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Is it too late?

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Is it too late?
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Is it too late?
Post # 1
Hi there peeps, I'm new around here so hello. I don't have much of desire to practice high magic or become a pagan but I am willing to take the neccessary steps in order to resolve a problem that has been bothering me of late after making a long recovery from a very unstable and emotianaly shattering period of my life, so here it goes...

About 5 years ago I was in my house when all of a sudden out of the blue I became aware of a looming sense of danger in my home; I was sitting in the lounge watching TV and suddenly panicked for my saftey, I imediatley stood up and observed my immediate surrounds for an explanation for my uneasiness. A few moments passed and I moved to the hallway, as I turned my back I felt somthing behind me enter my sorroundings and out of the corner of my eye saw what can only be described as a black boomerang just about miss my back, a few seconds later the sense of doom and danger had gone and I began to fathom what a just happend. I came to the conclusion that what had happend was suppernatural and the possibilty a curse or bad spirit had tried to exert vengencance on me. within a few days I had forgot about the experience and got back to my normal life.

Heres what happen next...
My drug consuption suddenly went from happy go lucky raver (weekend use) to hard abuse of LSD, Vallium, Heroin and crack cocaine. I lost my job and home and was forced to move home with my parents. My mother couldn't cope with my mental state and situation wich lead to her taking her life and I became clinicaly depresed and later diagnosed with paraniod psychosis. Since then I have experienced other 'bouts of bad energy mostley when dealing with bad drug experiences which finaly led to myself getting clean and going to rehab, I am now again in full control of my life and my drug use is limted to controlable social 'treats'.

Im looking for some answers on what happend and possable advice on keeping my life free from bad energy and spirits. If anyone is experienced with divination and thinks they have somthing to tell me please come forward and do so. I have some experience with medatation and the use of a pentagram from my school years and am open to sugestions.

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Re: Is it too late?
Post # 2
:) Its not too late. You've had a hard life, but you'll be fine. Some of my tipps would be doing meditation whenever you feel stressed or depressed, and getting friends. Maybe join a club that does something your intrested in. Try to get social with people, not be locked up at home all the time. If you feel your in danger in your house, I suggest using a charm to protect yourself. Maybe study about auras and chakras, those will help alot. :) Hope I helped. -KT
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Re: Is it too late?
Post # 3
Was it hallucinations or a bad trip you had while consuming drugs or was it bad energy for real? This is a question that's very difficult to answer. What you experienced 5 years ago, could have been a side effect of doing a little extra on the previous weekend. I've also heard that lower energies feed on people with an altered state of mind. Medically speaking something as basic as marijuana, if done occassionally (not every weekend) stays in your system for a minimum of 10 days. Do it every weekend it stays longer. Do something more potent than marijuana and it could stay in your system for much longer, sometimes forever. And from what I've read about marijuana and its effects is that it can cause panic attacks and sometimes cause you to see shadows. The kind of panic attacks when you feel like you're being watched or that the whole world knows you're stoned. I wont even get into the effects of the other drugs and their after effects.

As one step leads to another. Most people begin with marijuana and graduate to other lethal stuff for a bigger, better high.

And that's what you probably became a victim of. But what's brilliant is that you realised it and decided to turn a new page. I'm sorry for all the hell that you went through.

Coming to your question... How do you keep bad spirits and energy away from now on. Like I said, lower energies attack people with an altered state of mind. Be extremely careful while indulging even in that occassional "treat". Apart from the danger of a relapse, you dont want to attract the unwanted. Besides you wont be able to tell the difference between a bad trip or negative energy.

There are spells that you can perform regularly to ward of addictions. But again those spells will do 40 per cent of the job. The rest of the 60 per cent needs your WILL. If I were you, i'd avoid friends who encourage that 'treat', places and triggers that cause a craving. Even if that means not partying and watching movies and plays, instead.

For additional help.
1. Create an alter for whatever divinity you believe in. And turn to it whenever you need that extra strength
2. Have an oil lamp burning for 24 hours on that alter. You will need a base oil, like palm-olive. You could spike the oil with a few of lavender and marjoram essential oils (both have a calming effect). Get a big heat resistant glass or metal container. If you're using a glass, remember to fill two inches of water before pouring the oil. The oil will float on it and prevent the glass from cracking. And ofcourse a floating wick which you'll find in any metaphysical store. If you cant find one, I'll show you how to make it. When you notice the oil lamp is on a verge of extinguishing, light another one before it does. So will need two containers. Why? Because fire generates heat and the purest form of energy. You may want to get something like a shade that will protect the flame from a extinguishing from a gust of wind or setting your house on fire. OR just get lavender scented big pillar candles if the oil lamp is too much.
3. Smudge yourself and your surroundings regularly with sage.
4. Ground, centre and meditate.
5. Most important.... try not to hold a grudge against anyone, especially yourself. Forgive and move on.

Love and loads of light :)

And no its not too late. For you know... you were meant to go through the hell you went to so that you come out of it as a stronger, wiser and spiritually aware human being.

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Re: Is it too late?
Post # 4
Thanks for the advice guys, the bad experience I encounted happend whilst I was clean and not experiencing any ill effects of the modarate drug comsumption I was consuming. from here i think I will buy some big scented candels and a book on meditation, I will also charm a pendand for protection whilst under the influence. thanks again

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