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By: / Novice
Post # 1
i had a dream last night and although it wasn't reoccurring the general theme has been the same, it involved the spirit that followed me for many years. in this dream, i was downstairs watching tv, just like i did before going to bed, then i went outside and unplugged the lights, when i got back inside i noticed they were plugged in again, i reached for the nob but i suddenly felt afraid so i went upstairs leaving them on, as i walked pass my bathroom i noticed a door that in reality wasn't there, and could hear movement, but i ignored it and went to my room. eventually i went back and stared at the door, and i kept asking myself why my broom closet was her and not farther down the hall [odd because i don't have a broom closet] i open the door and sure enough there's a closet full of shelves and broom, it's dusty and cluttered, but nothings in there. i then hear someone telling me to close his bedroom door, and immediately i know it's Rori [the spirit] i close it but we continue to talk, he knocks on the door, i knock, back, i place my hand on the door, and i soon sense he's doing the same on his side. i want to come into his room and see him but he says i can't, he once was able to come and go as he pleased but now he's trapped and fears if i enter i might not be able to leave.

well, the point to that long thing, i've missed Rori for a long time, apparently i knew him when he was alive, only he was a girl, but i don't know a girl who died, plus i've moved so much it could be anyone. anyway, Rori's been with me for 8 years almost, we had a minor falling out at one point [i know it sounds odd, but he hated a friend of mine and i told him to be nice or don't come around when my friend was there] that was almost a year ago, he doesn't like communicating, but we normally talk on Samhain, but he wasn't there, and apparently hasn't been for a while, around Samhain i has the feeling of being watched, but it didn't feel like him, the past week i've had the same feeling. anyone know what the dream means or anything?
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Re: Dream
Post # 2
Maybe it means an old friend or new/old enemy is coming or something from the past you said to go away is coming or maybe its just karma.
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Re: Dream
By: / Novice
Post # 3
huh, i don't think it's Karma, i don't do many negative thing and recently i was dumped rather brutally and i didn't retaliate, so i don't think it's karma. but maybe it's something to do with that whole situation he is the type of guy to show up out of the blue. i'll think about what you said, thanks
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