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Very Confused

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Very Confused
Post # 1
I have always been drawn to nature and magic. I understand that each person, animal, and plant has energy and power inside of them, and I have caught glimpses of my own over the years. I've noticed things about myself that I have cone to ponder what it means, and what it makes me. I have always had amazingly strong intuition about people. I stare into peoples eyes directly and intensely, and I feel like I am staring inside of them, and it usually makes people very uncomfortable, especially people I have just met. I don't mean to do it, but I feel like I have to, that its in my nature, and when this happens its like I can see the persons true nature, and their emotions very clearly. I would say that these "scannings" of people are about, if not more, 95% accurate. Also, I can feel it when I am needed by someone, or if someone is trying to get in touch with me. I also feel that if I think of someone, I summon them to me somehow, whether I want to or not, I am lacking the talent of controlling this as sometimes I "summon" someone I'd rather not see (lol).

Lately I have been feeling energy running so strongly in myself that I have experimented a little, but I am scared I will throw off natural rhythms or patterns. Sometimes if it is particularly strong, I feel like if I touch people or objects I might steal its energy, and with people I've seen drastic changes in emotions when I an touching them or close by. I can sense peoples energies/emotions so strongly I can tell what emotions they are feeling or if they are off before I even see their face, just being in their presence.

I've tried healing my roommate before, and I believe it worked. She had been having bad back pains and was having some trouble getting through work and sleeping comfortably. One night, we were watching a movie in her room and she fell asleep. I really wanted to help, so I placed my hands flat on the problem area and directed what I envisioned as healing energy into her. I literally feel it coursing through my body, heating the areas in my body it travels through. The next morning, she was feeling so rejuvanated and strong she performed perfectly at work and even hit the gym after, telling me she felt great and pain free all day.

What I am confused about is what exactly it is that I'm doing, what all of these things mean for me. If what I do and see is special, I want to learn how to hone these skills, and use them correctly. If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated. Blessings and love to all.
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Re: Very Confused
Post # 2
well this is not uncommon at least for me anyway, these a special talents you will grow with over the years, the main fact that you can heal at will and use the "ancient eyes" gift - to see into the person's soul is already control , all you need to do is to keep practicing and believing your self, from time to time ground yourself and follow your intuition
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