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Energy Control

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Energy Control
Post # 1
Most new practioners enter the chat not knowing anything expectin their spells to work. I got bored of repeating myself so I thought I would write down this very simple but useful exercise in hope that new practioners wont have to ask the repetitive questions

Step1 - As you inhale visualise your energy rising from your toes to your head travelling in a sttraight line through your body

Step2 - As you exhale visualise the energy from your head travelling in a straight line back to your toes

Once you gain the basic concept of this energy flow and can feel it in your body then you advance. The feel of your energy will be like having goosebumps but only inside of yourself when you can feel this doing the exercise you can feel your own energy flowing.

Step3 - Inahling again but this time visualise the energy going to your chest then splitting one to your head again the other to your middle finger. This creates a split in your energy and allows you to focus more on your own energy control and test your limits.

Step4 - As you exhale bring the energies from your head and finger back into your chest before allowing them to flow back to your toes

Again keep doing this till your confident you have control of the energy flow and can redirect it. By doing this you are changing your limit to how much energy you can control and power of which you have, simple exercises like this one are the best kind for new practioners.

Step5 - This is a three level energy split, Remembering your breathing and bringing your energy into your chest now its the case of to your head once again but this time middle fingers on each hand.

Step6 - Exhale bring all the energy back into your chest and let it flow back down to your toes

When you get to this point you can start to experiment with different amounts of enery splits and where they go around your body, by keeping at this exercise you build your body up for multiple energy splits but also you build up the power and control you have over your energy
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Re: Energy Control
Post # 2
Nice post, but isnt this energy flow all in ones imagination?

There is way too much Visualization for me to even comprehend this in a rational sense.

I mean lets take a look at the word visualize, envisage, ideate, imagine, and there is the key word Imagine. I could quite easily ''Imagine'' that I have a glowing ball of light floating above my head or ''imagine'' that I have all this nice energy flowing through my body, but as im Visualizing does that make it real?

Im in no way saying that Human bodies dont have energy, Bio-Electricity is a completely natural occurrence, now this can be enhanced through emotional stimulation, and thats been scientifically proven and requires no imaginative visualization techniques.

To start to believe in what you imagine or are visualizing, isnt that a one way ticket to error and delusion. As the only person to ever see the effect of such process is yourself in your own mind.

These are just my opinions and no offence is intended, in fact those of you who know me would already know that I would say this lol
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Re: Energy Control
Post # 3
You are right in your own opinions Darker.
But In my views I see that if you truly can see something picture it (visualise) it then it can become a reality.
I see that the human brain works on more complex levels that we can imagine seeing as we only ever use 10% or somewhere around that number of our brains.
But If we could train ourselves to be open and use more of that percentage then we could achieve more.
Yes the technique which I posted only concerns the practioner themselves and it is their word against anyone elses. But the strong belief in what they think and what other people think is true is enough for them to make it so.
Only time can say if what I have posted does come true and I know what your views are but if you did the exercise posted your results and so did others there may well be similarities, and if there is enough reoccurance surely that must mean it is true?

Half way through this i blanked out and just typed if it doesnt make sense or I went off track then you can critise me hehe. Very tired
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Re: Energy Control
Post # 4
I want to thank both of you. One of sharing knowledge and the other for questioning it.

To answer the Darker's questions. Is energy raising through the method prescribed by Returner, just imagination?

In my opinion, no it is not. And...lol...definately not a one way ticket to error and dilusion.(Btw love the way you word your thoughts, Darker. You should consider writing as a career option)

Read up on yoga. Look up pranayama and the science of breathing. Oxygen is the very essence of life. You can live without water, food, sunlight and a sense of humour for a couple of days (Anyone seen 127 hours yet?). But without oxygen you're gone in a matter of minutes.

The method prescribed by Returner is using this very essence of life to energise your body and soul. There's a reason why breathing techniques have been been practised for centuries and sometimes even prescribed by doctors.

Give it a shot Darker, you have nothing to lose. It's just breathing...LOL!

Love and light, always :D
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Re: Energy Control
Post # 5
Thank you for your reply aswell that is completely dffeent to te both of ours

But also for saying that I did make sense in my questiong of Darker hehe

But yes the main principle of the exercise is to breathe and to take in the life that is in ourselves and around us
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Re: Energy Control
Post # 6
ha I like a good debate and question of beliefs where all partys can have fun in the process.

In my opinion i have to side with Darkermaster
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Re: Energy Control
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 7
I don't think it is my imagination that causes me to feel energy moving around my body.

When you take a deep breath in and focus on the breath filling the chest and the movement of the air you can feel the energy in your body. Your heart will beat moving the blood in you body around through your veins which you can feel if you focus on it. The blood carries with it energy in the form or oxygen and nutrients. This is science and not anyone's imagination. Bing able to feel the energy flowing through your body is due to being connected to your body. This connection can be strong if you let it be or weak.

If you choose to have a strong connection between your body and mind you will be able to feel the energy within your body and will also be able to concentrate it. The use of visualization is a tool to help one learn to feel the connection.
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Re: Energy Control
Post # 8
well said kts , i totally agree with returner's view, but darker actually had me thinking and in one angle of it he is right but yet still as was mentioned about the pranayama breathing technique. But i will like to add that oxygen is just the physical part of it , prana - life force energy part of this oxygen composition, when you inhale this energy is intaked into the and redirected by the chakras and modified for specific purposes. Visualization even though its the use of the mind, its not just mental. Its giving conscious instructions into the spiritual body as in what to do so hence when you focus to make a psi ball and you visualize you can physically feel the energy like raw magnets. This of course is not make believe (not saying darker inteded that) but its simply directing of the energy body the same way you use the brain to direct the parts of your body in movement.

i do understand darker's view and hopefully im not misinterperating him but i must say this all is up to the reader, cause surely anyone can read this on a very superficial level , visualize this in their heads and do nothing to the spiritual body. Its all up to reader's level of understanding, but now there is the element of the confused newbie now. After reading our comments some where along the lines a person is going to say i am confused everyone is saying all kinds of things i just want a straight answer.

To that confused person i say both darker's and returner's points are things to learn from, especially darker's note about it being in imagination. Do not just imagine this in your head without feeling it. You can to have the will power and the desire to feel this energy to feel anything at all this is what combines in your focus and causes you to succeed on such levels.

Remember just relax take it in small doses rome was not built in a day and to finish off my post returner you did an remarkable job once again, so much compiled in a summeray you never cease to amaze me.
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Re: Energy Control
Post # 9
Guyver1, Hehehe...this is hardly a debate.

But since you love them sooooo much I'm gonna give one. Here's the title:

"To Breathe or not to Breathe" (forgive me Shakespeare)

Take your pick sweetheart... LOL!!
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Re: Energy Control
Post # 10
Very Good Ret. You really know your stuff i have to say! :D
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