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What herbs to use and ect
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Ok this forum is about Herb usage and what their Magickal abilities are. Enjoy the Forum. :D

A friendly organism that crowds out harmful kinds, helps the body fight disease and restore health, and acidifies the colon. Manufactures most of the B vitamins in the body.
Contains all vitamins and minerals known to science; for overacidity, pituitary gland, arthritis, chlorophyll. Highly nutritive, alkalizes the body rapidly, and detoxifies the body and liver.
Algin/Sodium Alginate
Helps rid the body of radiation poisoning.
Aloe Vera
A quick healing agent for burns, abrasions, skin problems, and wounds. Stops bleeding, and is soothing and healing to the stomach.
Barberry Bark
Laxative, soothing to the gall bladder. Treats typhoid, jaundice, and improves appetite.
Drains sinuses and mucous membranes. Extremely good for all female organs and adrenals. A stimulant.
Bee Pollen
Energy food, hay fever, allergies. May be the only perfect food on earth. Contains RNA and DNA.
Bentonite Clay
Clay with a high mineral content; has a negatively charged electrical attraction for toxic poisons, which are positively charged. Always take with an herbal laxative. Great for diarrhea and stomach flu.
Good for the eyes, especially night blindness and light sensitivity; helps with blood sugar problems.
Black Cohosh
Female estrogen, menstrual cramps, high blood pressure, spinal meningitis, poisonous bites, relieves childbirth pain and hot flashes. Calms the nervous system. Good for rheumatism, neuralgia, tension, and eyestrain.
Black Current Oil
Overcomes the abnormalities of fatty-acid metabolism which candida albicans sufferers develop.
Black Walnut
Cleanses parasites, ringworm, tuberculosis, expels tape worms, diarrhea. Oxygenates blood; good for rashes and poison oak.
Blessed Thistle
Strengthens the heart and lungs; takes oxygen to the brain. Increases breast milk. Has treated depression, loss of memory, and suicidal tendencies.
Blue Cohosh
Regulates menstrual flow, makes childbirth easy, good for whooping cough, bronchial mucus, palpitations, high blood pressure, epilepsy, spasms, muscular pain, and supports the uterus, nerves, joints, and urinary tract.
Blue Vervain
A natural tranquilizer, stops convulsions, aids the circulation, lungs, nerves, spleen, liver, and colon; promotes sweating, settles the stomach, expels phlegm from the throat and chest, and expels worms.
One of the most common remedies in the 1800s; good for fever, pain, colds, measles, influenza, and cleans the gastrointestinal tract.
Helps all types of urinary disorders, as well as prostate disorders, venereal disease, weak bladder, dropsy, and bed-wetting. Produces perspiration when taken as a warm tea.
Good for rheumatism, gout, dropsy, skin disease, and chronic constipation; expels impurities, removes warts and itching.
Useful for enlargement of the thyroid gland. Kills pain. Has eased asthma, indigestion, excess menstruation, nosebleeds, bronchitis, bleeding, and nervousness. More effective when taken with demulcent herbs. Supports the heart.
A rapid blood purifier, a diuretic, and good for ulcers. Aids the pituitary gland, keeps waste moving out of a weak body, and expels kidney and bladder stones. Reduces calcium deposits in the joints.
Butcher’s Broom
So called because butchers used to rub this on chopping blocks to remove grease. Anti-inflammatory, it removes obstructions in veins, and increases the flow of urine. Aids with jaundice, expels phlegm, and helps hemorrhoids, varicose veins, and phlebitis.
Calendula (Marigold)
Soothes earaches, toothaches, ulcers, bleeding, hemorrhoids, fevers, cramps, and skin eruptions.
Capsicum (Cayenne Pepper)
A catalyst for all herbs, cayenne stops bleeding (inside or outside the body, even arterially), and aids the circulation and heart. Use with Lobelia for nerves. Use as a stimulant. Reduces fevers, heals ulcerated stomach, and stops shock.
Cascara Sagrada (Sacred Bark)
Good for chronic constipation and gall stones; increases the secretion of bile.
Relieves convulsions, colic, and high fever in babies; a sleep aid, soothes the stomach and nerves, as well as insanity. Relieves pain.
Soothes nerves and toothaches, muscle pain, corns, eases smoking and alcohol addictions, normalizes appetite, and eliminates insomnia.
A blood cleanser and purifier; good for arthritis, acne, and boils; promotes hair growth; dissolved tumors and warts.
A bronchial cleanser, eats cellulite (fat), helps with deafness, peritonitis; can be externally applied to skin disorders (such as eczema). Reduces cholesterol.
A natural deodorizer and super blood builder. Also used in douches, enemas, and foot baths.
A blood cleanser; good for ulcers, stomach, kidneys, and bowel; a bone-knitter, used for sprains and arthritis. High in Vitamins A and C.
Used for prostate difficulties and painful urination. Controls inflammation and regulates urination. Good for kidney and bladder problems.
Aids with sexual impotency and issues with reproductive organs. Overcomes loss of nerves and energy to limbs. An aphrodisiac.
Rich in sodium, Vitamin A, and calcium; beneficial for low blood pressure, issues with kidneys and bladder, iron anemia, and gout. A diuretic.
A blood and lymph cleaner, with mild antibiotic activity. Interferon-like, cortisone-like (anti-inflammatory), increases T-cells, and demonstrates anti-tumor activity. Stimulates the immune response.

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