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Post # 1
Can anyone help me understand spirits better. I feel I been plague with them all my life. From very good ones to very evil ones. At points it feels like they were fighting over me. Not sure why. Once I moved out of my parent's house, feel like they left me alone. But have some good ones again and a naughty one that comes from time to time. Talk later about the evil ones. Most of it felt so real but never saw anything.
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Re: Spirits
Post # 2
Train yourself aff. Start meditating and try to talk to spirits. And have in your mind that we are spirits too and our bodies are vessels for the physical realm ;)
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Re: Spirits
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Here's a "part" of a lesson that is being taught to us by Drakkenwitch in Spirit Seers.

spirit (the vital principle or animating force within living things)
spirit, disembodied spirit (any incorporeal supernatural being that can become
visible (or audible) to human beings)

Regardless of what most people think a Spirit is not here to hurt you nor are they here to posses you. A spirit is here to help you and to guide you down a certain path in which you have been chosen to travel. As well as to protect you from any harm or dangers.

What is a Spirit?

The spirit is your character, it is 'you'. Things get confusing when one realises that
an angelic body is a spirit body and an angel is a spirit creature, sometimes
referred to as a 'spirit'. But to spell things out unequivocally: All living creatures
are souls which are spirits within bodies. A living human is a spirit within a
physical body. A living angel is a spirit within a spiritual body.

Spirit + Body = Soul (human)
Spirit + Body = Soul (angelic)

Spirits are much different than Ghost because they are not bound to this earth
Spirits are a passed on personaility of a living person. Spirits will come back to
help a loved one or to protect them or even to comfort them in their time
of sorrow and pain.
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Re: Spirits
Post # 4
Had a few helpful messages. One of them said I should be blessed the good (heaven) and evil (hell) is fighting over me. What does that all mean if they fighting over me? What do I have that they want. Am I a powerful spirit, spiritual person, or something else? I have ask what they want in dreams. Good side gives dreams with nothing in them. Evil side gives dreams of turning earth into the hell. Does it with lies, sex, and confusion. Other times I dream of the balance between heaven/hell. Again what does these spirits want with me. What does my future have to do with spirits that are fighting over me.
Path I see so far is empty with no end. I do have dreams of being alone but as an immortal. All the warm feelings turn to ice and could never love anyone. Like a protecter of the world. If that comes true, I like to change that. Currently feels like I am heading down this path, I want change and help.
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Re: Spirits
Post # 5
This morning I had a visit from a demon. Started with playing with my right foot. I felt a sharp object get poked and stuck in my foot. Top side of my foot between my ankle. I try to brush of the pain since I knew it was not real. The pain is still there even after the demon left. The warmer my foot gets, the more it hurts.

I ask the demon to stop hurt my foot. It left my foot alone but still left the sharp object in it. Since my back was bit sore. I try to lay on my back to help it out. I felt something pushing down on my chest up to my neck. Like it was sitting on me and crushing what it sat on. Had to move on my side face west and was getting hard to breath on my back.
I ask the demon wanted with me. It replied 'I am your protector from other very evil powers'. I ask what else, paused, I repaet the question and got 'I am a liar too'. I asked what was the demon protecting me from. He reply with 'from Satan'. The demon did not like dream that Satan gave me and wanting to charge them. The demon said that the dreams of earth becoming a living hell, did not like that. He wanted to have a successful business that had lots of money and power. I ask what was the demon price for what he offered me, reply with 'sex'. I ask from me, replied from the business. The business I guess was porn, demon said yes. I also ask the demon why the angels never spoke to and be nice if they did. The demon replied they are forbidden to speak to me. They can watch and try to protect but never speak. Make sense why the angels held my hand and vision of them smiling. I was half asleep and half awake. I open my eyes and notice the sun was started rise (window face north but my room was getting light). I ask the demon to stay in the light if it was going to be my protector. It stay a little bit in the light then was gone then came back for bit then left for good. I thought I felt it was still there but never said anything to me.

Some reason I wanted the demon to do some dirty work for me. not sure if it would do it. The price was pain but only the people that hurt was going to pay it. Felt my evil side took over and wanted else evil people to suffer great. They people lied to me and sacm me out of all my money.
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