this?
Have you not over eaten at some point because you wanted what was before or because you were upset?
Have you actually tried stopping something you didn't like from happening?
Have you actually offered homeless person a place to stay, gave them some money or food?
Have you talked to the people in power and voiced your opinion on the matters at hand?

In all honesty some people just sit around and complain about how society is and not actually try fixing it.

You have no right to complain if you don't take action against it.

So before making a post complaining about complaining maybe you should take action to what you believe in rather than being one of those people that just sits around and moans about how bad off things are.
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Re: Wrong with Humans?
Post # 6
Oh, believe me I've tried many times to change peoples way of life, and to show them that they need to change. In all efforts, they fail to understand the point that I show them. Therefore, I decided to finally post this to show what I think. I have dealt with these people many times but only a select few understand my problem. I'm glad more and more people are becoming aware and hopefully they will help me, help them. If that makes sense.
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Re: Wrong with Humans?
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
Oh dear, indeed, this is a problem, but some must also remember that we all are equal. Some poeple take the wrong path, others take the right. But I am sure as life goes on upon this earth, the ones who learn the correct lessons will move to a better world as well. Some people are effected by negitive energy badly, others cause it, and others block it. Just keep a steady mind, and know you will effect others in a possitive way, even though it doesn't feel like it. The balence of things will even everything out.
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Re: Wrong with Humans?
By: / Beginner
Post # 8
I agree with everyone on this topic. But we all must remember, like a baby learning to walk, we each make mistakes yet we each learn a diffrent way to get back up. To some, money and power is what get's them a place in this world, but they learn before the end that they were wrong. As a young contrbuter of a young race, I have my share of mistakes within this world. Fortunetly, I have learned how to get over them and to help prevent future insidents like this. All we can do about people being selfish and destructive is to try to get them to see their own mistakes and nature will take it's course. I'm begining to understand the destuctive power of humans, but their's nothing I can really do about it except to hope that humans shall mature over time. Each race on this planet has it's ways and, even thought the human's way isn't the best, it's our own way. Humans will always have that destuctive part of them inside and nothing will change that. Some have supressed that part, but it still lingers. I wish that we all were as mature as many in this world, but we must be pacient to see if we can grow as a race.(parden my spelling) One day, we may be more caring, but that day is far, so we all must contribute to this mission.
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Re: Wrong with Humans?
Post # 9
I personaly dislike the human race as a whole. HOWEVER, before anyone bites my head off, i reolise that each one is an individual and i do concider them as such. I find that many are very fun and are good people.
As for them doing stupid things, i cant realy talk. I am not one of them, and ive done some pretty stupid things in this lifetime, let alone any that i may have been in before.
Every race has its drawbacks and its good points. Humans i think just have the most focus on them, so their flaws and good deeds are more closly examined.
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Re: Wrong with Humans?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 10
I wonder why some on this thread consider humans a "young" race? We've been here for millions of years. And why do people keep thinking of "humans and animals"? There are only three forms of matter; animal,vegetable, and mineral. As we are neither vegetable or mineral, ergo, we are animals. And by the way, most animals are destructive in one way or another!
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