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February Forecast 2011

Forums ► Fortune Telling ► February Forecast 2011
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February Forecast 2011
Post # 1
February Forecast 2011

Remember i always say
You don't need to agree with me for what i have given for peoples born under there Zodiacs & these are not 100% true predictions but what i did i just try to provide some help


this month will be good for your social life you will now start to meet many new people, after valentine's day, things get more loving and emotional, traveling is also possible when it comes to meet new peoples or engaged your self with some business dealings


your work will grow more after the 15th February 2011& love life will stay little bit dominating you will find your partner seem to be little dominating .money matters will be better & you could enjoy a sound health


you will see some minor health issues as well so take care of your self
there will be little bit disappointment when it comes to deal with love relationships
for living you may write some thing or do a any simple work but your career is about to get exciting phase by the next month., about the money matters you could expect some gains. its possible that you will go on a short trip


Income will be average this month.
this may be possible that you are ending your marriage, try to avoid conflict
your family & love life are going under some pressures but you could expect some improvements by the end of the month, career matters needs to be considered carefully you need to be hard working you may see results of your effort later also listen and take other people's advice, don't shut down your self
let other people communicate with you.


February will give you an average go
try to come up with more realistic plans when it comes to deal with a career you could expect some rise in your status also carefully Invest if your interested for doing some investment.
be ready for a major commitment in love or in business, and you would need to take your plans in a more serious way starting at February 2nd 2011.


love & family matters will be positive if you talk about the financial aspects so financially, you have a very strong outlook in this month but try to avoid controversy your income will stay average


you'll enjoy lots of social invitations, family life will be little bit aggressive try to avoid conflicts stay as much as calm as possible you could see that your career trend will start to grow & your services will be in high demand you will also be attracted to mysticism as well & your love life will remain very positive now.


you will have lots of options when it comes to romance As I told in my previous forecast of January 2011 that you will meet with some positive changes related to career and family
So here's the time when your career will bring exciting news & home or family matters will be good, if you would like you could gain good pay from investments


you could see throughout the month there will be visitors to see you
keep an eye on your diet your health will be good there are some possible verbal conflicts with in family ,love life stay positive before 16th February 2011 you could find some growth in financial status . Your home and family will become a huge focus after February 21 you may also have to negotiate a deal during this month


If you are single and are frustrated,you should be encouraged if your already in a relationship love matters will go slow in progress ,your matters related to home & family will grow more peacefully & money matters would continue in good shape


this will be one of the positive months of 2011.
If you have been working hard without a break take a little break,relax your self and return with a new energy ,you can spend some time with friends or try to listen some music or go out


your career will be little bit slow this month but who knows you will have a better start by the end of the year on valentine's day i you'll have fun on that day with friends , if you would like to start some thing new such as any new project you can take a chance after February 22 ,this month will not bring any new lover to you but you can seek for new friends if you wish too

Monthly Tarot card Picked For The Month Of February

what do cards says about this month I have picked up a card let see what it says about this month for every one

The Star

star card will suggests insides of spiritually
this card enlightens hope, peace and harmony so careful about taking hasty decisions

Metal Bunny At 3rd of February 2011

Tomorrow at 3rd February this will be metal bunny celebrations the New Chinese year will be started according to Chinese astrology
I would like to wish all of you a Happy Chinese Metal Bunny Year

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Re: February Forecast 2011
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Lol I like this read :)
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Re: February Forecast 201
Post # 3
Happy Chinese New Year to all =)
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Re: February Forecast 2011
Post # 4
Well mine is accurate already.
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