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Drakkenwitch's essay req.

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Drakkenwitch's essay req.
Post # 1
What Magic Means to Me.
Magic is a way to connect to the Earth and all that is around us. After a hard day, or when I am stressed, I lie down and meditate, make a few Psi balls, practice Telekinesis, or go on this site. Magic is a way to calm me down, and may be used to better society.
Many people have evil in thier hearts, and a spell may be used to change their thoughts and clear their minds. If a man has thoughts of suicide, you might give him a dream of what might happen if they do die, like that move they show 20 million times every December.
Meditation is also an easy way to forget about life's troubles and relax for a few minutes. I meditate every night before I sleep, which gives me better dreams. Also, if your dreams aren't so pleasent, you could better them with magic.
With good intent I shall prosper, with negitive, I shant. If you keep your thoughts and your energy positive, people will be nicer to you. If your energy and thoughts are negitive, your words will be too, and you will be shunned. Keeping positive thoughts and energies will better your life and others.
Magic can be used for many purposes, whether healing, or the opposite. Giving yourself and others pleasent thoughts and dreams. Some magicks may be used for survival, like Pyrokinesis if you are in a tundra. Some say Aquakinesis may enable you to breathe underwater.
Many people have varying views and prejudice against magick and people who use it. As in the earlier centuries, people suspected of witchery were burned at the stake. A Witches appearence is also stereotyped as gren fleshed, long, pointed nose, warts. As a magick user I am discusted with these comments. Many people think we used magick long ago, as common as eating, sleeping, or going outside. Some even think we used magick as a survival mechanism. I think this is a bit too extreme.
Some people think there are different types of magick. Some think there is High Magick, and Witchery, and many others. Some just narrow it down to White and Black magick. Magic is not a specific colour, but what makes magick "white" or "black" is the intent behind it. A death spell would be looked on as "black" magick, while healing spells would be looked on as "white" magick.
Magick can be like a friend in times of sorrow, and connecting to the Earth can help clear the mind. Many of us find times where we need some shoulder to cry on, but found no one. Grounding and Centering is a way to focus your mind and bring it into the present.
Magick is a serious practice, and it can be very dangerous, so I dont intend to try anything I dont feel 100% ready for. If a spell is cast wrong, the consequences can be serious, and sometimes fatal. If you are not 100% ready, don't attempt magick.
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