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banishing spell help
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hi all,
i need to do a banishing spell, but not for myself, for two other people (one person in the relationship is extremely destructive to everyone but themselves) can i use a standard banishing spell or should i make up one?, or any other suggesions.
many thanks appreciated.
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Re: banishing spell help
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Someone else had sa similar problem so I copied and pasted my reply below

Have used this spell before and love it

A small piece of paper the size of a post it
A piece of string about 4 to five inches long
A plastic container like a jar or something that can be filled with water and sealed without bursting in your freezer.

Write the problem persons name in full onto the piece of paper.
Roll the piece of paper into a scroll.
Bind the scroll with the piece of string and bind it tightly uttering your intent. ''I want Marilyn Manson to stop meddling in my affairs and from saying or causing any harm to myself or reputation. May they become so embroiled in there own affairs that I will no longer be involved in any way with this person for as long as this string binds this scroll so mote it be.''
Take the bound scroll and put it into the pastic jar of water. Seal this and place it in the back of your freezer. The person should not bother you again.. You can quite easliy undo it by thawing the frozen scroll and undoing the binding...

It may also help to write there name in a magic square format for example, if there name was John smith


This spell doesn't hurt them, just gets them out of your life
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