newbie.... :/

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Forums -> Introduce Yourself -> newbie.... :/

newbie.... :/
Post # 1
hey im new at magic here i tried for more than 4 years!! and im still no where i wanted to get. :/

i've always been interested in magic ever since i was born! i was so good at it when i was a like 6 i could feel other people's energy just by what they touched and gave to me. :/ :/ :/

im not lying people think im just lying and everything....

sometimes magic makes me depressed i dont know.. have you ever felt that way? :S

where should i start? :)

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Re: newbie.... :/
Post # 2
i know how you fell i just keep it a secret form those that a spitful and practice in secret sometimes in fromt of them and they never know.
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Re: newbie.... :/
Post # 3
yeaj magic occasionaly makes me depressed, i acctually am feeling it now
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Re: newbie.... :/
Post # 4
Welcome to the site.
Well if you had no success after four years i suggest your basics need to be practiced for a while.
I have never felt depressed from doing magic, but sometimes i do need a break.
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Re: newbie.... :/
Post # 5
nice to know that i'm not the only one.
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Re: newbie.... :/
Post # 6
:D thanks a lot...
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Re: newbie.... :/
By: / Novice
Post # 7
Love Petal, here's a part of lesson my Priestess, Drakkenwitch taught in our forum, Spirit Seers. I hope it will help you in finding your way to magick. Good luck.

To enter into the magickal world you must be willing, trusting and be confident in yourself and the many energies around you. Magick encourages Creativity and inventiveness and Practioners have dicovered Thousands of ways to use Earths Natural Powers.
The most crucial requirements are..Desire, Will, Curiousity, Awareness, Knowledge, and Education.
Magick is a partnership of Energies and Powers between human and the energies and the Elements.

The Question of whether Magick is Good or Evil depends on the Practioner's intentions. According to worldwide metaphysical wisdom, Magick is a source of Power that may be used benevolently or selfishly with varying degrees of Mal-Intent, As it isnt the abstract practice if magick that is either Good or Evil it is basically the way each Practioner chooses to use their teachings. But the responsibility of one's actions and consequences of how they choose to use their teachings rest securely on the individual practioner's shoulders.

Everything that exist naturally one Earth is constructed from naturally occuring energies. This magickal power is what ultimately fuels the earth. Remember, The true powers and energies express themselves on all planes of existance simultaneously, The Physical, The Spiritual and The
Emotional. These powers are not generic it comes from every stone, every living thing, and creature. They all provide us with a specific typed of power and energy.

All we have to do is learn to understand them and how to use the
types of energies and powers provided to us by the Earth and all things around us. Magick is a realistic art and the one true thing that Preforming magick requires is...''BELIEF''

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