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Forums ► Magic Items ► wands?

Post # 1
hey can someone use something smaller. for like an in school. like a pencil it has energy coming from the earth dosnt it so could use something like that or could u use a metal ruler or a pen.
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Re: wands?
Post # 2
Or use your finger, a wand just helps direct energy better.
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Re: wands?
Post # 3
you could use youre finger but if you want a pencil would work and as well as that you can give it power but how you do that is for you to work out.
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Re: wands?
Post # 4
Hello SevenSouls!
1) The index finger of your dominant hand is generally accepted as the symbol for the substitution of an "ATHAME" when the use of ritual tools are impractical, needs to be secretive or, one just doesn't have the money or time to have all their tools. Many people assume that an index fing alone is the substitution for the "Wand," which is a wrong naiive error. Also, it is all tools on your Altar or none, just candles. This comes from the book "Modern Magick, Eleven Lessons In The High Magickal Arts" by Daniel Michael Kraig.
2) The index finger of your dominant hand "and" your middle finger "together extended" is the correct accepted symbol for the substitution of the "Magickal Wand."
3) A Magickal Wand can be wood, metal(iron, copper, brass, pewter), clay, an elongated quartz crystal, pencil, chopstick, ink-pen, toothpick, a little twig found on the floor of this good earth. It's all a matter of what feels right to you. Trust your instincts young grasshopper. Also, it's all a matter of how you use your "will" and "imagination" that empowers a wand.
4) Here is a method that I came up with out of more than 7 years of analytical research on just how to *USE* your wand. There is no clear cut information like mine on the precise subject of "How To *USE* Wand" in this website nor anywhere else in the internet. If people disagree or object to this last statement, they are liars or, I challenge them to find me a reference of clear cut specific and brief instructions like mine. If people here knew how to really "use" their wands, there would already be articles or threads specifically on my subject. Give me some credit when you start out to talk about "using" your wand. I have come up with winning ideas in my past and people have actually lied or, stolen them from me for their own praise. Let people know just where you got your information. This is the only simple request that I ask of you. So, here goes;

1)State the name of the Wand
2) Tap twice, like an Orchestra Conductor to get the attention of the group to focus and begin.
3)Say something to your wand to get ready and also to inspire and charge yourself up(focus/concentration. This is the part where you imagine your joy from the success of your spell with a strong emotional energy) before you begin your spell/encantation like; Excalibur; (focus/concentrate) Perform my will!
4) Wave your wand around to charge your wand up with your strong emotional desire and energy (there are some methods out there for specific patterns of waving your wand around or just, willy nilly(this is old school which means any which way you want and is comfortable for you to wave that wand around). As long as you keep on waving that wand when you state your spell. Remember "Switch and Flick in the first lesson of the first movie of Harry Potter? This first motion of waving your wand and gathering your energy is the "Switch" part. Keep your focus and concentration. Have you ever been excited about something and let someone else in on your joy? You were all excited when you spoke to your friend or, whomever. This is exactly how you need to be when you state your spell, with a strong good emotion. There are many good emotions to have and project to your wand for your spell. But, do not, warning, do not, use a negative emotion to project your wand unless for sure the victim focused on is an absolute a-hole and has done some harmful thing to you due to no fault of your own. You can "avenge" yourself but be careful, if you are not "righteous" in your action, Karma will come at you with a vengeance and bite your butt three-fold. And also remember, an eye for an eye not, a leg "and" an eye for an eye. Vengeance must be exacted the "same equal" justice, not more. You do more harm than you should, then dear grasshopper, you are in for a "world" of hurt and misery.
5)State your spell or encantation with excitement.
6)State your propellant energy as like a warrior shout with much energy (this shout can be in your mind or, stated in a low voice but still with much emotional energy (this is termed the "silent roar"), for example; So mote this be!, Bring it on!, Bring it to me soon! Carry on!, Make it so! Energize! Take off! Do your job! Farewell! Move out! Presto meus votum! You can make up your own phrase in Latin by using an English/Latin translater that you google online. I have seen two good ones that pop up all the times that I needed one.
7) "Flick' your wand as the wand's signal for the spell to "takeoff" as "the start of your spells endeavor to succeed" Have you ever had water on your hands and played the "Blessing game" maybe by sprinkling or flicking the water onto someone? Have you ever seen someone use a bull-whip? What one does is twirl and encircling a long whip above whoever has the whip then directs the whip in front of them by lashing out which makes an awesome sound like; "Chico-Tas! Some folks call this the "crack" of a whip. No, to me it sounds more like "Chico-Tas!
Anyway, this is the reason to "flick" your Wand. To inform your Wand to propel your spell.
8) Be silent. Take a deep breath and relax. Cool your jets. Forget about it. Ground your excess energies/emotions, by a short relaxation. Do something else and hope for the best.
Oh yes, young Grasshopper is the term used for an apprentice kung-fu student in the old TV series Kung Fu with David Carridine as the main actor, circa 1971-1975. I just thought about using it. I meant no offense in calling you that.
That's it! Blessed Be, a paradise for you on this good earth!
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Re: wands?
Post # 5
You can empower your Wand by playing with this exercise. These simple exercise to your Wand are like a Physical Conditioning Exercise. It strengthens and encourages it.
1) Stand up inside or stand outside or sit down comfortably anywhere then close your eyes, and start to wave your wand in a side-ways figure-eight pattern (in math this pattern is termed the infinity symbol).
2)As you wave your wand this way, imagine there is a white light trail or light electric blue trail in the wake of your wands motion. Wake means the waves that follow after a boat moves in the water. As you move your wand this way and imagine a light trail wake, also, and this is very important, imagine your wake light trail with little stars in the wake also, following behind.
3) After you have become comfortable with this short exercise now also imagine (besides the light trail wake with the little stars following behind like a fireworks sparkler), that your wand is bristling, crackling with electrical energy by pouring a good strong emotion into your wand, as much as you can, that it almost drains you. Then, let this energy fade away.
4) You can also make a circle pattern with your wand first to your right then, to your left.
5) Last simple exercise. Look at the tip of your wand then, close your eyes then, imagine with your minds eye that you see the tip of your wand glowing brightly. The tip can be your pencil-tip, a quartz crystal, whatever, or just a plain tip.
6) Try not to get bored out of your mind when you do these simple exercises. Just have fun then, when you become any kind of tired, put your wand away. Let it be.
Blessed Be, a paradise for you on this good earth.
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Re: wands?
Post # 6

Not to criticize LoneStar in any way, but you really don't need to do all of that above. Theres no need to complicate things.

Your index finger is your natural wand, it works fine. :)

You could also try a pocket wand, a smaller version of a wand, and yes, even a pencil would be okay! If you do go for the pocket wand method, leave it in a tub of sea salt overnight. It attracts good energies and wards of negative wands. It helps with the charging and cleansing of your wand. :)

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Re: wands?
Post # 7
How does one use a wand if not by hoping or wishing when waving your wand around. A hope or a wish is a desire propelled by an emotion. What, channeling, is your come back? Channeling is a method similar to how I have described my instructions. I just broke it down step by step E-Z, P-Z. This is not complicated and the length is a page and a 1/2 with the exercises it is 2 pages. Oh, is this too hard for little pea brains to learn? This is not like the Harry Potter really thick books you know about. And I have already discribed the use of the Athame and Wand difference with the fingers, WHICH NO ONE ELSE HAS. And, I have already stated you can use virtually any little stick as mentioned again by FallenStar. Jealousy rears its ugly face. Just because you can't write as elaborately as I can. Ha!
Blessed Be! Keep it Civil FallenStar, don't show your jealousy. This is not a righteous action by you. This is harsh and unwarranted.
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Re: wands?
Post # 8
Oops I forgot to state,
Aleister Crowley suggested to soak a new stick to be used as a wand in Chamomille Tea to give the wand good vibrations for a day, then let it dry for another day. The sea salt bath is to cleanse the stick of impurities. Same difference. But my explanation is more elaborate. Ha!
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Re: wands?
By: / Beginner
Post # 9
First of all, Lonestar, I find your arrogance, your insults and you're complete lack of humility to be rather disgusting.

You do not need to do all things that you have mentioned in your post as it is completely unnecessary.

The purpose of a wand is to act as a beacon of your own energy. "Switching (it was actually "swish" for the record, not switch) and Flick is not only not necessary at all, but gives a pretty good idea of where your supposed occult knowledge comes from. >.> Scary.

The naming of your wand is not necessary. You are free to do so if you want to, but it's not mandatory.

Speaking to your wand is also unnecessary, but you can do if you so choose. Many people have a connection with their wand as the picking and/or making of it is very personal, but I assure you whispering sweet nothings to it isn't going to make it perk up, smile and get ready to do your will.

Waving your wand around like a lunatic is..an interesting idea. Also unnecessary. Unless you are claiming it is gathering the energy particles in the air, it seems rather unnecessary and isn't going to charge it in the least unless you are specifically drawing energy into the wand yourself.

The Swish and flick is just...yea. That speaks for itself on the level of ridiculousness.

Emotion should be going into every spell you do as you have a great reason for doing so (in theory), but the tone you use makes no difference. You can be monotone, you can scream with excitement. It doesn't actually matter. Intent is not measure by how loud or how excited you are.

Flicking the wand to "propel" the spell is also not necessary. If it makes you feel better, Suuuuuuure why not. But the actual movement of such is not what sends out the will. That's just magick 101 and you should honestly know better.

Your advice is being given to someone who is asking for something subtle to use in school and you are telling them to jump up and down, swing their finger/wand around like a fool in front of everyone. Not very subtle at all, not to mention completely and utterly unnecessary.

Furthermore, since you seem to be very high on yourself, let me offer this last little comment..

If your ideas of how wands and such work can't be found ANYWHERE on the internet or in books on the occult, it's probably because it's a bunch of rubbish. If it were legitimate and "the way" to get it done, I'm fairly sure someone would have written about it long before you came along with your snarky post.
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Re: wands?
Post # 10
LoneStar, I liked your post the first time you posted it. It is accessible to anyone who looks for it. For goodness sake, don't repost the whole thing every time someone mentions a wand! FallenStar is quite right, you re making a simple question way to complicated, and you appear to be siezing the opportunity to take the limelight. Ugh. Just teaches me that I shouldn't auto-respect.
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