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strange (evil?) dreams

Forums ► Misc Topics ► strange (evil?) dreams
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strange (evil?) dreams
Post # 1
Lately I have been haveing vrey strange dreams. I am in what I think is my school, but it it much bigger, with secret corridors, rooms, and the like. There is also a library, which my school does not have (small, private school). It is like the library in the Clayr's Glacier from the Old Kingdom series by Garth Nix. I am wandering around it at night, apparently knowing where I am going. I come upon a large, bronze door, etched with strange symbols. I have a staff with me. A dark mahogany base, mounted with a jet black crystal, with a bright red one in the center, attached by a dragon claw. I raise the staff above my head and speak a word. I think it was "Mierdrarkos." The doors swing inward to reveal a long, wide, spiraling staircase. It goes down for what seems like a mile. I come upon a laberinth. In the center is a sort of puzzle. Like the slide-the-tiles-until-it-makes-a-picture type puzzle. The picture was a symbol of some sort. It opened up and there was a cullis gate inside. The gate warped me to a room with thousands of doors. I immediately went to a very inconspicuos door, in a very inconspicuos place. It opened to reveal a large room made of black marble and bronze. A powerful aura existed throughout the room. I walked up to a part of a wall and tapped it six times with my staff. It opened to reveal a bloodred stome with a pitch black aura. I immediately felt nauseous. I grabbed the stone, and felt it take over my body. I transformed into what seemed to be an albino-vampire-werewolf-dragon-demon-elf being. I was then wearing armour made of black... something, with bronze, silver, and red something over a Dark black tunic. I had strange symbols all over my body; like curse marks. I was holding a blade froged from... darkness. Pure darkness. I warped outside, without the aid of a cullis gate, and ran my blade through the nearest person. It wasn't big city as most is these days. It was like some old city, like ones on Assassin's Creed. I felt the blade absorb the man's soul. Blood spilling on my boots, which were, thick black skin of some sort, plated by the same black material on my armour, maybe shadows, like my blade. I ran faster than any living being could, and soon arivved at a plains area. I crossed it, into a desert, into some large ruins, through mountains, volcano, and ocean, where I just ran on top of the water. I must have covered thousands of miles. This wasn't Earth I was on. Much bigger I persume. I arrived at a place drenched in darkness. I arrived at a temple, where I bowed to a hooded figure, sitting in a throne made from silver, shadow, bone, and blood. He spoke in a language I did not full understand, but I got the jist of it. I was to be the sacrifice. I was to be the body of a demon lain dormant for tens of thousands of years. That night. I went unconsious, and awoke (not awake in the real world) on a stone alter, where the ritual was being preformed. I felt my entire body go numb, then it was freezing, then burning, then i felt like a massive amount of psi energy was built up all over my body, and massive amounts of negitive energy withing a five mile radius. I heard someone say " THe transformation is complete, now everyone, bow at his supremecy!" I didn't know much after that my consiousness (in the dream) faded. I knew only that I killed billions, and ruled the world with darkness...

I sense bad things happening in my future, but can't be sure. This dream amy have been sent to scare me, but I dont have any enemies. At least, no Wiccan ones. Someone please interpret this dream. I'm freaked out!
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Re: strange (evil?) dreams
Post # 2
maybe its your past life l sure hope enemies are made unknownly and ask your spirit guide
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