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December/January Forecast

Forums ► Fortune Telling ► December/January Forecast
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December/January Forecast
Post # 1
December 2010 To January 2011 Forecast

Forecast December 13th 2010 To January 13th 2011

i know I'm already too much late to give December predictions but this time i was also confused which zodiac i need to pick so for the month of December i thought why don't cha deal with all zodiacs you might will see some of the predictions related to December 13th 2010 To January 13th 2011.

so here it goes !
but remember like i always say
you don't need to agree with me for what i have given for peoples born under there Zodiacs & these are not 100% true predictions but what i did i just try to give some help


December 13th to December 24th you could stay silent for a certain period but your focus will be on your career things will move slow & your progress will be delayed but you can get a good advantage of this time you can motivate & mobilize your self also you could be dealing with some of your family matters during this period as per as your friends concerns you will share some happy moments with them if you have a partner you will be willing to listen and help them.in your social life you will tend to stay careful what so ever you speak.

December 25th to January 5th
take this time for a little trip but yes your main focus is still on your career so after January 6th events will speed up for you and you will see some advancement changes in your career.


this month of December work place would be disturbed due to competition..
December 12th to December 16th stay sound and pay attention while crossing roads and driving car.
December 17th to December 21st your always dedicated to your work and profession but you can give some time to your own self to so that you can pamper your self lol try to listen some music or go out.
December 23 till December 31 try to avoid some verbal conflicts with friends and family.
from January 1st you will try to balance your self when it comes to new beginnings


December 13th To December 31
You will be dedicated to your work and life partner its possible that your leadership figure may face some competitors. you will share your opinions towards different horizons,

Jan 1st 2011 to Jan 13
You will share your creativity which leads to more professional success.


December 13th to December 26th , you may feel that your partner is being too much demanding when it comes to deal with some of your own plans , some of your plans will be effected and you will be forced to agree to him or her.

Jan 1st 2011 to Jan 13
after Jan 1st you can expect positive changes for your future. you can expect some emotional maturity among new beginnings


December 13th to December 13th
Some of events may catch your attention but your health will be down and financial issues may arise but possible you might get some help from a friend.


December 13th to December 24th
Your smart enough to deal with many issues your daily work and home, things will be getting done in a peaceful manner
after December 26th things will be much more energetic dont combine your emotions with anger stay focus with these peoples who share same goals.


December 13th to December 24th
you are attracted to some kind of mysticism. your energetic & friendly during this period .this is quite possible that you have to face some embarrassment in public this is up to you how you handle such situation you will share some meaningful contacts with other peoples , who share common goals or ideals.
December 25th to December 31 opportunities will be presented to you don't get frustrated follow the light at the end of the tunnel.

Jan 1st 2011 to Jan 13

this is up to you how to make your dreams come true. you are spiritually and psychically charged, ready to make fundamental changes in your life, you are not most likely to reach the top now, about your attitude changes, and start you on a more solid, clearer path to your goals.give it a try


December 13th to December 31

be care full about your finance & health matters
give up your fantasies, reality is waiting for you, your friends are waiting for you, have fun among them you'll find the true love

Jan 1st 2011 to Jan 13

You will meet with some positive changes related to career and family so stay tuned !


December 13th to December 31

There are some possible verbal conflicts between you and your partner be careful
Some bad influences have confused you but there is still love and truth within you.
from Jan 1st 2011 to Jan 13 watch out for your health matters as per as matters related to family concerns they will be smooth soon


December 13th to December 31

spirituality and hidden forces working behind the scenes that is all I just need to say lol
but be careful after December 26th you could be little angry or upset with some even or some one.


December 13th to January 13th 2011

Financial issues will remain hot and cold but you will know how to deal with it.
listen and take other people's advice, don't shut down your self
let other people communicate with you. Expect some changes in the beginning of the month of January.


December 13th to Jan 13th 2011

you'll experience many important, even confusing changes in your life. Everything will change for some period
things, people, even circumstances but some of your projects will be successful if you take a trip romantic connections can be made.

Monthly Tarot card Picked For The Month Of December Only
what do cards says about this month i just picked up a card let see what it says about this month f


you'll face difficulties with courage & will be guided by your intuition
December will be a average month while every one will experience joys, sadness ups and downs in emotions but diplomacy can improve your dealings and get ready for new beginnings for the year 2011

Metal Bunny 2011
2011 will be a yin metal year .according to Chinese astrology this will be metal rabbit year so get ready for some speedy moments in your life.

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Re: December/January Fore
Post # 2
Wow, I don't know if it was pure coincidence, but mine and my brother's were very accurate. Nice work, I know it is probably to accuratly predict things in this manner.
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Re: December/January Forecast
Post # 3
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